Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Up and Down

was at parents house and then Justin said he wanted to pee and asked my dad to accompany him to the toilet...

JT: koong koong you see ah...
Dad: see what?
JT: you see my kkb can go up and down wan..
Dad: Huh?
JT: *pee and his kkb went up slightly, then stop and his kkb went down, pee again and went up again and stop peeing and his kkb went down* You see? My kkb can go up and down wan *big smile*
Dad: LOL!


  1. Educational post, Sasha.. !!

  2. hahaha! he and his kkb!

  3. he he he, he is very observant! LOL!

  4. Luckily he didn't ask his koong koong try doing the same thing......, wakakakaka!