Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mohawk or Botak?

I'm planning to cut Jayden's hair..His hair is growing Mohawk Style..Only getting longer in the middle part...Abit Weird but abit Stylo Milo....What do you think?

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Monday, October 30, 2006

2nd blog for the day....

Today is first day of work after that looooooooooooooooooooooong holiday. Nearly forgot that its workday today..*sigh*

Anyway since there's so many happy news on the net...Birthdays and Preggie news..I also have some new news to share...

Are you ready?


No..i'm not pregnant. Hahaha

Okay la.. I went for a mummy blogger meet.

Share picture?

Okay.....Don't worry this time is not print screen from msn wan...

Go here to view. View at your own risk. Any heart attack or eyes sore after ..Sasha will not be resposible for it. hehe

Happy Deepa Raya!

What a way to start holiday...Whole family went to see doctor last Saturday! First Jayden went to see doctor..then Dadi and then Mami. Jayden was suffering from Diarrhea due to teething..So we have to change his pampers every now and then. So poor thing..and he was so grumpy..

See how grumpy this Ming Siew is la..

Then we went to Dadi and Boh Boh's restaurant and again...Jayden Pooed and kena everywhere...his clothes..his baby chair.. so messy.. Changes him and suddenly....*buek*..he vomitted..and we ran out of clothes. So we wrapped him with his towels and rushed to nearby Giant to buy him T-shirts...but when we got back to the shop...he was fast asleep...

So the diarrhea went on for about few days..until this guy also lembik lembik edi...But holiday was good..cos Dadi and Jayden get to spend some quality time together...and some resting time for Mami..Cos Jayden is like Koala Bear when he is not well...

So sweet..Dadi helping Jayden to remove some dirty things from his face...

Jasmine Cheh Cheh came and stay over on Wednesday..cos her Papa & Mama gotto work. And we went to watch "Open Season". My first time to the cinema..no picture cos cannot bring camera in ma...Its a good show. Dadi and Jasmine Cheh Cheh laughed so loud..But Mami gotto go and stand at the back to rock Jayden to sleep..

This lil devil once was like a tiny kitten when I first took care of her..Now she's helping me to take care of Jayden..time flies..*sigh*
This lil Pooh of mine..Cirit Birit until lembik lembik also still so cheerfull.but only in the day time.At night its mostly crying and crying session...*sigh* If only he can be as cheerful as day time...

Friday, October 20, 2006

I kena Tag Again!

Aiyak! I kena Tagged by Oli...Sei lor.. Samo i Sick now.. Cannot think properly...Aiyoh! Okay Okay Here goes...

4 things many don't know:

  1. Today I'm down with running nose..*ah Choooooooooooooooo*
  2. I'm making wan tan now..who wants??!!
  3. I havent go toilet yet....
  4. I love CD lipsticks!

4 movies I could watch over and over
Errrrrrr this i have problem neh...i dun really watch movies..

4 places where I've lived

  1. Old Town , PJ..you know is the femes Old Town Bak Kut Teh??
  2. Tmn Mayang, PJ..you know where is the femes William Mamak?
  3. Next time- Big Big Bungalow...
  4. Future- Oztralia.. :P

4 TV shows I love

  1. CSI
  2. House
  3. Wah lai toi...chinese movies...
  4. desperate housewives..

4 places i've been for vacation

  1. Hong Kong (1st Honeymoon)
  2. Bali (2nd Honeymoon)
  3. Bangkok..
  4. Singapore..when i was 6 months preggie

4 of my favourite food

  1. Curry Mee from Sea Park PJ
  2. PORK RIB in Bubba Gump Shrimp

3.And this mee from Hong Kong..I have no idea what it is called...

4. My Mom's Home Cooked Food. Ham Yue Tak Fu Pok..Chu Kiok Chou..Yummy!!!

4 places i would rather be now:

1. Shopping in Bangkok...

2. Lying on Bali Beach...Sipping Coconut juice..

3. Watching the pigeon hole in Hong Kong..

4. And sleeping at home.. 4 favourite songs ..all because they have meaning ful lyrics..

  1. Alicia Keys...I've got you Babe..
  2. Kelly Clarkson..Walkaway
  3. Utada Hikaru..first love
  4. Luther Vandross- I'd rather..

Who I want to tag next:

Laundryamah, Jazzmint, Annie Q, and daddy Julian. I wanted to tag this fella but he last time complain he kena tag too many times..This fella pulak better berjaga-jaga..amah sure tag u wan.. u see la..


Serves You Right! *Buek*

This What Happened Yesterday...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time Bomb..

Yeah..Time Bomb..I'm like a walking time bomb. Don't know when i'm gonna explode. I've not been sleeping well for the past ..errr how many weeks I don't know. Hubby is always away outstation today in Melaka, tomorrow Ipoh, The next day in Penang. Samo nanny refused to cook porridge for Jayden cos his porridge is different form the other 2 kids there..every night cook porridge and have to wake up at 4.30 am to blend the porridge and pack it nicely. Samo Jayden was sick yesterday...Wuah!!! Damn Sian! Damn Stressed! I wannt Rest! I wanna go somewhere! Arghhhhh!

But this morning he was better. At least he is smiling and starts to make noise. bli bleh bli bleh...dunno what he was trying to say. But see my boy...you blink the eye one time two time..become so big boy edi. As of today he is 6 months 4 weeks and 0 days old edi...time flies.. But how come still wakes up at night for feed neh? Mami need to sleep otherwise will explode soon!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can we do this?

Received an email about this..

Cool Huh? and its cheap also..

RM 50 only..and you can be more creative...

If you quit smoking, you can store your final packet of ciggs and remind yourself that you've once puffed one of the sticks in the pack..
and you can store this if you think u're so smart to solve the cube problem and remind yourself that you're smart..
And i dunno why they wanna store scissors..maybe they wanna remind the hubby to be faithful otherwise they'll break the glass and use it to cut of your kkc..then they can store your kkc in the bottle also..
The more i see, the more i wanna do one for my wedding picture and jayden's picture. Maybe i can store his umbilical cord too with his first picture??
Mr Chan..what say you? RM50 for one only ma..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What happened to your manners?

Sometimes i wonder what happened to those ppl's manners. Like Please and Thank You is so expensive..cannot simply say wan. Like thier mother never teach them how to say...

Anyway, this is what happened yesterday in Giant last night. While selecting some apples, this Yindian lady came to me and said "open this for me" while struggling to open the plastic bag..although i was stunned to see her coming with her plastic bag, asking me to open it without saying, please.. i just obliged and say "uh..ok" and I twisted the plastic. I managed to opened the plastic bag within seconds.. and that sweeet sweet lady said.. " My hand very smooth la.. cannot open" and she took the plastic bag and just walked off.

Ermmmm...halo? First you come to me asking me to do something..without saying "Please". Then you say your hand smooth cannot open?? Means my hand like tar road izit? And samo just take and left. Man....that woman's mom did a bad job in raising her. Should give birth to a piece of "char siu" better. My shop got alot...

Another scenario pulak is when i was driving back home. You just look at this fella la..

Damn pissed with this kinda fella. Like he is the only one rushing home. Like we have the whole day to stuck in the jam. That guy keep on looking at me snapping his picture.. i snap snap snap erase and snap again..So what? You never go to school ah? Who teach you how to drive like that?? And where is the policeman????Bleh!!!

Jayden's Latest Bad Habit...

Jayden has got a new nickname given by his nanny: Ming Siew (Lil Master Ming). Why? Cos he is like a boss. He won't hold his own bottle, must carry HIM only and not other ppl, Must sit next to him and TALK to him, if sitting down to see TV must pat pat his back or his buttock. Like boss , you know...

Anyway, here are some of his pictures taken this morning. We changed his bed cos he keep banging his head on the wooden panels in his old bed frame and he just refuse to sleep in it. So we changed it to a play pen. And finally, he spent a night in his playpen alone for the whole night cos he has been sleeping with us in our queen size bed for many many months edi...

This Boss sleeping also holding the head..must be thinking of work la!

Or thinking about something sweeeeeeeet...

I dunno what is this style called...

Boss sudah bangun...see how he holds his bottle..so malas..

His bad habit starting la..

He will picit picit the nipple head so that water will come out and wet the whole bed!

Look Ma! Your bed is wet!

*sigh* My son..my son...


Here's the video of him playing with me the other day...He love to stuff things into his mouth. But Normally cannot masuk all the thing..cos his toys all big big one!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Today is Saturday..It's Holiday..but..

I went to Hytex warehouse sale last Saturday alone with Jayden. Tips for bringing baby out alone without husband

1. Pump Petrol Full Full-just in case you jalan salah.
2. Bring Stroller, Baby Carrier/Sling, Car Seat
3. Bring enuff milk, hot water, cold water
4. Bring Cash! and Credit Card

Did everything except to bring enuff cash.....*sigh* stupid me.
And you will ask one question...why bring baby out alone leh? Where is the Husband? It's Saturday wor..
My answer: He gotto go Book Reading Club in his office. Compulsary for all managers.

So, off i went. Just packed everything and head off to Kepong. It's my first time bringing Jayden out alone to shop. And samo this is warehouse sale..must be damn hot and crazy.. I don't care. I just wanna be independent to be able to handle him inside and outside the house!

The journey was smooth until I was blocked by a huge truck and it made me took the wrong road..nearly went to Selayang..so I turn back ..and again..took the wrong road!! Nearly headed back home..again i pusing. This time die die must take right road. In my heart..i was saying..probably god don't want me to go to this warehouse sale. But I don't care. At last i reached the place and managed to get a parking right under a tree and right in front of the warehouse sale.

So, i carried Jayden in a baby carrier..and looked through the items. The RM2 section, is like mental. You can't even go in. You can see parents and kids sitting on the floor and choosing clothes. Like some "Pelarian" place like dat...So i went to the more expensive section. And stupid me..I only have Rm120 with me. And i managed to spend all my money. So don't have enough cash to buy the baby stoller. Hmmmm but Jayden was good for the whole time i was in the warehouse sale although he was sweating like mad.And Jayden got bitten by mozzie..so many times. On the legs, hands, fingers and face. Yeah yeah...stupid mummy. Bring Jayden out and kena bite mozzie

So after tat i was driving..don't know where to head next. And then i remember that my BIL place is just nearby. So i dropped by and they're so delighted to see us. And they keep on asking where is my hubby....hmmm so sian answering that question.

And then my niece just say..."Today is Saturday. Today is Holiday. My Papa when holiday will go and sit in the shop. He don't stay at home one." And she was so happy... Hmmm the father is spending all his free time in his shop and the family stay at home. Its good la to know the father is working hard for the family. But what about spending time with the kids? Maybe weekday he spends time with them la

I was thinking...ppl say young young have to strive and work hard to earn money. But how about spending quality time with the family? By the time you get all the money, yr kids have grown up..or maybe not so "kwa cheong" until grown up.. Maybe just did something , like Jayden combat crawled and my hubby called me and said Jayden crawled for the first time...when it was like so long ago he started to combat crawl

For me, I just want a simply life. So much money CAN make life easier..but money CANNOT make family to be closer

What am i talking about now...sorry . Post weekend depression...Hiaks!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Look! Look!

Look what i found during lunch time!!!


See got bear bear samo!!

Wild Berries! My Favourite!!

Samo got Baby Breaths...I also like!!

Samo got small pressie!!!

Happy or not???

Happy leh!!! Of course Happy La! Flower and Pressie samo got bear bear!!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy


But its not mine wor.. why so happy leh???

This flawer belongs to one of the sexitary here la. I just wanna test my camera only.

Happy or not?

Rini...Oh Rini...

My Maid's name is Rini. Rini apa, saya tak tau. But she's Rini The Indon Maid. Rini The Vomit Blood Maid. Let me tellyiu why...

Sasha : Rini..semalam u clean the kitchen..where you keep my soup container.

Rini_: Apa Ah Moi? Saya Tak Tau..Saya Tak Ambik..

Sasha : Apa..u cakap tak tau, tapi kata tak ambik. Hmmm.. Ok Ok ..Itu Container macam ini tinggi..

Besar macam ini...

Rini_: Okay Okay Saya Tau... (And she proceed to find the thing that I wanted....here
Sasha : Rini..Apa u cari.. saya kata ini tinggi, ini besar..ini semua kecik kecik..

Rini_: Okay Okay...Apa Colour?

Sasha: *sigh* Ini Kaler...

Rini_: Okay Okay Saya Tau...(and she proceed to find what i want here...)

Sasha: RINI! Apa you buat! Saya kata ini kaler..bukan cari sini. Saya kata ini tinggi mah! You tau apa saya mau???
Rini_: Saya Tak Tau! *giggle**giggle*
Sasha: (repeated the whole description) Boleh Simpan Soup mia container, U faham!
Rini_: Oooooooooooo, Okay Okay!
Sasha: You Cari ya...baby crying..saya masuk bilik dulu..

5 minutes later ..
Rini_: Ah Moi! Sudah dapat cari!!!
Sasha: Okay,where you simpan??
Rini_: Ini!!!

Sasha: WTF!!! Rini! U Ah!!!!!!!! Saya cari sendiri..(carrying Jayden on left hand and looking for the thing using right hand) Aiyo!!!! Neh! Why you keep here???
Rini_: ?????????????
Sasha: So many place why you hide the thing here????
Rini_: ????????????? Ooo ini ah...Okay Okay Saya Tau..
Sasha: Tau apa..saya sudah cari sendiri ma..

She hid the thing here!!! Of all places...and the place is so big..
So big difference between the 2 items....You say vomit blood or not??


Had a conversation wit HuiSia and Annie. They very terror handle the maids. So i learnt from them. They say must use reverse Psikologi to handle the maid..so i try lor..

Friday Night..
Sasha: Sunday you datang 7 am ok?
Rini_: Saya Tak Mau Masuk sunday. Saya mau pergi Chempaka sana..
Sasha: (Raise eyebrow) Tak Mau Masuk huh?
Rini_: Tak Mau..*giggle*
Sasha: OK. (serious face)

Sunday Morning 7 +am....*ting**tong*..(scared I'm angry ma..so she die die come to work) heheheh

Thanks girls for the advice!