Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One day nice..

One day like samseng.

Big J with his masterpiece. Shy konon...

One day he is the most angelic kid. And another day he make you scream like a mad woman. One day he eat non stop and some day he just doesn't eat or drink at all. Now, he is in the "I Don't want to eat. Not nice " phase.
The other day, I have prepared his milk mixed with chinese herb and he refused to drink.
Jayden: Want don't want nen nen.
Me: Why?
Jayden: Not nice.
Me: No you must drink it.
Jayden: Want don't want. Want don't want. Want don't want.*kicking on his bed*
Me: Okay don't wanna drink huh? Okay I will whack your bum. Drink!
Jayden: Don't want. I want whack bum
Me: Ah? You dare me huh? Okay fine! turn around!
Jayden : *turn around*
Me: *fuming* [whack bum]
Jayden: Uwaaaaaaa...
Me: Nice or not? Drink it faster.
Jayden: Want don't want.
Me:  Whack again you want?
Jayden: *turn around*
Me: Arghhhh!!!! You don't wanna drink this,then I will pour away and I wont make nen nen for you anymore. [walk off and sat on the floor]
Jayden: [walk towards me and sobbed] Mami, I HELP YOU POUR NEN NEN?
Me: Ah???? *Pull hair* go la go and pour it away!
Jayden: [pick up bottle and walked towards the toilet then turn back] go that toilet [ pointing to master bedroom]
Me: NO NEED!!! [grab the bottle and went into his toilet and pour milk away]
Jayden : ...... no more nen nen. I want sleep.  

After that I couldn't sleep cos I was too angry. So I sat in the living hall and watched tv until I heard someone cried. I went in and saw Jayden sitting on his bed crying "mami.. mami.. i want mami..." I turned around and walked out. Then the crying stopped. And then I went to bed and the next morning...

Jayden : [woke up and giggled]
Me: Good Morning darling.
Jayden: sorry mami....

Awwwwwwwwwww.. don't you think he is the most stubborn yet sweetest kid [for me la]. One day nice, one day samseng. One day make me wanna explode. one day make me melt. Like this, very easy to get high blood pressure. Don't know if my heart can stand it or not.


  1. how to stay angry like that huh? So cute la jayden

  2. etceteramommy9:33 PM

    Did he color the pictures on the fridge? I thought they were very good. His hand motor skills are good.

  3. I wonder whose gens does he have there? Yours or papa?

  4. wah...Jayden color one ah? very nice ler...

  5. hahaha...your conversation with him was so funny!

    Hope he is back to his nen nen now!

  6. oh boy .... speechless ... my boy also like that, each day also different ... i think we get old soon , emotional unstable....wakakak:P

  7. true, they send our emotions up like stock market and down just as fast.

  8. hahahaha...so cute...he rather kena whack than drink his milk. some more say sorry only the next day. fun hor? hehehe

  9. why arr.. nowaday these kids are so mischievous n cute sometimes... must go for frequent blood pressure check-up edi.. lol!!

  10. so cute next morning says sorry ... sure melts ur heart like that. he colors good ... all inside the lines. good job jayden!

  11. after a night sleep, he can still remember he "hurt" u..n can say Sorry... so sweet.

  12. Love his artwork! :) And yeah, Irfan's like that too lah - Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde. Ish!

  13. Actually i also dont dare go for medical check-up. I think I have developed high blood pressure edi ... especially at night .. always kick up biggggg fussss before knock out!

  14. Jayden is such a sweetheart! The way he acted like 'samseng' also very cute :P How not to love him arr?

  15. hahhaa...it's really enjoy reading yr blog. You are right, very easy to get high blood pressure.

  16. hahahahhaha, "good way" to exercise our heart to be stronger.

  17. i sure will melt too.... reading yr post reminded me of my days too with my 3 kids.. i guess we worry about them when they dint want to drink... but they still grow .. right?> hahhaa..that was what the doc told me ... he said dont worry..when they r hungry, they will drink...

  18. best thing about kids are they are so forgiving. And that makes us feel so guilty at the same time feel so "lum"

  19. Those are nice colouring there, get a file and keep them la.

    Kid, everyday different one la, I certainly know how to feel, sometimes fire on head also. Anyway, he sure a sweet boy there and remember to say Sorry after a night he knows he being naughty.

    btw, if the herb drink is not that bitter, dun mix in milk lorr...they sure refuse to take now, not like baby time...

  20. wow I'm impressed with his artistic skills, he can colour very well for a guy leh..

  21. He apologised the next morning when he cud've conveniently forget abt the whole thing. No wonder mami so 'lum' lah.

  22. Wah, Jayden can colour well. Good work!

    Leng Lui mummy, way to go, way to go, after Big J, Small J summore, more hairs to pull. Hahaha!

  23. wow he still remembered to say sorry ar? good boy jayden..

  24. a pinch of salt, and a pinch of sugar! *haha* kids, are always kids! they make you laugh, and they makes you tear...

  25. how lah sasha. my heart also macam one day okay, one day not okay! like this habis lah!!

    and u know what, the first thought that crossed my mind when i saw the pics was that they look really good. he's doing well for his age, really!

  26. haha. sweet lil kid. my mom put the rotan bside krys to ask her to drink water, jc, milk, herbal drink & etc. it works. kids. adoi!

  27. Chinese herb bitter ma. Kids tongue very sensitive wan.

  28. dun whack him la...he is such a cutie pie...