Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Time I cannot Tahan anymore!

I have no idea why did Jayden went to washing machine and play with the door this morning. As we're rushing out, I went to close the door and I noticed that my maid washed a little clothes with full load of water. Then I saw this bra and I thought "Eh, she throw my bra into the washing machine again?" So I scooped it out and I saw the bra. It was mine. But I never wore it before.

Let me tell you something about myself. I used to work in this lingerie company and they give away bras as half yearly incentive. So I have lots of bra unworn where I put it inside the store room. As time pass, I got pregnant, gained weight, lost weight then I got pregnant again and then I am breast feeding. So I am stil not back to the same size yet. So since i have experience with lingerie, I'm very observant about lingerie. Especially if its mine. I know it's mine.

So I scooped it out and water was leaking from it and I went to her. "Who's bra is this?" She looked panicked and said "it's mine". She was scared because she thought I caught her washing her clothes with ours in the washing machine. She got no idea that I'm more pissed because she stole my bra.

We rushed off and I went for meeting. After the meeting I went to pick Jayden up and we all went to Ikea for our lunch. I never spoke to her for the entire morning and afternoon, until just now. I came home, and i went to dig for that bag of bra which I placed in the store room. Not there anymore. I went and search all the boxes. Tarak. And I remember I have one of the same one in my closet. So I took it down and I put it side by side.

It was the same except hers was very cacated and dirty. I asked her again "Who's bra is this?" She said hers. I told her the story of the bra, how I know its mine. She looked away continue to wash dishes. I asked her again " who's bra is this?" She said "my bra". I asked her "Cambodia got Wacoal?" I asked her one more time very firm this time, she said "My own Bra. I bring from Cambodia". Fine. I was carrying Justin who keep pn putting his hands on my lips like asking me not to scold his friend. I took the kids I went upstairs to my working room as I have lots to do. I have so much work now I am drowning.  

The kids asked for milk, I carried Justin in one hand and make it with another. She just stood and looked at me. Justin is down with fever. Don't know if he is teething or because of the oral fungal thinggy.

So, the kids are upstairs with me.Playing in my working room. And I am rushing my work. And she is downstairs, maybe trying my panties now. Later she will do catwalk for my husband. mch.

My friend msn me and laughed saying that maybe she saw the bra and thought that I don't want it anymore. I said " money is there. Maybe I don't want it also? So she take it considered helping me izit? or my husband is sitting there. So take and rape la since I am not using it. Can ar? Ngam or not. Take without asking permission means steal la"

And then my sister sms me, asked me how come she can masuk into my bra. Mana same size? I said how I know. No wonder I see her bra like damn ketat attheback part and I thought she gained weight? Or maybe from last time small small that time already got this bra no money to buy new one? She at least need to wear 36A man. And mine was 70B. U imagine la 2 sizes different. Small can wear big but big mana can wear small? Okay, don't wanna talk about sizing here.

I don't know what to do with this woman already. Baru that day ppl asked me how she is doing and I said she's okay. *ptuik* Now I gotto think what I wanna do with her. I won't consider sending her back to the agency for counselling cos I don't want her to come back and give my kids flying kick. If I send her off means its for good. But Send her back and waste my 8k? I am not that rich yet.Niasing betul, cannot stop giving me headache.


  1. OMG... seems like this kind of maid thing can never end in our country.. No matter what country they are from, will have the same issues.

    Keep cool ya... No point getting angry with ppl like this. Just let her finish the contract and then consider if you really want to keep her.


  2. I agree with Breanne mum , cos u already pay 8K .
    but next time you will really give her a good kick ass tell her if she steel thing again no ask . you will be very nasty to her .
    sometime don't understand why some ppl so dam stupid and cow skin one also no shame behave like this help themselves with thing .
    I will be real real mad if I am in your shoe
    but chill now ok. take good care of the 2 poorly baby xxxxxxx
    we all love you

  3. wah liao thick skin one :|. i think best u write name on all her belongings. anything that don't have her name means not hers, means she stealing.

  4. Wow bra as an incentive. Maybe you should get some for your maid with her own size. Although she doesn't deserve. :P

  5. all the maids i hv so far..all very smart one. when they know i dont use them, they will take it. sometimes they ask, sometimes they dont. i got TV in my store room, they can pindah to their room. They read my books in my librabry..but i m happy cos they are reading.

  6. Only yesterday i was telling myself, wah Sasha long time never bitch abt her maid wor .. shd be ok kua .. mana tau! today got news!

  7. hm.. take her go police station lah ..

  8. walaoeh, sien lor. give her a good lecture babe.

  9. quite geram after reading it... pencuri + pembohong?

    to me, if someone is at home watching the kids + maid. I dont mind sending her back for counseling.. dont care if the agent beat her or what lah.. at least she will know the "consequences".

    but of course wont risk it if only maid + kids at home most time lah.. afraid she will revenge mah..

    in that case, prob u can spot-check her drawers & cabinets regularly lah.. to make sure WHAT SHE HAS and WHAT SHE DON'T... therefore will it would be easier to confront her next since u knew all her belongings.. and furthermore we (as employer) have the RIGHTS to check her stuff...

    for more extreme, u may jot down all her belongings & make her SIGN the sheet & tell her if anything u found "extra" frm the list next time.. is not hers.. so u will keep. :) fair mah..

    besides, if i really beh tahan until the MAX ah... i would rather pay 2k and get a replacement loh.. wont loose all $$ lah.. depends whether if u willing to "wait" again or not lah..

    good luck ;)

  10. oh GOD. what a headache. i think most of us with maids can relate to your story here. i was also seriously contemplating on sending my new maid back (this new one is seriously... dumb) to get a replacement maid but then takut get a worse one (who steals and lies). ouch. i can imagine how pissed u feel. 8k is a lot of money but living with a SAKIT HATI is also no easy feat. sheesh. these ppl are so ungrateful.. sadly enough a lot of them are like stray dogs who bite the very hand that is feeding them!!! a friend of mine had a maid who stole, so they had to be extra careful about everything. then when the maid finished the contract, make sure u check their bags before they close up the bags and lock it up. because u can bet they'll take your house sink along with them if they can.

  11. Tell her you KNOW it is your bra and warn her that if anything of this sort happens again, you will make sure she suffers the consequences big time.

    My friend's Cambodian maid was just caught sneaking out to see boyfriend at night. She leaves at midnight and comes home at 5am. Aiya....wait la...I'll blog about it - too long the story.

  12. etceteramommy1:20 PM

    Mmm.. this is really unacceptable. Steal and refused to admit is a big No No.

    Just curious.. did you throw the bra away or she gets to keep it? :P

  13. She's back to her old self again huh? Taking ur stuff w/o asking u. Last time take calendar, mirror. Now curi ur new bra pulak (incorrect size samo). ish ish ish...

  14. Maids... never ending headache... Problem solved if one could do without a maid...

  15. I would threathen to take her to police station. Buck her up to your car and drive to the police station. Bet you she'll cry and apologize once you arrive at balai polis !

  16. Been following your blog for a while...

    Maids...hai.. just have to be very stern.... My old maid doesn't steal but always do wrong things to the point my husband threathen to deduct her pay for every thing that she did wrong... we have a file with all the things she did wrong and we have repeatedly told her not to do it... After telling her about the deduction... we gave her 2 chances to not repeat the same mistakes... and if she does it more than 2 times.. we will deduct RM10.

    I can bet with you... your maid will start to do her work properly and will not try to steal.

    I know they don't earn much... but we didn't deduct her pay at the end... just a tactic to scare her... only money can put some sense into them..if this also doesn't work.. you really need to get a replacement.

    Good luck.

  17. WTF? MCH is rightlah. Aiyo. NMFLT betul. How long more is her stintlah?

  18. dunno what to say lor
    Kesian sasha

  19. Elaine7:51 PM

    keep harping on it till she apologize. :D

  20. hah..
    maids all same type one la..
    only know how to give headaches...

    after her contract is over try getting philippinoes..they are much a sense

  21. hahhaa... agreed to michelle, maybe you can reward her with bra!!

  22. gotta frighten her and tell her that u hv cctv to watch wat she was doing. make her admit and threaten to take her to the police station

    maids! duh!

  23. i guess you can deduct her money. like as in she bought the bra from you. yet again, you have to make her admit about this stealing act first.

    i agree, first label everything of hers, with a colour ink or something. anything that doesn't have ink belongs to someone else. and if she is caught stealing again, no prob, charge her money.

    i am sure it's easier to say than to do it.

    you have the support from all of us, sasha. best of luck!

  24. Wah, this maid thing always headache hor. But i think they r rite, shd be more stern with her, so that she knows u r watching...its easier said than done, but gotta try rite, otherwise she'll climb on top of yr head & shit!

  25. I'm sorry I can't help laughing. I know this is about theft and it's a serious issue but you are just too funny :D

  26. oh no, this is really horrible!!! now, you wonder if she try on/used any of your clothes/undies while you are not around. anyway, maybe you wanna consider installing some cameras in the house??

  27. how long she with u already?
    maybe ask for a change ...

    if less than 3 months i think still can change...

  28. Alamak so heartsick!

  29. that's why until now, hubb still can't convinced me to hire a maid..

  30. jacss2:02 AM

    this time steal bra...kecil hal, dunno what's next leh! really gotta be more cautious leh...
    memang niasing betul with this creature !!