Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I see only, can?

Carrying Justin and walking on the street...

Me: Justin boy ah.. you cannot hold my nen nen like this wan. Not nice

Justin: Nice. I like to hold yr nen nen like this.

Me: Not nice to see lah. Put your hands down la.. ok?

Justin: No ah. I like. to touch touch *poke Poke * like this

Me: Cannot. Later ppl also come and touch touch my nen nen like you then how? (yeah as if!)

Justin: Oh, cannot touch nen nen. Then I see only can?

Me: ah see can lah.

Justin: Okay ah! then I see your nen nen Ge lah...

Me: Yeah You see only ok.

Justin: Okay! I see *put face near near* Ah... i see ohdi. It's beautiful *big grin*

Me: *slap forehead* Thank You ah!

Justin oh Justin!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bento: Flower & Star Quail Eggs

Saw the pretty quail eggs in the bentos and been wanting to try and do it myself. And finally I did it! It's really easy and fast


Pretty isn't it?

You can serve it as it is or cut it in half. But if you want to cut it half, then you need the yolk to set perfectly in the middle. In order for you to get the yolk to set perfectly in the middle you need to keep stirring the eggs while you cook it in the pot. And when you place it in the mould you need to make sure that the eggs top is facing upward. Then you will get the yolk set right in the middle when you cut the egg in half. Happy Bentoing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY/M: Angry Bird T-Shirt

Jayden loves BLUE.

Everything must be BLUE.

So even the angry birds, he only asks for the BLUE bird. But currently the angry birds available in the market are mainly the red, white and the pigs. And it's all very expensive. Of course, the father said "NO" cos it's going to be a "phase" thinggy - "he'll like it only for a while only. So no need to waste money".

So how? D-I-M lah! (or should I say DIY lah!)

I Googled for some angry birds pictures and manage to redraw it on my illustrator.

And then print it on transfer paper. Any brand also can, just go to the computer shop and ask for it. And then go find some plain tee. Remember to cut off the extra paper around the bird to get a nicer "bird" later.


Remember to check with the sales man whether yours is the iron ON or iron upside down kind of paper yeah. Normally for white tee is u iron upside down (like what I am doing now). If it’s for coloured tee then the picture is face up.

Then wait for it to cool, and then only find a corner and REMEMBER TO PRAY HARD so that it'll turn out nice! Slowly peel it off. Again reminder: if you are using the coloured Tee transfer on, you got to peel it while it’s HOT yeah.
220620112255 copy

220620112256 copy

And the Bird'S" are all very happy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple Lunch For Kids

This is today's lunch.

Pasta, a can of tuna spread, boiled potato, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and hard boiled eggs.

And they loved it. Now.. what to cook for tomorrow....*headache*

Friday, June 17, 2011

Once upon a time..

JT: Mami.. can you tell me a story, once upon a time?
Me: Okay.. Once upon a time, there was this boy and his name was..
JT: Justin Chan
Me: and he is ...
JT: very naughty
Me: and he likes to eat...
JT: Rice
Me: and drink...
JT: Soya bean...
Me: The end.
JT: Okay, finish. * sleep*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We were at Cherating during the sch holidays and we all spent most of our time at the beach, chasing waves. So I asked Justin to hold the toys while I hold the bags and towels. And he kept crying saying it was too heavy (yeah right!) and he cried all the way from the chalet till the beach, carrying the toys. Once we reached the sandy beach, I said okay let's get into the water. He insisted that we walk back to the chalet, and I hold the toys and the bag and the towels and walk back to the beach again. Yeap, that's my son. He and his ridiculous requests. Very specific requests.

So back to the drama.

I asked him to remove his shoes and get into the water. He said "I want you to take my shoes off for me". I said "No. Do it yourself". And drama again. Uwa Uwa Uwasss My SIL came and helped him to remove his shoes and brought him into the water. He continued to cry, insisting that my SIL bring him over to me, so that I will bring him back to the beach, help him to wear his shoes again, remove it again and bring him back into the water.  uwa uwa uwa cos i refused to do it for him. BIL came pulak. He asked him what he wanted , and he said specifically that he want my BIL to pass him back to me, bring him to the beach, wear the shoes, remove the shoes FOR HIM, and then bring him into the water. My BIL heard and he double confirm with me if he heard wrongly. I said confirm, he is memang like that wan. My BIL also laughed and passed him back to me.

I took him far away from everyone and I told him, the toy is not heavy. If the toy is heavy, he couldn't have carried it all the way from the chalet to the beach. And he can remove his own shoes, why need me to remove? He cried, insisted me to do like what he said. I said "Justin stop this at once or....." and I moved him far from me (he's without a float) "Or I will let go...." And he said "okay. No need to wear shoes edi". "So now wanna go have fun?" I asked him and he replied "YES!"

And then he laughed and laughed and had a damn good time and then he became a half baked lobster.

My neighbour always tell me that luckily I am sane enough to handle him and his behaviour cos she took care of him before so she know his attitude very well. Many mothers in his extra class asked me how I managed to train him to be so "obedient" cos he is totally another different boy in the class. When they said that, I just can smile and say "hahaha..........................................sigh"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Parcel Came!!

backdated post

*Titttt tittttttt*
The pos laju man came and passed me the long awaited parcel.

Signed, said thank you and opened the parcel like some mad woman that never got a parcel before in her entire life and saw what's inside.

Absolutely LOVE it.

its an Amigurumi Snail from Samm's I-Knit Fibreart.
Why the name so weird wan right?
I also dunno.. gotto ask Samm on this.
She gave me this and also some other stuff for the kids.
So sweet of her ^^
She gave my kids A sunny side up and fish Tawashi (dish scrubber) to play masak-masak with.
Is she kidding or what??! use that to play masak-masak?
No way man! this is mami's toy in the kitchen.
But then think think again.. maybe can use to bath also.
But Samm said for bathing for another type of wool wor.
She's mad wan i tell yiu.. I go hijack some pics from her blog and show u all ah..
Angry bird
Reddy Cats and his friends.
Angry Bird's pig also got.
If you wanna see more of her creations, hop ( i mean click) over to her blog la :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Magic Song

bedtime, everyone was asleep except us...

Me: Justin.. sing me a song la..
JT: okay. I'll sing you... ermmm Magic song.
Me: okay.. sing la.
JT: mmmmmmm.....
Me: sing la..
JT: wait ah.. it's coming ah..
Me: okay.. *wait......................................................* eh.. faster la..
JT: it's coming ah.......
Me: *wait........................" why so long wan?
JT: hmmm it's missing edi.
Me" HAR???? Missing?????
JT: yes. Magic song missing edi.
Me: O.o *zhar dou*

Friday, June 10, 2011

I need to sack my babysitter edi!

This is my babysitter during the school holiday. Just finished changing his brother's pajamas and now he is removing his diaper.
 I must say he did a very good job changing his brother's shirt and also removing his diaper.

Then I went to vacuum my room and noticed something wrong when Justin walked passed me this morning. I turn around and saw this...

Jayden helped his brother to wear pants with both legs into a hole and pulled it up to the waist. *lol*
I need to sack my babysitter edi!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thermal Cooker

Been wanting to post about this and share with everyone, my new toy (well not so new anymore cos I been postponing for months). I think every mom should have this in the kitchen especially working mum who cooks for her family.

I bought this Thermal Cooker from Parkson At Rm259 plus and been using it nearly every time I cook for my family.

You can just cook directly in the stainless steel pot, boil/cook on direct fire for 10 mins and transfer into the container and leave it to cook by itself. Saves electricity and it is safe since you don't need to use electricity when you're away. And best part is, it has 2 compartments so you can cook soup and also stew at the same time.

Leave the food and it will cook by itself for about 6 hours and when you're back home from work, your food is still warm. I must say this is a very good investment for your kitchen. :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Up and Down

was at parents house and then Justin said he wanted to pee and asked my dad to accompany him to the toilet...

JT: koong koong you see ah...
Dad: see what?
JT: you see my kkb can go up and down wan..
Dad: Huh?
JT: *pee and his kkb went up slightly, then stop and his kkb went down, pee again and went up again and stop peeing and his kkb went down* You see? My kkb can go up and down wan *big smile*
Dad: LOL!

Thursday, June 02, 2011


We were at Cherating last weekend and Justin was playing with his turtle on the beach...

JT: *talking to his turtle toy*
Jt's Uncle: What is your turtle saying ah?
JT: *rolled eyes* This turtle cannot talk wan lah! *continue to talk to his turtle*
Jt's Uncle: O.o *char dou*