Monday, October 02, 2006

Don't call me See Tau Poh!

It was a busy weekend. I was looking forward to try some recipe i found from some bloggers site. 3 recipes. Tuna Baked Pasta & Beancurd Chicken from here. And my confinement lady's Dome Chicken! Wanna know how it turn out? Please ask BoboCaca..they really love it very much!

The recipe was great. It's me. I'm hopeless with my cooking already. LOst the touch. I used to cook for 8 ppl for at least 5 years before i got married. So its destinied that I'm mean to be the boss of a restaurant.

And why is the post title called Don't Call me See Tau Poh? Please red until the end lor

Today is the opening of my hubby's and sis's restaurant in USJ1. Officially at 1:00 p.m. But I heard it's like mentally havoc since this morning. The crowd was extremely over whelming and we never expected it.

Weekends was spent in the shop...chopping onions, grinding chillis...I have never grind so much chilli in my entire life. So if anyone comment that the chilli is nice.. its my job okay? And the small onions... like gila. So much. Yes...if the onions is nice.. its my job also. Muahahaha's my action in blending the chilli paste...first you just dump everything in and blend..then you press the "on" button and then you press the "off" button and you pour the nasty thing out!

Jayden also want to be Tau Keh...his job jaga the counter.But he dunno how to count Dadi help him abit...

Here's my man tearing the empty boxes apart to make way for the customers...

Here's samo green chilli for the wan tan mee..Why not me chopping there? Wei gimme a break la..I need to take care of Jayden..Leg pushing his stroller up and down to Oi Oi him to sleep...hands typing the menu on the other side..

Of coz i drink for free la..the Kopi the way i like it..

So Why i said Don't Call me See Tau Poh??? Cos I'm Leng Lui See Tau Poh Ma! Hahahaha


  1. Leng Lui See Tau Poh! I want that kopi, it looks damn kaw! Kopi kaw with the classic cup, really better than starbucks n coffee beans.

  2. wah! leng lui see tau poh! Congrat Congrat!! Husband n wife must wear same colour baju meh? "chen lui jon" ah? hahahaha!So we go there "bon chan" got special discount ah? wahaha!

  3. Lengloi si tau poh.. Err.. tell us the address lar.. and those who quote your blog url get 30% discount..

    Biz sure shoot up one.

  4. Super Leng Lui Towkay Soh, what's the address?????
    Zara's Mama suggestion good wor.

  5. wuahahaha leng lui see tau poh, congratulation!!! I wan the Wan Tan Mee and kopi o kaw!!

  6. Julian2:46 PM

    First meal on you can ah? :-)

    But I need to take a-lo-plane to go there makan lor, that's a bigger damage to the pocket.

  7. Okay Okay! Who called me Leng Lui and more "keng" names can get free.....DRINKS!!!

    Address ah? Later la. When everything is more stable first..i sure let you know wan...

  8. Julian5:13 PM

    lenglui mummy towkay, the restaurant there serve what ah? What's the "chiu pai choi" signboard menu/dish?

  9. Jesslyn5:19 PM

    I call u leng lui lau pan liang, so free meal & drink ok? LOL

    Hope you have business ahead ya!

    ...finally can read your blog without window being shut down...

  10. Julian.. i also havent eat yet. Tonight la.i'm gonna try tonite.

    Jess: Thank Kiu Thank Kiu. Of cos la.

  11. wah chun chun leng lui si tau poh, congrats wor! dun play play...jom! we must make gathering to go together-gether leh!

  12. Chiu kap mou dek mei mao yue ji wai peng zhong ge mong wan mei siu lui see tau poh,
    Congratulations! I think the above greeting beats them all and qualify for free makan. LOL

  13. wuaahhh...ur recipe bocor ledi as i saw u used 100+ to blend chili... :D

  14. Laundryamah: Can Can day la!

    Cocka: Fuwahhh!!! That's chiu kap mowe tik keng ah!

    Ah Nel: That's not the secret la..hehehe

  15. Congrates Leng Lui & Hubs! Next time we all go, just quote your blog url & get 20% discount, can or not ;P

  16. Congrat! Congrat :D, emm...Mei mau yue zhi wai peng jong, leng lui yau piew qing ke lao pan leong, deal or not :D,
    Eik I saw ginger inside the blended :b am I rite?

  17. IMD: Hehehe but they dunno i blog neh..

    Rachel: Yes la. Tats is for the chicken rice ma..

  18. wei!! see tau poh!! kopi-O satu mali!!

  19. Super duper Leng lui see tau poh...haha...where is your shop teh-o or not?

  20. KOPI O campur Tongkat Ali Campur Viagra KAU satu kasi itu Leng Chai AhPEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allyfeel: later i telyiu..when its more stable. Of cos got la..what drink also got

  21. Ok la, i will call you leng lui see tau poh la!