Thursday, April 30, 2009

One of my Oumaikot day

Yesterday was one of the day that I went OUMAIKOT/OMG the whole day.

First it was Oumaikot cos I nearly spent all my cash in the mkt buying things for my niece's birthday party at night and didn't have enough money to pay for the paed. So I dig and digged my bag and found some money and it was enough. Justin is having lil cough and flu.

And then I went and step on the weighing machine. Oumaikot... I lost 3 kgs just last week! Probably thanks to my chest/lungs problem and also the cockroach incident

And I went home and I went Oumaikot when I saw what my maid did to the veges. She dumped all into the curry pot and said I asked her to. I don't know what she is listening and like walking zombie.  The veges looked like Ham Choy (sayur masin) when I scooped then out. 

And I went Oumaikot even louder when I discovered the santan that I just poured it into the whole pot of curry is spoilt. So I gotto throw the entire pot of curry laksa.

And I thought forget about the curry laksa and concentrate on the cheesecake that I'm going to make for my niece. I asked my maid to pass me a bowl and she passed me a knife. I asked her to measure 100gm of suger she give me 20gm. Oumaikot..... I really no energy edi.

And I went Oumaikot............. why my cheese mixture so lumpy wan? And I discovered that I mixed the gelatine wrongly. So now I have a cheesecake in my fridge that lookes like it has Sago in it. Later need to throw it away.

Not enough, my boss decided he prefer the FIRST design that I have sent to him after many many many changes according to his guideline. I went "Oumaikot.. You like the first design that you rejected last time?".


Then I thought. Screw him. Screw everything. My day so far been so screwed up. So many Oumaikots. I had enough of it. So I told him " I will send the design to you when I am done. I am going out now. Bye."

So I took my kids (and also my maid) and drove to the supermkt and bought the curry laksa paste again and re-cooked. I went to KFC to buy some chicken and drop by the bakery to get a cake. At the end, food is ready. Cake is ready. Sing Song. Cut Cake. Happy Girl.

So now I am rushing the design for my boss. You see why I am so damn busy? Reject, change. Reject Change and then "I like the first design". Really Oumaikot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jayden & Justin

I love this picture.

Although I wrote that they fought over me the last time, most of the time Jayden is very loving towards Justin. For a boy that doesn't speak much or care much (fyi, he's got a tidak apa attitude) I'm just surprised with the way he speaks and play with Justin. Really melts my heart away...

I know.. I know.. many of you is saying.. "wait till Justin get older and he knows how to snatch toys and they start to fight. See whether it will melt your heart or not". I know la.. that day surely will come. So Shhhhh just let me enjoy this moment ok? 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yo dude, whatcha doing?

He looked like he is ....errr peeing like an adult  in this picture right?

Nolah.. just hanging around. Cos that's what he like to do now.
Holding onto wall, bed, table and cruise.

I am 95% better (how I know I am 95%? I don't know. I just tembak). But I am still coughing a lil. SJMC staff called me that day but I didn't pick up cos ....errrr sajala. I'm so lazy to hear what she's gonna say. Anyway she smsed me and asked me to meet up or I can "POP over" to her office. Eh you know ah.. how difficult to park my car in SJMC. And how to bring so many anaks to the hospital? See la when my buttock is itchy then I will "POP OVER" la.

Friday, April 24, 2009

So, what happened after that?

Continuation from the previous post. Last night after posting it in my blog and calling SJMC. I sent the pictures to Malay Mail.

So I took my medicine and finally dozed off until I got a call at 11.30pm last night. It was a call from the hospital apologizing and asking me to go to their office to further discuss about the issue. I said "Okay, I will call tomorrow and ask them to drop the article". And she said cannot wait because they are going to print it out and publish it by 5am the next day.

Pleasee....Pleaseeee she said. I said Okay. You go call them and tell to drop it. And then Malay Mail called me again and told me that its already getting ready to be printed out. And what matters most is, "If it already happened, it happened. Its public awareness. Everyone deserve and have the right to know".


So I told him to call the hospital and tell them they can't drop it from being published.

So I thought I can sleep properly after my doze of inhaler. I managed to breath better but I couldn't sleep. And then finally I slept and guess what? The whole night I was dreaming about the woman that called me asking me to help her. :| 

So today Big C sent this to me.

It was written that I haven't drink the drink. Nope. I nearly finished it.

Let me clarify with you guys again. The drink was being sold in this kiosk together with sandwiches, porridge, kuihs and fried stuff. And the lady that sold me the drink took the cup from the table and the MILO is from a table dispenser. Not a vending Machine.

I know there are many people who likes to find this kinda way to make money out of it and I hate them.  I used to work in beverage company and I know some people likes to try and make money the fast and easy way. If not get money, they want free drink for a long time. Once, a man even claimed that there's a spectacle arm in the drink.Another said he purchased 12 bottle of 1.5L ice cream soda drink. After the 10th bottle he said he felt that the drink doesn't taste like ice cream soda. And he want money or free ice cream soda drink forever. Halo? You know companies invest alot of money to do research and have quality control on the products eh? 

So you think I am those kind of people? Please. I have my two hands, two legs, 2 perfect eyes. I can work and find my own money and don't agree to this kinda doing.

Anyway back to my case. I don't know what is going to happen next. And I am not bothered to go and further discuss about it. It happened already. And for now I am still okay. Can shout, Can scold And can Blog but short of breath only. But if in the future if they suddenly find cockroach living in my stomach then its different case edi.
Note for DaddyKhong: It tasted abit crunchy. When I bit on the baby cockroach it went PIAKKKKKK but since it was covered with MILO I cannot describe how exactly it tasted like. Maybe you want to taste it for me? Courier to you okay? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am now officially SICKER!

I went to SJMC today to meet up with a chest specialist and was given steroid inhaler to help with my breathing difficulty. So there goes my RM290 for just that 15mins consultation. Well, some money cannot NOT spend. I don't wanna die early. I wanna wait until i get irritated by my own grandkids then only I wanna say bye bye.

Then I though okay since I'm thirsty better get a drink. So I went and bought a cup of MILO and a sandwich from this snack stand near the receptionist. I took a sip. It was too hot.

So I thought wait for a while. I went and got into my car. I took another sip.

And another sip.

And another sip.

And I reached home. And I drank more. This is the drink.

And then I felt something in my mouth.

I spat it onto my finger and thought " What the heck. How come got green bean in MILO?"

And then I recall, they DON'T HAVE ANY GREEN BEAN DESSERT ON SALE. So what the Fark is that thing.

I looked closer.


Cockroach egg! ARGH!!!! And the BABIES URGHHH!!!!

I took a look inside and I saw one wing and one leg. Don't ask me where is the rest. Probably in the drink bought by the pregnant lady before me.

Aiyoh, before I'm cure, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY SICKER than before. The thought of me biting the egg PIAKKKKKKKKK and samo I can use my tongue and push it out and spit onto my finger really gives me the *shiver*.

And they tell me hospital supposed to be a very clean place. So if you see me M.I.A for a very long time, you know what happen to me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Behind a Successful Man is a Woman

Very simple saying.

The woman support the husband so that he can concentrate on his business/carreer.

He work and work SO HARD for the family.

The wife pity the husband because he worked so hard. No rest. No sleep. Poor thing.....kesian.

So the wife took care of everything at home. The kids. The food. The education. The household cleanliness so that the husband can come home to a very comfy place. He come home and play with the kids for a while, read newspaper, eat dinner, bath and sleep. Syiok.

The husband made it and says "You know behind every successful man is a woman". *smile*

And you noticed or not? No one talk about how the woman who sacrificed her youth which is something no one can give back to her, ever? Even if he did thank her, how to repay ah? Give everything also cannot buy back the youth.

You noticed or not, no one is talking about the career she had given up so that she can take care of everything so that the husband can go all the way to fullfill his dream career?

And probably some of the husband's friend will ask the wife " so.. mrs so and so... what are you working as? A HOUSEWIFE?" if he is evil, he can add "aiyah don't be so lazy la....your husband is working so hard outside, you should do this and that ma...."

That's not the worst la. Wait until the husband say "You know, behind every successful man, there is a woman. And I want to thank her for it" and kisses his NEW wife. I have seen that before.


So memang got this saying "Behind every succesful man there is a woman". But not necessarily he will thank that the same woman that given everything she has so that he can be successful.

Also, don't expect the husband to bow and say "thank you so much my dear"cos to some people, that is what a wife supposed to do anyway. If the wife don't support the husband, what else can she do wor..... Old people saying. Tin Kung Tei Tou (Tin Kung Tei Tou=Mesti like that wan)

But how come there is no saying of "behind a happy woman (DON"T THINK DIRTY OKAY?????!) is a supportive and understanding husband"  or something like that. Got ah, that kind of saying? Or memang there is no such thinggy in this world?if got please teach me okay? Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan ye...

Anyway, depends on yr luck la hor? If they make it, we happy. If we're the one that they're hugging at the end of the journey and they thank us and US only, then maybe all the youthness and career we can forget it. But if he hug another woman then... to bad la. It's like an investment that you wont know whether you get the return or not.

You UN me?

This is just another Eat-full-simply-think nenebubu blablabla brought to you by sashablablabla because she is so sick but her boss rushes her to finish her work and need to submit by tonight. Whatever she has written got nothing to do with anyone dead or alive. Even if got also coincidently only. Please don't sue her (or throw rotten eggs to her) because she is posting this under medicine influence.

Sekian terima kasih.

P/s: I googled and managed to find this saying "behind a successful woman is an astonished man" If you're that woman , U very lucky girl.

Another one I managed to find is "behind a successful woman is the woman herself." Alah...kesian kan? but that's life, if you know what i mean. No one make you happy sendiri make sendiri happy ler.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why so busy Darling?

I was trying to finish up my work last night when Jayden came into my working room.

Jayden: Busy, Busy, Busy. Why so busy darling?
Me: Let me finish it up today okay?
Jayden: *whine* I want to go inside here.(in between mac and my legs)
Me: ok...... dun disturb me k?
Jayden: *think* Why so busy darling?
Me: .....
Jayden: do you want to DO my ear darling? (clean his ears, which normally he refused to let me do)
Me: ......
Jayden: you want to cut you (me) or not? (asking me to cut his fingernails, which normally only you can do when he offer himself)
Me: aiyoh.....dun kacau la.
Jayden: Do you want to tah tah darling? (asking me to whack him)
Me: Nola! you're not notty, why wanna tah tah you leh?
Jayden: *think* I wanna go sleep darling. (it's only 8 pm!!) come with me mami.
Me: Aiyoh.. pls la.. let me finish.
Jayden: *walk off* busy busy busy....

Sometimes kesian him and Justin especially when I am rushing my work. Really neglect them. And worst, I thought I have finished up last night and I can spend time with them today. I ended up sleeping cos my voice is like Pondan voice now with my throat infection.

Monday, April 20, 2009


After our dinner last Thursday, we walked to 99speedmart to buy Jayden a vitagen drink. He's been good at the dinner and I managed to eat crab. Do you know how long it was since I quietly sat down to have a good crabbing session?

So while we're walking back to our car, few people walked passed us and gave us a kind of "look".

Nevermind..probably they have not seen an extremely happy boy drinking vitagen happily in his left hand and holding a few die-cast train in his right while his dadi and mami holding onto his hands at the same time both left and right.

Justin was with my maid, sleeping.

Then we walked pass an old couple and they smiled at us and gave way for us to pass through. They even chuckled.

So I smiled back and then I saw them looking at Jayden curiously.

So I look down and i said "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Big C looked down and he said "AIYOH!"

Maid looked down and laughed.

The old couple also laughed out loud and said "Haha We though you purposely let it be that way or we thought its new fashion!"

*slap forehead*

He was struggling to walk with the long pants down.He was wearing his new camouflage army pants that was too loose but he insisted to wear. And he didn't say anything about it. But he did laughed when we all laughed and he said "Ha! Ha! SOR LOU!"

*sigh* Jayden.. Jayden.. you are indeed a Sor Lou. But You're my Cute Little Sor Lou!

Sor Lou=Silly Man in cantonese.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want to go "Home"

Last Sunday, Jayden woke up and told us " I want to go Supermarket!" and jumped out of bed.

And then we went to breakfast near our old house and he told us " I want to go HOME". "Eh? I though you said you wanted to go supermarket?" I asked him. And he replied " I want to go home...... and pointed towards the old house direction. Oh.. okay he missed our old house. So we brought him to our old house to pick some mails. As soon as we reached in front of our old house, he said " I want to go down"

Our old neighbour-"aunty" bought over our house. When she saw us, she quickly came and opened the door for us. Jayden quickly removed his shoes and began to walk around in the house. And while I was chatting with "aunty" he told me, "Mami I want to go HOME".

Finally he knew that our house is in the new place and this is no longer our home. While we're in the car, i asked him "Jayden do you want to go and see aunty?", his old nanny. And he told me..........." I want to go supermarket". Heh! Finally "aunty" is out of his mind.

(yeap his beloved nanny that rejected him last time is no longer in his mind, YAY!)

And once we're in shopping mall, he asked "Where Edward? Where Mavis". He started to miss his trains. "I want go home".

Wah piang.

When he's at home he wanted to go supermarket.
when he's in supermarket he wanted to go home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's good to feel "Wanted"

Yeap. Who doesn't like to be loved eh?

The other day, my maid was cooking downstairs while I was trying to finish up my work. Justin was crying so I carried him and place him onto my lap and I continued to work. Can work ah? Of course cannot. He was trying to pull the keyboard.But still i tried to work with one available hand.

Then Jayden started to whine. "I want to sit! I want to sit!" Insisted to sit on my lap too. How to handle 2 on my lap? How to continue to work. I said "NO".

So Jayden came and wanted to climb onto my lap.

Justin pushed him away and started to pull his hair.

Jayden cried. "NO! I want to sit! IT'S MINE!!!!"

Justin scream and pulled his brother's hair harder.

Jayden screamed.

Justin screamed.

And I screamed.


and so no work being done.

only got 3 screaming human. One mental mother + One wiggly kiddo that knows how to pull hair and suck thumb (sometimes suck toes) + one more boy that calls himself "Superman pocoyo"

What I can say's good to feel "wanted" but not this way eh?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh cherries....

I blogged about my cherries in my other blog and I wrote about how i wish they turn red soon.

One day after I have posted about my cherries, they turn red. Actually one turned red and fell down to the ground.

My Small cherry plant.

So this lil one waited for me to snap some pictures. 

And so I did. Moreover it just rained and it's covered with rain water.

This was my last shot before we left to pick Jayden up from school.

And when we got home I asked him to go and pluck it from the tree. This was him, looking at the cherry, waiting for me to bring him to the kitchen to wash it before he can taste it.

I took a bite and it was sweet and sour. But the core was very huge. Hmmm nevermind probably if the tree bear more fruits we can eat more eh?

oh by the way, Do you use smileys or even animation icons? If yes, you can download loads of cool icons from SWEETIM Cool Smileys & Winks

Hand Coordination Games

I find that his hands are rather weak when he is holding a pencil. But his hands are so steady when he is playing with his trains. Hmm how come eh? Then I remembered this certain game that he played in his class that helps to improve hand coordination and also attention/focus. So here's what I did:

Cut out some colour sponge and ask him to use a pair of chopsticks and separate them according to the colours.

Normally he'll request to do other things within seconds. But this one, he'll slowly pick them up and giggle when he drop the sponge. ( seriously I don't know what is so funny about that :P)

But he's enjoying himself. So it's okay. And see his other hand being raised quite high? Hahah cos his mom kept saying "Ahhhhhhh only use CHOPSTICKS! Don't use your fingers to hold it!"

And then we go for "Cuit Cuit" High 5 when he's done.

Cheap and good game. Just right for me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Heart Attack

I locked my working rooms' door just now cos I was angry with Jayden. He came and knocked on my door and I can hear him giggling. So I continued to type away in my working room and suddenly I heard some noise.

I turned to my left hand side and I saw Jayden standing there and said

"Come, give me a hug?"

*wipe sweat*

That kiddo tried to come in through my working room door. Since it was locked he went to his room, opened the toilet door and came into my working room through the toilet. ( his room and my working room share the same toilet)

So I gave him a hug and he giggled and walk through the toilet and went out to watch tv again.

Life is always filled with heart-attack-moments like this with Jayden around.

*Beep* *beep*

The postman came and gave me a parcel containing this..

See I got my free pics from EOE after I have finally uploaded the pics. Gosh the line was like $%#%$#$ and it took me forever to load it. But nevertheless, I am so happy about the pic cos :
1. Its FREE- 50pcs 4R and 2pcs of 8R
2. They are quite fast. They delivered it a day after I have clicked "Print"
3. Not bad quality compared to the ones I have printed from one of the shops in Tesco. See also wanna OEK OEK and puke.

So if you guys wanna print pictures- the no-hassle-way, you can try EOEOnline. Cheap, Fast and Easy. (err not so fast when the line is like $%#%$#$)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Buffet in my house

And its not for human.
It's for the termites in my house. See? My new flooring from Innovar.


If your contractor comes and tell you that they treated the house with termite thinggy, please don't be so naive like "someone" and believe it. Especially when you cut and cut and cut the price.

One thing about Melamine flooring, yes its treated with termite solution ka you call it? But not the skirting eh? So they will attack the skirting of this melamine flooring.And because they will lay some foam in between the orginal flooring and the melamine floor, it gives the termite the opportunity to travel and wallop the entire house. What I just found out is that, they won't only wallop on one side. They wallop few places in the house at one go and when they finish the house they will meet and say HELLO!!! finish MAKAN! jom blah!

I didn't sleep in my own room for (very long time) cos I am accompanying Jayden to sleep in his own room. That day, I went and opened the window and I saw some dust on the floor. Then I went nearer and saw the entire skirting warpped. Then I got down and put my ears nearer and I heard some noise. And I tried to knock on the skirting..MY GOD! Only the top layer is attached and it was totally empty inside.

another view...

So here you go. Barely 4 months and one side all gone. The man said, wait for somemore dust to come out and we'll see where the rest are having thier buffet.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Syiok with Lenglui Cheh Cheh

Last time I blogged about Jayden choosing me over his dad in his own blog. I was very happy la.. cos he chosed me :p

Last Friday, BlurAngel dropped by my house to give Justin a cute pair of shoes. She reads Jaydensnook so she knows what he said recently and she asked him "Jayden, do you like mami or cheh cheh?"

And he thought and said "CHEH CHEH!" and gave a big smile.

And she asked again "Do you like cheh cheh or mei mei (his fav girl in school)?"

And he thought again and shouted "CHEH CHEH!"

Yeah mum! I chose leng lui cheh cheh over you! PEACE.....................

This son of mine ah.. see lenglui straight away syiok edi!

P/s: Eh if u ask me I'll also choose her cos she is very pretty! :P 

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mr. Kacau

Nowadays, I can hardly read newspaper or do anything on the floor because someone will come and kacau/disturb me.

He's very fast and just love to take away whatever I am loking at.

Or kor kor's toys. Or kor kor's pacifier.

Anything and everything!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh Porku....

This is my Porku. Special Aromatic Braised Belly Pork. Recipe was adapted from Y3K cook book.Since I have bought the book might as well share the recipe with you guys. :)


I didn't use the dried chillies cos I need to feed Jayden.

The method look so troublesome but trust me its very easy to do. Don't be so Lan Tor okay? The final outcome is really awesome!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Crazy Mom That Syiok Sendiri

Yeah, that's how I describe myself. Cos I am the only one that praise my kids "Clever....." for the slightest thing they do.

This is Justin at 6 months 3 weeks.

You say I syiok sendiri or not?

P/S 1: he is interested more with his brother jumping around behind me
P/S 2: yes, that is my maid.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

*toot* him la

Last Monday was Big C's farewell dinner and we're at Damansara Village Restaurant. So we ate and suddenly his boss came, late. This ex boss is also my friend, known him through the internet the same time as I knew Big C. (ah now u know i met Big C thru the net leh....)

So half way eating suddenly he just asked :

X: Eh make one more baby la! must get a girl ma...
Me: Don't want la. Enough edi.
X: Cannot! must have one girl one boy wan
Me: Nolah....i'm happy with 2 boys.
x: Nolah with can dress her up. Pan leng leng ma....
Me: Ah? I sendiri pan leng la. haha
x: different wan. Try one more.
Me: Don't want la. Come out another boy i senget man.
X: Nevermind! if boy try one more time!
Me: wah lau... 4 also boys i can die. i walk senget like this *show senget body* That time i really gotto pan leng leng and get ready to masuk orang gila ward edi.
X: chey so young only *count count* you're only 20 plus ma.. so fast stop making baby
Me: :)
X: Like this... You don't feed your husband alot alot of seafood. Then you also la.. Don't so LAN TOR. WORK ABIT MA!
Me: Work abit? What work abit? Who said I'm not working?
X: You working meh??
Me: Yah!
X: oh... *continue to eat*

10 minutes later
X: eh what you work as ah? Chu Kah ah? *giggles*
Me: What chu kah? Don't be so low standard okay. We call it Stay At Home Mums. Higher standard wan ok?
X: oh okok. Stay at home.
Me: Anyway I freelance design.
X: ohh design ah..okok

So I asked Big C, What is Lan Tor? And he said Lazy.
WTF. He said I'm lazy ??? He must be thinking that I sit at home, do nothing. Read newspaper, drink coffee in the garden, watch astro-on-demand, go out for massage, go for manicure.
If I didn't work then what was I doing until 330 am that day. Work until eyes also cannot open.
*Toot* him la.

btw....woman MUST make baby until they die is it? 20 plus cannot stop making baby kah?

And also the fact that he tried and asked if I am working as CHU KAH (Household/housewife) and laughed about it really pissed me off. He thinks that SAHMS are useless and do nothing at home. Just because his wife is working, that makes other women who are not working or who're not working in the office are all useless. I was so tempted to shoot him back and seal his mouth shut but I gotto give face to my hub right? or did i already ter-shoot-ed him? *evil laugh* Ah well......

Anyway *toot* him la. No respect for SAHMs. Lan Tor wanna talk with this kinda people. Now I really Lan Tor edi. hahahahahhaha


Added: Neh... last night I was telling my sister about this story and my hub said "Aiyah ppl say one word only ma.. like that also wanna tell how many times edi.." eh.. pls hor.... Its One-Word-Only but then its like so damn tajam and its poking my flesh and not his flesh so he won't know how painful it is.  Right?


To Big C: Nah.. i know u will say .. "aiyah why have to blog about this. Forget about it la." Oppsss I did it again :P I ter-blogged wor. Don't marah okay? Nahhh your Lan Tor wife cooked this for you. Don't know what what-yummy-braised-pork. Special wan okay, baru learnt from recipe book.  I just tasted it, its quite yummy. Don't play play got abalone sauce wan you know..