Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm BACK from the country just across the bridge

I was away for the entire week. Spending my time in the country just across the bridge with my lil CEO and MD(for his training). So here's what I see everyday....

See the colorful flats? That's where I had my breakfast nearly everyday.

Will update later today.... Let me get some sleep first...At the same time, please enjoy this soup prepared just for us you.


  1. Oscar's Mommy9:00 AM

    whoa! this soup very 'yunn' wor... can i come have some ah... hehe. eh, fast fast put up more photos of yr trip la. forgot to tumpang you get something which is oni available there la.. ish!

  2. Judy: Country la....not state.

    Angie: what what? what is only available in spore and not in msia?

  3. glad that you are back.

  4. Wahhhh nice soup hor!!! Is the chow chow soup lor!!! Wakakakakakaka

  5. I think I am more glad to have you back here in Malaysia and online. I started to miss your daily "Hi" in the messenger.

    If got more pictures post if not, no need. Malaysian one better right :D

    With triple P around, blogging will be more excitement. With the CEO looking behind your shoulder, life could be more fun while making money for your own. So, all the best. More reason to visit now :D without the occasional "hi" ;)

    Just me, your friendly, accept everything thrown from you kind of friend. :D

  6. What soup is that??? like got a big nut there :P

  7. waiting for the story to be continue.....dont make me wait for too long......

  8. testing testing satu dua tiga

  9. can lar can lar, can comment lar...
    n'way, it's good that u are back... :D at least this blog got update oledi....

  10. welcome back to m'sia!

  11. I see the ice age big nut in the soup!! =P

  12. Dude! More pics please.. arigato! :)

  13. sasha,
    You very the hardworking. Got a new "job" already overtime. Haiyo, if I was a boss to a company, I'll hire you straight away. haha!

  14. brought back any ba gua for me arr??? hehehe...

  15. don't worry, I'm sur ethat even when you do ppp, you wont loose your readers. btw, your ppp posts are very interesting...i didn't even know it was a ppp post!

  16. wah so shiok...ur new "job" get to travel nya!

  17. WMD: Thanks! its good to be back!

    Wennnn : hahaha yeah chow chow soup

    papajoneh : Amboi banyak long ini comment. Got la. but dunno where i putted the cable.

    Dragon Head : Not nut la. Honey date.

    Annie Q : Sorry u gotto wait. No cable

    ShannonC. : Test test

    ShannonC. : Hahaha okok

    Huisia: Thanks!

    Rabbit : Not nut lok

    Nadia : Sigh if only i have cable

    Kok : Hahahahah u cannot afford me la

    W_W_Ho: Msia also got la

    mom2ashley : Thanks!

    mommy of 2 angels : Syiok leh! hahaha

  18. Not bad at all the view!

  19. Singapore lah! Now everybody knows that my Geography lau-sai one! Ooops, forgot you don't understand Hokkien! :)

  20. geee...this isnt the soup that dries up?

  21. ahh...THE soup. Will be making it next. :)

  22. Hijackqueen12:19 PM

    errr... honey dates? Then your soup ma taste sweet lor.

  23. zara's mama: yeah but gloomy, rainy days

    Judy : Haha i understand hokkien abit la

    Mummy to QiQi : Not this one la.

    King's wife: Yeah try try

    Hijackqueen : Use a bit only