Monday, July 30, 2007

Buddha Palm Gourd Soup

Was talking to her about soup. She said she's bored with the soup that she had always prepared for her family and so happened I have just boiled this Buddha Palm Gourd Soup. Why is it called Buddha Palm? Coz Astro said so la! They said it looked like a fist.

This is how it looks like before you cook it! I got this picture from her blog, cos I remembered she blogged about it before.
So the ingredients for Buddha Plam Gourd Soup:

One Buddha Palm Gourd
Honey Dates
Dried Longan
Pork Ribs/ Chicken Bones

Boil it and you'll get this!

Both C's Liked it so much cos it's sweet. Suitable for kids who's training to eat rice. And by the way, according to Astro Wah Lai Toi Soup Series (yeah I maxed it) this soup is good for nourishing the lungs (good for smokers la?)


  1. Wah, nice healthy soup. I can't get that kind of gourd here, so I don't even want to dream of making this. :(

  2. wah....yur soup looks good ler...!

  3. my mum fries it with prawns! SEDAP!

  4. Interesting! Somehow, I'd always thought it tasted bitter. Must try it! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  5. Judy: Dun have ah ? why? Then u must plant it

    Mummy to Qiqi: Thanks

    ehon: yeah fry also nice.

    Dancing queen: yeah the tip might be bitter so just cut it off.

  6. This toothless face gourd got a nice frenchy name - chayotte. I normally make tai yee mah kau lui with it. Nice oso.

  7. Did know this can be made into soup.. I always fry with shrimps only.