Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scariest ride to Singapore!

We packed our stuff and headed to Singapore last Sunday. Everything went smoothly (at first) Jayden was sitting nicely in his car seat, slept, drank milk and all. And then he asked me to carry him (maybe his bumbum got numb for sitting too long on that seat).

Thank god, right after i put him back to his seat and he was about to fall asleep. 1 STUPID BLACK XTRAIL came right in front of us in the fast lane and hit the brakes,HARD! (his car jumped!) Not once, 3 TIMES! So Big C also hit the brakes and Jayden's pacifier flew out from his mouth. That shows how great was the impact! (but he didn't wake up la) And then the Xtrail moved to the side of our car and started shouting and showing signs asking us to move to the road side. So we slow down abit and he thought that we are really stopping for real and he stopped right in front of us.

OF COURSE we didn't stop! And he chased and started showing his middle finger and all. I grabbed my phone and started to jot down his car plate number JJJ ****, Black Nissan Xtrail. There was 3 person in the car and the driver is a Chinese guy in his 20's. His eyes looked so red like he's drunk or something. Probably high on drugs cos he sped off and drove zigzag from left to right in between cars. (it was a busy day)I was so ready to make an emergency call!

It was like a horror ride although everything happened in like few mins time. But then it was so scary, cause Jayden was on the left side of the car, exactly next to the stupid car!

Suddenly there's accident ahead of the road. I was thinking, if there's accident, please let it be JJJ****. Serves him right. I hope he hit the divider or something and not bang some other innocent car. But nope. It's not him. Dammit!

And then, there's another accident. Again, I was hoping it is that stupid car. Nope. It's not him. Dammit!

Apparently there's another Sporen car that looked just like ours along the road. Probably that mabuk fella thought our car is that Sporean car. Luckily this happened when we're about to reach Johore, otherwise it'll be a very very uncomfortable ride for us.

P/s: I found my cable! I can update pictures later! WoooHoooo!!!

Updated: Number plate being removed due to safety reason.


  1. sasha,
    That's how people drive nowadays. Sometimes when you're stopping at the traffic light and you look right. The guy on your right will like, "See what see? Never see before ah?".

  2. Hijackqueen12:12 PM

    Road bully is lidat wan. I bet your heart is pounding 100x faster.

  3. Youngsters nowadays sure don't have any road manners. Worst still if they are driving a big ass car and act like an ass.

  4. My heart was going bippidy boop as I read your post. Thank goodness all is well.

  5. Scary..!! especially you have jayden with you .. ! these ppl really terrible..!

  6. luckily nothing happens.. is very dangerous wherever u go nowadays with what's happening around. not like those good old days anymore...

  7. damn it. F*** that bugger upside down man. Nvm, got lucky number liao to buy... muahahahahaaa... anyway, luckily all of u are safe.

  8. Oscar's Mommy2:06 PM

    eiyer, if i were you, i called to report already. mana tau he want to corner us right or not? ok next time look out for this stupid car ok. and, pls let lil j sit on the driver's side next time cos its human instinct to swerve to the left if anything happens... i read this from some road safety book.

  9. Kok: Yeah la But this one come and brake leh.

    Hijackqueen: Stopped edi!

    Jason: yeah . but i think he was trying to hijackus or maybe he was driving stolen car?

    WMD: i was there tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit my heart stopped edi!

    mambok: Yeah he is my only concern

    khaikee: yeah lor. not like last time edi

    WWH: yeah luckily all safe

    angie: yakah? behind driver seat . okok

  10. Oh gawd.. it must've been scary for all of you. Especially with Jayden in the car. Some people are just moronslah! Sheeeessshhh!

  11. ahhhhhh idiot driverssssss.....

  12. sigh..always have such b**ds on the road, "him meng cheong" nevermind but don't la endanger other ppl's lives wei...

  13. scary man! but becareful....sometimes have to just ignore it cause there are alot of road bullies out there....God knows what they will do....

  14. crayyyyyyyyzee!!!!! i would be scared shitless if i were u becoz your kid was in the car with u guys! but there are so many idiots out there nowadays. when i was pregnant, this INSANE lady blocked our car in one utama and when we scolded her, she came to our car and started hitting the window. INSANE! lucky we stayed in the car and didn't get out. i was 9 months pregnant then and she saw my tummy but didn't care. urghhh now i am SOOO worked up thinking about these idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nadia: so so scary i tell yiu!

    Julian : Yes!

    laundryamah : Yeah lor

    mom2ashley : yeah . have to ignore it.

    BabyBooner : Thats more crazy!! That woman memang gila

  16. You took down his number plate and you didn't report him ah? wtf?

  17. Aiyoh, confession time already.

    On Sunday hor, I was in such a rush that I was driving quite near the back of a car and the guy also pointed his finger at me just before I turned off the road. :P

    I don't do that all the time lah...running late wor. I also not on drugs or drink driving. Promise!

    Glad to hear all is ok with Jayden and his parents.

  18. By the way, I want your job as MD lah. Obviously senang wor....so many posts in one day! :)

  19. Fortunate you are save in Singapore. Have a safe ride back.

  20. The one above is looking after you all. Thank goodness Jayden was back to his seat when the unfortunate happened. You guyz hit the road at night ar?

  21. damn stupid irresponsible reckless irritating driver! mau si go si far far, right? can't see ppl got small kid in car?

    inconsiderate buggers!

  22. if he is a tech savvy guy... he can still track you down ler.

  23. wah....johor got lots of dangerous drivers ya.....*no offense ya, johorian*...hehe

  24. Did you call the traffic cops? I'm glad nothing happen to all of you.

  25. Now a day those road bully are so scary, just scare they will come and hurt people.

  26. well.... road bullies are damn irritating. how we wish they do not exist... hehe.. don mind those bad experience!!

  27. aduh.....can't imagine myself in d same situation......with kids some more!!
    this is no joke, better stay far far away from these bullies!!
    thk god nothing happen!!

  28. Some crazy drivers and road bullies. Luckily nothing bad happen to you and family. This are mad people and should not be allowed on the road. :)

  29. sometimes crazy people will purposely do this so that innocent people get into an accident. Oh oh , and other times it could be done on purpose by those tow truck people

  30. walau!!! luckily u're safe!!

    stupid road bullies!!!!!

  31. Cocka Doodle : n o need to go spore ah? chi sin!

    Judy : Hahah u ah ...i not free la. i do ppp cannot meh

    michelle : Already bek lor

    Etcetera~Mommy: Broad day light.

    Sweetpea : Yeah lor Nia.....meh

    zewt : Track me? Then report police ah? Diu. I think he die edi la. So many nice ppl die he dun go and die.

    Mummy to QiQi : Yeah many gangters there unfortunately.

    Vien : Yi Ku mowe yan sei hui tei mm wui lei ke la....sai hei la

    1+2mom : Mad wanla. Stupid ppl la

    Miko : Yeah ..*sigh*

    Jacss : Yeah becareful next time

    FL Sam : yeah unfortunately...Sigh Malaysia ma

    milkmaid : Yeah so that they can hijack or get some money .

    Huei : Yeah luckily

  32. how did u know that he thought u were some sporean car?

  33. Where's the photo? Can't see also? I thought of buying 4D tim.