Monday, October 16, 2006

Today is Saturday..It's Holiday..but..

I went to Hytex warehouse sale last Saturday alone with Jayden. Tips for bringing baby out alone without husband

1. Pump Petrol Full Full-just in case you jalan salah.
2. Bring Stroller, Baby Carrier/Sling, Car Seat
3. Bring enuff milk, hot water, cold water
4. Bring Cash! and Credit Card

Did everything except to bring enuff cash.....*sigh* stupid me.
And you will ask one question...why bring baby out alone leh? Where is the Husband? It's Saturday wor..
My answer: He gotto go Book Reading Club in his office. Compulsary for all managers.

So, off i went. Just packed everything and head off to Kepong. It's my first time bringing Jayden out alone to shop. And samo this is warehouse sale..must be damn hot and crazy.. I don't care. I just wanna be independent to be able to handle him inside and outside the house!

The journey was smooth until I was blocked by a huge truck and it made me took the wrong road..nearly went to I turn back ..and again..took the wrong road!! Nearly headed back home..again i pusing. This time die die must take right road. In my heart..i was saying..probably god don't want me to go to this warehouse sale. But I don't care. At last i reached the place and managed to get a parking right under a tree and right in front of the warehouse sale.

So, i carried Jayden in a baby carrier..and looked through the items. The RM2 section, is like mental. You can't even go in. You can see parents and kids sitting on the floor and choosing clothes. Like some "Pelarian" place like dat...So i went to the more expensive section. And stupid me..I only have Rm120 with me. And i managed to spend all my money. So don't have enough cash to buy the baby stoller. Hmmmm but Jayden was good for the whole time i was in the warehouse sale although he was sweating like mad.And Jayden got bitten by many times. On the legs, hands, fingers and face. Yeah yeah...stupid mummy. Bring Jayden out and kena bite mozzie

So after tat i was driving..don't know where to head next. And then i remember that my BIL place is just nearby. So i dropped by and they're so delighted to see us. And they keep on asking where is my hubby....hmmm so sian answering that question.

And then my niece just say..."Today is Saturday. Today is Holiday. My Papa when holiday will go and sit in the shop. He don't stay at home one." And she was so happy... Hmmm the father is spending all his free time in his shop and the family stay at home. Its good la to know the father is working hard for the family. But what about spending time with the kids? Maybe weekday he spends time with them la

I was thinking...ppl say young young have to strive and work hard to earn money. But how about spending quality time with the family? By the time you get all the money, yr kids have grown up..or maybe not so "kwa cheong" until grown up.. Maybe just did something , like Jayden combat crawled and my hubby called me and said Jayden crawled for the first time...when it was like so long ago he started to combat crawl

For me, I just want a simply life. So much money CAN make life easier..but money CANNOT make family to be closer

What am i talking about now...sorry . Post weekend depression...Hiaks!


  1. today monday la... :P

    luckily u found ur way, that area always make ppl lost.

  2. Cheer up sasha!We are always here listen to u!Dont worry, be happy!

  3. susah hor... still have to go to office on weekends... well... at least you survive the Hytex frenzy! :)

  4. Julian2:28 PM

    Actuarrryyy my wife also dont like if I had to work on weekends one or if I go do my own stuff at home. So as much as possible try to do things together one lor.

    Afterall already work 5 1/2 days, weekend must spend time at home lah or go out together. Like my photography hobby, I'd do the DIYs around her and not hiding in the room or something. At least somewhere visible she can see me.

    One thing for sure she can't go out alone cos she can't drive, but soon I will ask her to take driving lessons when Raelynne settles down. So next time she can drive me around instead! he he he...

  5. jesslyn4:08 PM

    Thumbs up for u! can bring bb out alone, me rather stay at home and sleep lor if hubby working.

    But now I can drive the gals out without hubby too. :P

  6. My hub works 6 days a week and I make sure he understands that I need him around after work on weekdays & Sunday is COMPULSORY family day. Heh heh...but sometimes once in a while, we need to be a little flexiblelah, after all they are our breadwinner.

  7. very gung ho...die die also must go ah! hahaha...i like...very persistent...wah so much retail therapy...enjoy cukup cukup la...ya life is short, family must be no. 1 loh.

  8. I'm old old liao.. and still working hard..

    But I make sure I spend enough time with Zara la. Until no time for myself liao. :(

  9. Ok, i know your situation..
    Anyway, what you bought for Jayden?

  10. wah..u good hor. Can take baby out by yourself. Salute salute.

  11. wah...u so gung ho go warehouse sale with Jayden... my Darrius will sure scream if the place is hot.

    My PiggyBeng works 4.5 day (don't envy) and he dont like any after work kind of activities and prefer to be home and play PC games!

  12. You're right about spending quality time with the family. Kids grow up so fast..I hope your hubby reads your blog. That way he can take hints from your posts. :)

  13. Yah, I agree with you. Family comes first. My parents were very busy with their business, travelling all over the world when I was younger, so I didn't spend so much time with them. And later on, there was a barrier between us. But now, things are much betterlah. But a tad too latelah. But better late than never, right? (How many "buts" are there?) Haha! Now, however busy hubby and I are, we still spend some quality time with Irfan. And on weekends, if hubby needs to do his stuff, we tag along too. At least, we spend some family time, ey? =)

    Btw, heard about that hytex warehouse thingielah. And also another one, where they have all the branded stuff at 70% or more reduction (because the items are from last season) and I NEED to go!! But (here I go again) after this trip to Perth, prolly pokai already lah. =P

  14. Hello - heard about the Hytex thingie...dare not venture alone. Hear that all the aunty aunty go krazi looking for $1 bargains. Did you get anything nice?

  15. Hi Milkmaid,welcome to my lil blog. Managed to get him the stroller (look like mclaren but its tenderly la), one top and skirt for myself, 2 T's for my niece and nephew, and 1 set of sesame street baju for my newphew. This is the second time i was there..

  16. hehe if never bring enough money, then gotta buy really alot to be able to swipe