Monday, October 09, 2006

Somethings never change

Was asked to attend an interview on Monday 7.00 p.m, which is today. But, can't make it cos:
Hubby gotto teman the kwai lowe principle from US...very important wan...And my nanny refused to take care of my son at night cos she wanna cook...very important wan... So how about me? Not important wan..*sigh*

Hubby said, dun call and change the time...not very nice. So how? He cannot take care of Jayden, Nanny don't wanna take care of Jayden, takkan i wanna bring him go interview with me.. U think I'm acting in desperate housewife meh?

So, i had to call and rearrange the timing for my interview. Luckily they already anticipated that some candidate can't make it at the time set for them. The new time, Saturday 1.30 p.m. Since I'm lucky enough to have the time changed, i just sms my hubby: Interview changed time to 2mrw 1.30 p.m.U take care of baby.
I don't care about his reply..takkan everytime also i need to think of other ppl and not for myself....

So the day came. As usual, I went early at 1.00 p.m . The manager was already there and we started the interview as soon as I got there. Very young and plittie manager... They don't work on Saturdays.. so abit pai seh cos she was there just for me..

The interview went well... suddenly :

Interviewer: You mentioned that you can't make it on Monday's interview.. it's because??
Me______: Err..its because my nanny is busy to take care of my baby and my hubby is not around to help me to take care of my I had to reschedule...
Interviewer : You're married????
Me______: Yes, and i have a baby boy who is 6 and 1/2 months old. I thought its stated in my resume that I'm married?
Interviewer: Oh....probably i didn't see bla bla bla bla bla
And as usual..somethings never change. The interview started to sway to left and right.. mostly of excuses that they probably, 90% definitely won't take me in cos I'm married and I'm a mother.

Interviewer: Wow! You're in company W for 1 1/2 years and you have done so many things there? (like don't believe la...)
Me______: Yes. Because others came and go. About 7 of them came and go. We're supposed to have 4 execs but none tends to stay longer than 3 months. So i have to do mostly everything.
Interviewer : But We're looking for someone that can handle events...the set up and blablabla
Me______: I have done that before....blablabla
Interviewer: But I'm looking for someone that can coordinate and handle set ups in big concourse areas for our big launches..
Me______: I have done that before too.. bla bla bla.. Would you like to have a look at my previous work?
Interviewer: * Look see * look see* (Looked impressed but trying to stay calm and like she never see anything..) F company is very hard to get in. Are you sure you wanna leave?
Me______: If the company doesn't allow me to show what I am capable of , then I think it doesn't matter. I won't just stay in a company just because it's very hard to get in. Anyway, all the companies my resume is good companies and all of it has very high expectation and the selection of employee takes long time.
Interviewer: But....But....But.....But......But... Blablabla Don't you wanna be a housewife?
Me______: I'm a person that wants my own career. I have my own dreams. If I were to stay at home, I think I'll go crazy. I think working gives me my own space and ..some time away from my hectic schedule at home.
Interviewer: But....But....But.....But......But...

*sigh* I know what she was trying to say...but everything she say I can't do.. I have proof stating that I have done it before.. So she was But But But-ting all the way. So the interview went on for more than 1 hour. I'm so glad that it's over. Probably its been a long time since I've attended interview..So sian... In my mind, you But But But only means 1 thing. You discriminate me cos I'm a mother. don't hire me..It's your lost. Someday some company will see the potential in me. But I always come mothers are always the one that must sacrifice and be discriminated wan leh? You mean we can't juggle between work and family?.....sianz sianz.....

So....Who wanna chat in msn?


  1. Julian10:48 AM

    Like that punya manager no good hor? So bad one. Already show proof still like dont want to believe. I can tell you, those single one can be even worst than those married one. They should not judge people by the cover. Achievements are already proven what.

  2. How true, we mommies get discriminated a lot. Employers feel that we cannot be as dedicated as single ladies. The sadest part is sometimes this assumptions come from interviewers who are mothers also :(

  3. But but but but thats such a sorry state of affairs! Put a good candidate in front of them and they can't see it just because you're a woman and a mother sumore. Chey!

  4. haha,dont worry be happy!Dont u think most company is like that meh?Once hear that u're married than somemore got kids, than they will start pushing here n there liao.That's y can see most advertisment on the newspaper,empoly those below 25 years old or below 30 years old,than that means over 30, got no chance already.Look for young young one be "flower vase" ah?This is what i always thought!!

  5. Sacked the manager who interview you!! wakakaka..

  6. Jesslyn11:52 AM

    no need change job lar, current job lagi syok what, can chat with us anytime! LOL

  7. that but but but sure become a "loh ku poh" wan!!

  8. D interviewer sound not pro..but but but all the way.
    Bring along Her World magazines along wif u, they can proofed lots of successful career women wif family...

  9. better ones coming up the next corner. cheers! ;)

  10. good things owes came last...dont worry... :)

  11. so many buts..if don't want to hire say so lorr...You very good temper hoh, I think if me, I sure *mah cha* her oredi...U think u very capable ah, if u capable oso won't need to hire ppl la, go do yourself lah chiu..sorry eh, me very hot temper one, can't stand ppl discriminating woman esp. married ones!!

  12. they don't actually discriminate mothers. they discriminate WOMEN.

  13. Women make up majority of the work force in the world. I personally thing that married working mothers are the most capable people in the work force.

  14. Aiyo, the interviewer also lady right? You ask her la, why you're working, better go back home la since you like to discriminate your same species.

  15. don't worry, just try another company lor... 'dong ka mm da... da sai ka' lor...

  16. i had a fren who was clearly discriminated against becos of her having children too but hor this is boleh land not US if not sure can sue!!

  17. that's y i become SAHM lor... coz a lot of young punk manageress (esp single) very discriminate against mothers. I was in the event line previously too so I know that kind of job can be really to save everyone from all the mah-fan stuff, hubby asked me to kuai-kuai stay home and stare at the 4-walls with the occassional screaming affair with Darrius... :|

  18. That interviewer is surely single!!! How can people always think that after being a mother, our brains just "being dead" and we can't work???
    It's only a mother's choice whether she decided to work or stay at home.
    If a woman wants to work after being married, what's wrong with that huh?

  19. cannot work and be a mother at the same time?

    Interviewer man or woman? So kolot one?

  20. Why so sian? Just tell ur interviewer to go and 'fly kite' lor. Hahahahaha!

  21. Wait till the pretty manager get married and have her own kid. May be that time the fellow will go to ur coffee shop and interview. Make sure u tell her lots of buttssssssss....:)

  22. Looks like the interviewer so inexperience. Showing her biasness & judgements from the questions she asked.