Friday, May 29, 2009

Because you smile smile like that

She avoided me for 2 days. She hid downstairs, only clean downstairs and never help me with my kids. FINE.

What I did? I asked her to look for the bag of bra. She pretended that she was so busy stacking the tupperware in the kitchen cabinet.

Me: NING, I am talking to you
Maid: ya *continued to look away*
Me: Look At Me when I am TALKING to you
Maid: *looked up and tears falling*
Me: I want you to look for a bag of bra. You understand? the bras are white colour and there's one which is grey. It also has a matching panty also grey. You understand?
Maid: *Showing the hokkien mee face (black face)* YES! (niamah so loud. Normally talk like fly flying around)

I went up and continued with my work. I can hear her banging the furnitures downstairs, looking for the bag wor. I just let her be. Then I went down and check on her, she was folding the clothes. I said "Ning, found the bag already?". She said "Find already. Don't have". I told her "I remember I have seen it. So look for it UNTIL YOU FIND IT. If you cannot find behind, then find in the store room". And then she slowly get up and looked for the bag. I went up again.

I came down she was outside pulling grass. I asked her again "Where is the bag?" She said "don't have" I said to her " downstairs don't have, then go to my working room and find in the cupboard." And I made myself a cup of Milo. She thought that I was going to drink my Milo downstairs so she hurried to my room and took out all the plastic bags. Then I came into my room and I continued with my work. Her face was as black as charcoal. Too bad I cannot take the pic and show you guys.

She took everything out, and then put everything back into the plastic bags. Then she used her legs to kick the plastic bags. Then I turned around and asked her "Don't have?" She said "don't have". Then I said "oh... sure have in this house. Look until you find it. By the way, I saw Jayden's Thomas cap just now. Where is it?" Wuah... i telyiu, you should see her face. Like.....Like... like charcoal. She took out all the plastic bags and looked for the caps. Who asked her to simply chuck the things into the plastic bags right?

So around 5.30pm both the kids got up from their nap. Justin was hungry so I went down and made him cereal. He was crying upstairs and she heard him crying and went up and console him (shuin hui yau liong sum la - ada hati perut also). She saw me coming up and she wanted to go down. Buddha also got fire I tellyiu. I finally pointed at her and said..

Maid: Looked away.
Me: LOOK AT ME when I AM TALKING TO U. What's wrong with you? Showing me your black face for 2 days? I know you are angry with me and You don't want to see my face. I am also angry with you. So now angry with me no need to clean upstairs is it? Only need to clean downstairs is it? The floor here no need to mop? no need to sweep? I have enough of you. Do wrong thing and some more can show me your black face? You like looking like this is it? wah.. somemore last night can answer me like that hor? You take what!'re too much already you know. Somemore bang bang the things downstairs...fuiyoh so angry hor? I can tell you if you are angry with me, I am angry at more.
Maid: am angry (what talking?????????) because you angry at me and you smile smile like that.
Me: what??? I am angry with you and I smile smile like that? I am angry so I must show the face like your face is it? I am angry so how? CRY AH? Or do my face like yours? Black face? I cannot smile ah?

Fast forward....(i forgot what I said actually but i will tel you what i remember)

Me: If you think you want to continue with your attitude like this for another 1 and half year, sorry. I don't think I want to keep you. I told you, 2 years pass by VERY FAST. I don't care if you're really nice or not nice last time. I only ask you to be nice for only 2 years. Only when you work for me. After that I don't care already. You get me?

Me: Why do I need to have a maid like you? I am paying you to make me angry you know? For what? People hire maid to have easier life. I have a maid but I need to do things myself, take care of my kids myself. And also work at the same time. I get no rest. No sleep at night. For what?

Me: Can you say that you NEVER take my things recently without asking me?
Maid: .......
Me: Ning. PLEASE. Don't ever think I am stupid. I might not say it out, but doesn't mean I don't know.
Maid: ......
Me: You took my mirror and tweezer and put in sir's tool box in the store right?
Maid: yes.......
Me: I am so sure you also took other things. Don't make me say it out.
maid: *nod*
Me: I don't want to mention about money. You get me?
maid: *nod*
Me: I know, you think that I am not using the thing, why you cannot take and use right?
Maid: *nod*
Me: Let me tell you something. If the ppl is not using the thing, it doesn't mean that they don't want it or you can simply take it. I also put money on the table, why not you take it and say I am just leaving it there so you can take it?
Maid: *shake head and sob*
Me: I don't understand what is wrong with you. It's not the first time, and I am so SICK of telling this to you. I don't think you will ever change so I am not going to say it already. I just think you are sick. You know you are sick or not?
Maid: *nod* (niamah..what also nod)
me: You LIKE TO STEAL. THAT IS A SICKNESS. YOU UNDERSTAND? Wah samo last time I told you about my fren's maid stealing things and you teach me how to say LOOVIT samo. Now who is LOOVIT???? [Loovit=thief]
Maid: *nod*
Me: You want to go back Cambodia is it?
Maid: No. I want to stay.
Me: If you think that me and sir is not treating you nice enough, then you go. I can waste my money and send you back. I told my boss already I want to quit my job and take care of my sons and also clean the house myself. I also told sir already. Both of them asked me to think what to do.
Maid: You and sir treat me nice but when you all go into the room....
ME: You don't need to talk to me now. You think properly what you want to say and tell me. You want to go back Cambodia, can. No problem. Pack your bags and we will send you. But remember, you're here for 6 months. If you go back now, you won't have a SINGLE cent cos your 6 months pay goes to your agency. And if you think you can go back Cambodia NOW? You can dream on. They will take your name and picture out again and show another person. And if they choose you, you need to stay another 2 years. And please don't ever think about waking up at 7 am or go to bed at 10pm every night. Don't even dream about watching tv, eating with your boss outside, and sitting here not doing anything. You don't know how lucky you are to have me and sir as your boss. I know you wake up only need to take care of the kids while I work. I never say anything although the house is like shit. People say my house is smelly and dirty did I scold you? You think if you work for other people and they say that to the boss what will happen to the maid? You know, other maid also take care of the kids, because of that they cannot clean the house. They have to wake up at 5.30 or 6 to finish everything before the boss wake up.You wanna try that? You think what you wanna say to me, what you want to do.

What happen after that?

She play with my kids as though nuthing happen. I was looking for the baby walker parts and she helped me to look for it. We had our dinner and we rushed out when she was eating her dinner cos we need to bring Jayden for his Hep A 2nd jab.

This morning she acted like as if nothing happened. Later when the kids are napping I am going to ask her what is her decision. And if she decided to stay, then she gotto take out her belongings, and we will list out all the things she has and I will also snap pictures of it (if I have the timelah) I don't want to have anymore problems in the future about what belongs to who. Before she goes back to Cambodia, I will take out the list and match it with what is with her at that time. But then I might find my bag of bra inside her bag. That one will another story....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Time I cannot Tahan anymore!

I have no idea why did Jayden went to washing machine and play with the door this morning. As we're rushing out, I went to close the door and I noticed that my maid washed a little clothes with full load of water. Then I saw this bra and I thought "Eh, she throw my bra into the washing machine again?" So I scooped it out and I saw the bra. It was mine. But I never wore it before.

Let me tell you something about myself. I used to work in this lingerie company and they give away bras as half yearly incentive. So I have lots of bra unworn where I put it inside the store room. As time pass, I got pregnant, gained weight, lost weight then I got pregnant again and then I am breast feeding. So I am stil not back to the same size yet. So since i have experience with lingerie, I'm very observant about lingerie. Especially if its mine. I know it's mine.

So I scooped it out and water was leaking from it and I went to her. "Who's bra is this?" She looked panicked and said "it's mine". She was scared because she thought I caught her washing her clothes with ours in the washing machine. She got no idea that I'm more pissed because she stole my bra.

We rushed off and I went for meeting. After the meeting I went to pick Jayden up and we all went to Ikea for our lunch. I never spoke to her for the entire morning and afternoon, until just now. I came home, and i went to dig for that bag of bra which I placed in the store room. Not there anymore. I went and search all the boxes. Tarak. And I remember I have one of the same one in my closet. So I took it down and I put it side by side.

It was the same except hers was very cacated and dirty. I asked her again "Who's bra is this?" She said hers. I told her the story of the bra, how I know its mine. She looked away continue to wash dishes. I asked her again " who's bra is this?" She said "my bra". I asked her "Cambodia got Wacoal?" I asked her one more time very firm this time, she said "My own Bra. I bring from Cambodia". Fine. I was carrying Justin who keep pn putting his hands on my lips like asking me not to scold his friend. I took the kids I went upstairs to my working room as I have lots to do. I have so much work now I am drowning.  

The kids asked for milk, I carried Justin in one hand and make it with another. She just stood and looked at me. Justin is down with fever. Don't know if he is teething or because of the oral fungal thinggy.

So, the kids are upstairs with me.Playing in my working room. And I am rushing my work. And she is downstairs, maybe trying my panties now. Later she will do catwalk for my husband. mch.

My friend msn me and laughed saying that maybe she saw the bra and thought that I don't want it anymore. I said " money is there. Maybe I don't want it also? So she take it considered helping me izit? or my husband is sitting there. So take and rape la since I am not using it. Can ar? Ngam or not. Take without asking permission means steal la"

And then my sister sms me, asked me how come she can masuk into my bra. Mana same size? I said how I know. No wonder I see her bra like damn ketat attheback part and I thought she gained weight? Or maybe from last time small small that time already got this bra no money to buy new one? She at least need to wear 36A man. And mine was 70B. U imagine la 2 sizes different. Small can wear big but big mana can wear small? Okay, don't wanna talk about sizing here.

I don't know what to do with this woman already. Baru that day ppl asked me how she is doing and I said she's okay. *ptuik* Now I gotto think what I wanna do with her. I won't consider sending her back to the agency for counselling cos I don't want her to come back and give my kids flying kick. If I send her off means its for good. But Send her back and waste my 8k? I am not that rich yet.Niasing betul, cannot stop giving me headache.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm sorry...

Scene 1

Jayden: I want go shee shee..
Me: Okay hurry up. *helped him to remove underpants*
Jayden: *waited for shee shee to come out* Oh Oh......I'm sorry kukubird.No Shee Shee.
Me: O_o

Scene 2. In MidValley Toilet with my maid.
Jayden: I want go shee shee
Maid: Okay faster.
Jayden: *pee* I'm sorry kukubird. I push you pain pain... *push kuku back into the underpants* :)
Maid: *lol*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dots Dots in his mouth

Weekend Scare!

I saw the dots in his mouth earlier on Saturday but I thought it was just milk stains. You see, my milk count has dropped since my cockroach incident. So I have been giving him formula on and off when I'm out of supply. Then my maid asked me in the car "Maam, why titi mouth so many dot dot?" And I went "Huh? Alot?". "Yes, whole mouth also got".

Panic. We stopped out car at the road side in front of Tesco and checked his mouth. Omg. Pengsan. So SO So Sooooooooooooooooooooo many dots!

Off to the hospital and waited for so long.

He was okay all the time. Drinking well. Eating well. Sleeping well. Stil very active. So there is no way that is HFMD. But what da heck is that? We need to know.

See my happy boy?

And when the nurse took his temp and checked him before going into the doctor's room, she asked us "After you feed him milk did you feed him water? I looked at my maid , my maid looked at me. We both answered "NO". She laughed and said "hehe maybe its just fungal infection caused by milk in the mouth".

So we went into the doctors' room and true enough it was oral fungal infection.

Zoomed into the mouth.

Anyone kena before? The fungal infection looks like ulcer but it doesn't have a hole like ulcer and its looks like some flabby fats stickting inside the mouth. So So Geli. Doctor said without direct contact maybe Jayden won't get it. So we're watching out on the 2 monkeys, cos Jayden likes to kiss Justin on lips :P and Justin loves to bite now.So since Jayden doesn'thave direct contact with him, but I have cos I am breastfeeding him! But she said normally adults won't get *Finger crossed* But somehow seeing the infection makes me abit geli cos he drinks from my ahem..... *scratch scratch*

It looks like he is okay. Doctor said its not dangerous unless he has fever and not eating well. Other than that he is fine and we just need to give him some drops to clear the fungus off.

I tell you. Old people saying is really correct. Must listen. My grandma used to tell me "Drink milk already must feed some water so that the kid can gargle off the milk stain". Never occur in my mind that need to feed water cos I am so used to feeding him direct and normally he'll doze off and I'll put him down. And she also always remind me to clean Jayden's mouth and tongue with a clean handkerchief or cotton. I guess she is not around to remind me anymore and I totally forgot about it cos it's been so long since Jayden was a baby. 2.5 years gap and I forgot about things like this already. *smack forehead*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One day nice..

One day like samseng.

Big J with his masterpiece. Shy konon...

One day he is the most angelic kid. And another day he make you scream like a mad woman. One day he eat non stop and some day he just doesn't eat or drink at all. Now, he is in the "I Don't want to eat. Not nice " phase.
The other day, I have prepared his milk mixed with chinese herb and he refused to drink.
Jayden: Want don't want nen nen.
Me: Why?
Jayden: Not nice.
Me: No you must drink it.
Jayden: Want don't want. Want don't want. Want don't want.*kicking on his bed*
Me: Okay don't wanna drink huh? Okay I will whack your bum. Drink!
Jayden: Don't want. I want whack bum
Me: Ah? You dare me huh? Okay fine! turn around!
Jayden : *turn around*
Me: *fuming* [whack bum]
Jayden: Uwaaaaaaa...
Me: Nice or not? Drink it faster.
Jayden: Want don't want.
Me:  Whack again you want?
Jayden: *turn around*
Me: Arghhhh!!!! You don't wanna drink this,then I will pour away and I wont make nen nen for you anymore. [walk off and sat on the floor]
Jayden: [walk towards me and sobbed] Mami, I HELP YOU POUR NEN NEN?
Me: Ah???? *Pull hair* go la go and pour it away!
Jayden: [pick up bottle and walked towards the toilet then turn back] go that toilet [ pointing to master bedroom]
Me: NO NEED!!! [grab the bottle and went into his toilet and pour milk away]
Jayden : ...... no more nen nen. I want sleep.  

After that I couldn't sleep cos I was too angry. So I sat in the living hall and watched tv until I heard someone cried. I went in and saw Jayden sitting on his bed crying "mami.. mami.. i want mami..." I turned around and walked out. Then the crying stopped. And then I went to bed and the next morning...

Jayden : [woke up and giggled]
Me: Good Morning darling.
Jayden: sorry mami....

Awwwwwwwwwww.. don't you think he is the most stubborn yet sweetest kid [for me la]. One day nice, one day samseng. One day make me wanna explode. one day make me melt. Like this, very easy to get high blood pressure. Don't know if my heart can stand it or not.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to buy chit chit

We went for groceries shopping last weekend and as we enter Carrefour, Jayden said to us

"I want to buy chit chit".

Oh man.. I thought he gave up on it already. His dad looked at me and signaled "sigh"......I looked back at him and sighed too.

Then we heard Jayden laughing and said "AGAIN??????????"

That's what we normally say to him if he already has something and he wanted to buy a same one.

Then he said "I want don't want chit chit di".

And he laughed loudly.

haha Mischivious son I have. Purposely "kacau" us.


Just now as I was rushing my design (told u after that day I won't have much time left to blog or hop. He gave me so much work that can last me few months that need to be submitted in a month) he came in holding his chit chit with his mouth.

"Ah...... I suck Chit chit!!! I suck chit chit!"

My heart sank. Oh man,. He found the pacifier that we hid.

And then he gave it to me "Mami I want don't want chit chit di......" I said "yeah, Jayden don't want chit chit di..."

And he ran out of my working room.

What a relieve. I always wonder what if he sees his fav chit chit again. Will he ever suck it again? Seems like my question just got answered.


I can finally throw away the chit chit for real now, forever.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

....we know he is okay. That's enough

I used to think that Jayden is a slow learner. I got so frustrated and sometimes sad when he's not able to talk and react like his peers. In fact my gynea told me when he was born to enroll him to Glen Domann programme so that he can catch up with his peers, cos when I was 6 months preggie with him I was hospitalized due to fever viral. He was expected to be slow.

Of course I didn't enroll him, cos I was too L-A-Z-Y! Then I got a comment. "You better bring your son to see a specialist. I think he is living in his own world". In another word, she is saying that my son is autised. Why did she say that? He was bullied and he didn't fight back but he went and rolled on the floor instead. That made me very sad and then I made up my mind, I will give him sometime to progress. If still no progress within 6 months I'm sending him for help.

Then his nanny rejected him. She told me he doesn't know how to speak. Doesn't know how to go toilet. Doesn't this. Doesn't that. She even called my son "Mowe Kwai Yung" (Useless) in front of me. Not once, but many times. I took it and I will remember that forever. I told my myself "it's okay how she wanna label my son. She will know one sweet day".

Then I enrolled him to Shichida.( Or is it before his nanny gave up on him, or after that? i totally forgot). This semester, is his 4th semester with Shichida. Unlike other mothers, I do not do home practise with him. L-A-Z-Y ma. Then we started seeing progress, and he became more outspoken and more confident. He loves the sensei, he loves the activities and he changed so much. But one thing never changed, he is always the quietest one in class. Being labelled as "HYPERACTIVE" where ever he goes, he is totally another boy in the class. He sit down quietly, while I sit behind him. Other parents would sit near the child and guide them. Most of the time I'll sit behind and smile at him and say "Jayden, you do yourself okay?" He'd pull my hand and say "mami...." and turn around and do whatever the teacher asked him to do. And surprisingly, most of the time he gets it correctly and the other mother would ask me "Do you do home practise with him?" And i said "No".

One day, while they're doing magic flash cards, (its showing the kids a set of cards for few times and then adding new cards every week to test thier memory. They need to tell what is the card that the sensei is going to show next) 2 other kids shouted the first 2 cards answers. Jayden just sat there and was holding onto his train. Sensei asked "What's the next card?" No one answered. Suddenly Jayden started to say out each and every card in the set, correctly. There was like about 25 cards and he got all of it correct. The other mothers all looked at me and Jayden. After the class they asked me again "Do you do home practise with Jayden at home". My reply was the same "No". I don't think they believed me.

Jayden continued to progress. He became more loving, kisses, hugs, especially after the arrival of Justin. He even come and tell me out of a sudden "mami wo ai nie (I love You)" Or sing "Dadi Dadi Where are you? Dadi Dadi I miss you! I love you!".

Then his dadi came and told me that he wanted to stop jayden from Shichida cos I don't do home practise with him and its a waste of money if I don't do extra. From then, I started to do home practise. Flash Cards, Games, Reading, Writting and so much more. I try my best to fit time to do it but sometimes I gotto rush my work (like tomorrow onwards!!!!) I won't have the time to do so.

This video was taken during our home practise and it only consists of 8 cards. He cooperated for this video and when we tried to do with 20 cards, he refused to let us record it.

These are the flash cards that he is looking at or you can say guessed. He need to tell me what is the card that I am going to show him after 3 rounds of showing him in order.

He continued to progress. He then know how to go to pee himself. He is even diaperless at night now. He told Big C " I want don't want Pampers jor" That night onwards he went to bed and didn't wet the bed up till today (YET) and he even gave up his pacifier and told Justin "TiTi! Don't Suck Chit Chit!" I don't know about you guys, but for for him change so drastically in a short moment, I am still in shock. Hard to believe but its happening.

Although he progressed so well, he is still getting negative remarks. *sigh* I just felt like asking them "What do you expect him to do then only you will stop commenting about him? He is only 3 years old, you know? " 

Yesterday, he was in a playful mood and didn't cooperate while I was flashing the cards. he kept saying other things, asking me to spell GIANT, Spell this spell that and even shouted Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh when I asked him to pay attention.  I shouted at him, "Stop behaving like this! You do things like this (shouting ahhh ahhh ahhh), people will say you are autised! You are not normal! You want or not?" I paused and continued " Now do you want me to flash cards or not?"

And he looked at me and he was about to cry. And then he said " I want flash cards mami" and then I continued with the flash cards session. Last night before he sleep, he told me "mami , pocoyo said AHH AHHH AHHH like this". I was shocked. He is right. Pocoyo did say that. No wonder it sounded so familiar and my maid confirmed it (cos she watched pocoyo with Jayden and Justin) . He was trying to explain to me that he only followed Pocoyo.

Why am I writting all these? I don't know. I just wanna say it out and get it out from me cos it has been bugging me for many days. And I think I should write it out for Jayden's sake and for the sake of the people that made remarks about him without knowing the real him. As for myself,   I am sure that my son is normal. He is just very playful and bad tempered sometimes, he is afterall in his terrifying 3 phase. Who knows him better than his own mother? It's true I cannot stop people from commenting about my son. It hurts (alot alot alot alot) but I cannot control it. Which mother can accept that kind of remark, whether the child is ok or not ok? I dunno. Seriously. I think I have been sad for too many days now. I don't wanna think about it anymore or even have the slightest doubt on Jayden. 

When I first heard about the remark, I asked Big C "How come you have no reaction towards ppl's remark about Jayden?" And he told me one thing that reminded me and brought me back on track, "No matter what they say, we know he is okay. That's enough".  

Sometimes the thing that he says just sound so right.

P/S Big C: Thanks b, for standing by me and having faith towards our son.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Out from the oven

What I have been doing lately...


This is not from the oven. But from my fridge. A non-bake cheesecake. This is my 2nd attempt and Finally I DID IT! Recipe is from here. I bought the wrong cake tin (too big) that's why its so flat.

This is also not from my Fagor oven. But he used to be in MY OVEN (tummy), geddit? hahah sorry syiok sendiri!
Justin Crying
He wanna eat the cake but cannot la. So I gave him the blueberry and he wants more and more. Cannot get so cry loud loud ler...

Ah... this one is from my Fagor Oven. I always wanted to try to make my own siu yoke. And after I saw her making it, I cannot tahan anymore. So I went to the market and bought myself some pork and flick my sister's Y3K recipe book. Tadaa!
Siu Yoke 1

Siu Yoke 6

Siu Yoke 7
My sister said my knife is not sharp enough. So any knife company wanna sponsor me a set? I promise to make siu yoke again and use yr knife to cut it really nice :)

Another thing that is out from the oven...
Blue Suede shoes for DS
A lil baby shoes for my ex-classmate baby with his initial sewn on it. When I was sewing this, he also just came out from the oven. He is 2 weeks early.

blue suede shoes for DS
I know the alphabet is not perfectly sewn.I tried twice sewing the "S". The shoe is really small, its 10cm long and 6 cm wide only ( Perfect for a newborn until 6 months old baby). So it's kinda hard for me to sew this with my old Singer sewing machine.

Another one from the oven too..
Suede Red MJ 2
For my customer who just bought this for another baby that came out from her "mommy's oven". The materials is soft suede with rose imprints. Just like this rose plant that I bought for my mami for Mother's Day this weekend.


Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jayden oh Jayden...why you so like dat?

We're playing pretend that day when Jayden told me he wanted to pretend to be his principle.

"EK! Naughty huh? Go Office!" with his hands at his waist.

Aiyoh... it was so funny I tell you!

The next day I went and told his class teacher about it. And she told me another story. She said "You know? Jayden has been going to Teacher Hera's office for many days already"

In my heart I was saying "Jialat lor. So young already started to go principle's office?". "Why? What happened?", I asked.

Teacher M told me that he refused to write and colour himself. Always want to "manja" with her asking her to hold his hand and write/colour together. You see, Jayden joint this class when he was only 2 years old. And he was the youngest then. So he was extremely attached to the class teacher. And now that he is not the youngest anymore, the class teacher got to focus on the younger ones. But he insisted that she helps him instead. So to make him write and colour himself, they will send him to Techer Hera's office and place him right in front of her. And he can write and colour very well and VERY FAST too.  
And I thought that he cannot write and colour himself. :P

jayden 2

Opsss! Now you know my secret in school di!

Jayden oh Jayden... why you so like dat?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Suddenly he became so tall


One month ago when I first started to train him to be diaperless, he need me to assist him to pee in the toilet bowl with both legs tip-toed.

A week later, he still need me to help him remove his pants so that he can go to the toilet and pee himself, with one leg on the toilet bowl.

Now, a month passed and he still need me to remove his pants for him. But he can now go stand and pee like a champion. Flush and wash his own hands too. He can even joke when he is peeing.."Oh it's raining mami!" hehe he's a funny guy.

Sometimes I get the urge to snap his picture when he is peeing cos I'm so proud of him for knowing how to go pee himself.  When you have a son that people keep telling you that he is slower than his peers, talk slower, do this and that slower, over hyperactive this and that then you will be like me. Knowing how to pee also you will feel like its a big achievement.

Haha But of course I wont take his picture while he is peeing cos I don't want him to come running after me when he sees his own peeing picture in his blog (if he ever reads it). So I look from far and can't stop smiling and feeling proud and think to myself, how come he suddenly became so tall in just a month time.. I really wonder..

Monday, May 04, 2009

Public Holiday Is Good...

because I have free hands to hold my camera while Big C do the kiddo entertaining. We went to the playground nearby our house. This is our first time at this playground since we've moved here since Dec 2008.
Kor kor enjoying his swing...He looked extremely happy and he was very happy!

Look who joined in this time on the see-saw?

Lil Justin also wanna play. Look at the boy in front of him. Cute!

On the next day we went to TTDI park and No2 was busy crawling all over the grass. No1 was busy running all over and playing water at the stream. I was too busy crawling on the floor trying to snap pic of No2.  

Justin and Mami in Park1
I know, I look very tired and worn out. Really need to do something with my face. I look like sayur mati (dead vege).