Friday, October 06, 2006

Times have changed!

Was yakking with a colik of mine in the toilet not long after I came back from my confinement. Talking about son's progress and about the hours we spent to take care of the little devil of mine. The conversation goes liddis:

S : Wah! Good Lor. Your son dun wake up at night to drink milk. Mine wakes up every 3 hours!
A: And he goes to sleep at night at 8 till 7 everyday.
S: Wah That's good. Then you have alot of time for yourself.
A: Yeah can do alot of things.
S: Can make baby also.
A: Ah??
S: Can have uninterupted sex la..
A: What SEX???!!!
S: Aiks??? You know.. yr hubby and you ..
A: OOoooo that one! Nolah!
S: Hahahahaha you forgot about that one?
A: hubby serves no purpose edi. I only need him to make me pregnant.
S: Wah Cool!
A: Have time better sleep and make myself happy. What for wanna make him happy?
S + A : Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


During performance appraisal with my big big bossie who's a malay guy...

Boss: So how's everything?
S: Like that la.
Boss: How's yr husband?
S: He is there. He is fine.
Boss: You not scared he find another wife ah?
S: Halo boss. My Husband is not a malay.
Boss: Well. He don't need to marry one. He can keep one outside.
S: Why wanna make life so difficult? I know him well enough. He says serving one is tiring enough.
Boss: You don't know men. If you wanna drink milk, why wanna buy a cow when you can buy from 7-11, drink and dispose it.
S: Well, if he wants to do it, by all means la. I'm not bothered, just don't let me find out. But boss, if men can do it, you think women cannot meh? I'm sure is he wants to do it, I can do it 2 times better than him. Don't you think so? I can say that ...If you wanna eat sausage, why buy the whole pig when it can only give you a tiny sausage...better we go and buy from supermarket. Got big, small, long, short...
Boss: *stone* okay back to your appraisal....


Haha so men...women is no longer soft and easy to be hurt anymore. Things have changed. If you're the type that think women is just your sex machine and she can't live without you, you're dead wrong. You're now only the baby making device! We only need you during ovulation period.

Sorry....didn't sleep well. Abit crazy. Abit mental. Abit Siao. Back to work now.


  1. u reli tok that to ur malay boss that married thingy...i tot he wil get annoyed manalah tau more sexicited...LOL

  2. wah! u talk *pig* n sausage in front of your malay boss ah?haha,wont scared give u less mark on your appraisal form ah? heehee

  3. Ur boss so teruk onelah, appraisal talk crap one ah. Lucky you know how to give him a piece of your mind. Lol. That was funny.

  4. Why your boss said this to you ah? He wants to make affair with you??!! ...hahaha!!

  5. Jesslyn11:03 AM

    aiyo, during appraisal also talk crap ah? LOL

  6. Wuah seh, u really spoke to ur boss like dat? U not scared nanti he goreng u ar? Summore speaking of 22 (ji fa number - khinzir) to him pulak. Ur boss darn sporting hor?

  7. he is damn siao wan! he even asked me to talk about lingerie (my previous work exp) during my interview!

  8. strange that u can talk liddis with boss leh,,,hmm to me in corp world, really got to be careful, manatau one day he uses anything u sed before against u!

  9. Kakakakak, i really like yur reply to your boss. GO GIRL POWER!!!

  10. Whao..better don't play play with sasha.

  11. You not scare, having a boss like that?