Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I see only, can?

Carrying Justin and walking on the street...

Me: Justin boy ah.. you cannot hold my nen nen like this wan. Not nice

Justin: Nice. I like to hold yr nen nen like this.

Me: Not nice to see lah. Put your hands down la.. ok?

Justin: No ah. I like. to touch touch *poke Poke * like this

Me: Cannot. Later ppl also come and touch touch my nen nen like you then how? (yeah as if!)

Justin: Oh, cannot touch nen nen. Then I see only can?

Me: ah see can lah.

Justin: Okay ah! then I see your nen nen Ge lah...

Me: Yeah You see only ok.

Justin: Okay! I see *put face near near* Ah... i see ohdi. It's beautiful *big grin*

Me: *slap forehead* Thank You ah!

Justin oh Justin!


  1. Smart boy, know to praise after watching. lol!

  2. OMG, he is so cute... I bet big C will agree with Justin's comment.. :)

  3. He really knows how to appreciate your nen-nen. Hehehe. Eh I notice all boy are like that. It's a male instinct or what. Up to now, Darien is still the same. Not in public tho.

  4. Haha. Too Cute! Can see cannot touch!

  5. Haiyo... really cannot tahan ur cheeky boy lah. Super cute!!

  6. he IS smart :-D I think you don't have to worry too much about him later...

  7. wuhahahaa....apalah!!!

  8. my 2 boys still love touching and grabbing mine in public too, really pening!

    btw, Justin looks so much like his Korkor in the picture!

  9. hahahha! He is sooooo cute!!!

  10. what IS it with boys and nen nen??? mine's still like that and he's already jayden's age!

  11. Ahhahhahahhahhaha, your JT can shake hand with my Cruz!!!! Both also so cheeky and naughty.