Wednesday, April 01, 2009

*toot* him la

Last Monday was Big C's farewell dinner and we're at Damansara Village Restaurant. So we ate and suddenly his boss came, late. This ex boss is also my friend, known him through the internet the same time as I knew Big C. (ah now u know i met Big C thru the net leh....)

So half way eating suddenly he just asked :

X: Eh make one more baby la! must get a girl ma...
Me: Don't want la. Enough edi.
X: Cannot! must have one girl one boy wan
Me: Nolah....i'm happy with 2 boys.
x: Nolah with can dress her up. Pan leng leng ma....
Me: Ah? I sendiri pan leng la. haha
x: different wan. Try one more.
Me: Don't want la. Come out another boy i senget man.
X: Nevermind! if boy try one more time!
Me: wah lau... 4 also boys i can die. i walk senget like this *show senget body* That time i really gotto pan leng leng and get ready to masuk orang gila ward edi.
X: chey so young only *count count* you're only 20 plus ma.. so fast stop making baby
Me: :)
X: Like this... You don't feed your husband alot alot of seafood. Then you also la.. Don't so LAN TOR. WORK ABIT MA!
Me: Work abit? What work abit? Who said I'm not working?
X: You working meh??
Me: Yah!
X: oh... *continue to eat*

10 minutes later
X: eh what you work as ah? Chu Kah ah? *giggles*
Me: What chu kah? Don't be so low standard okay. We call it Stay At Home Mums. Higher standard wan ok?
X: oh okok. Stay at home.
Me: Anyway I freelance design.
X: ohh design ah..okok

So I asked Big C, What is Lan Tor? And he said Lazy.
WTF. He said I'm lazy ??? He must be thinking that I sit at home, do nothing. Read newspaper, drink coffee in the garden, watch astro-on-demand, go out for massage, go for manicure.
If I didn't work then what was I doing until 330 am that day. Work until eyes also cannot open.
*Toot* him la.

btw....woman MUST make baby until they die is it? 20 plus cannot stop making baby kah?

And also the fact that he tried and asked if I am working as CHU KAH (Household/housewife) and laughed about it really pissed me off. He thinks that SAHMS are useless and do nothing at home. Just because his wife is working, that makes other women who are not working or who're not working in the office are all useless. I was so tempted to shoot him back and seal his mouth shut but I gotto give face to my hub right? or did i already ter-shoot-ed him? *evil laugh* Ah well......

Anyway *toot* him la. No respect for SAHMs. Lan Tor wanna talk with this kinda people. Now I really Lan Tor edi. hahahahahhaha


Added: Neh... last night I was telling my sister about this story and my hub said "Aiyah ppl say one word only ma.. like that also wanna tell how many times edi.." eh.. pls hor.... Its One-Word-Only but then its like so damn tajam and its poking my flesh and not his flesh so he won't know how painful it is.  Right?


To Big C: Nah.. i know u will say .. "aiyah why have to blog about this. Forget about it la." Oppsss I did it again :P I ter-blogged wor. Don't marah okay? Nahhh your Lan Tor wife cooked this for you. Don't know what what-yummy-braised-pork. Special wan okay, baru learnt from recipe book.  I just tasted it, its quite yummy. Don't play play got abalone sauce wan you know..


  1. Ask him to take care of your 2 boys, see whether he got time to "lan tor" or not.

  2. some people ar.. when they talk ... really didnt think 1st ... i also lan tor to talk to this kind of people... sai hei only... *-*

  3. This kind if people no need give face one! Just *toot* him la~

  4. wah...looks yummy.....and I dont have time to cook also! or maybe I am the 'Lan Tor' one la :P

  5. Sigh.. unfortunately there are a lot of people, men and women out there who thinks like X. :(

  6. hi sasha!

    blog-hopped from babyboon and found your interesting yet witty blog.....

    m a SAHM too and tell u what, i m kinda immune to such comments about how 'luxurious' our lifestyle is...... but really la wtf r they talking about.... sahm = easy job heh? asked them to try taking care of the kids + endless housechores.....

    i sometimes 'tiu' back lar...cannot tahan ma with such people and their condescending remarks....

  7. hahahaha... good la u!

  8. Isn't it infuriating that we're living in the 21st century and yet there are ppl out there who think a woman's role is to have babies and look after them.

  9. sasha, when i see your title *toot* him, i tot what...hahaha (sorry my mind senget a bit)

  10. That pig is no longer Big C's boss right? Good!

  11. heehe.. enjoy your porku porku lah .. hehe..

  12. hehe...he is really typical chinese old fashion man I bet.....with this kind of people, just ignore him lor....just wonder how his wife actually look like...haha

  13. pat pat sasha
    No need to worry about such chauvinist

  14. 20 something only ah? hahahaha...

    you know i think SAHM is the toughest job in the world. I so enjoy my times in office, can chat, can surf net!!

    Don't tell my boss ah....afterwards he also call me lan tor in office! :)

    Have a great day mam'

  15. If I face this kind of people, I will just give them leastest response and ignore them. They will sure keep quiet and not to ask anymore...

    Only if got the chance to really shoot them, T.N.S. is the word!

  16. Dun bother abt such ppl. They can say watever they want. Jes shows how ignorant n 'jurassic' they r. tsk tsk tsk

  17. Hai..some people especially man memang like that one la..he thought woman nowadays still like dulu dulu meh..only know to have more babies..not him who give birth mah..if he can feel the pain..belum habis beranak already die..

  18. hate ppl like this!

    before i became a sahm, i also thought sahm would be more relaxing. but now i have to say that i had more relaxation-time when i was working! hehehee..

  19. We were once on a flight back from KL and Ryan was around 4 at that time. He wanted to shee shee, the toilets were full, so he had to stand up on the seat and shee shee into a plastic bag too!!! The passenger who saw it luckily were pretty understanding.

  20. The way u blog abt it makes it funny la. Know how u feel abt 3rd 1 - if another boy, sure pengsan! Also, my ex-bosses & colleagues hv been gving me weird looks - like i'm so ambition-less to SAH!!!

  21. Try another time, also NO guarantees will be a girl. Right?

    How come people think being a SAHM is easy ah? Don't talk about that X person lah. Even my sons think I stay at home and do nothing. So's other children. My friend actually one day decide NOT to serve dinner... to teach a kids a lesson for saying she does nothing at home. Hehehehe

  22. whoisbaby6:08 AM

    what chu kah easy to do ah? ask him to try it himself ... taking care of the house, the man, the babies and cook too. ask him to do it lar then he knows that is not easy job.

  23. I am very angry too after reading what that old man said to you! Know what, I kena this kind of 'tulan' comment almost every month from my MIL.. I am having no.2 in my tummy now, and she kept pushing me to have No.3! The reason is incredibly insane: You have NOTHING TO DO at home, not working somemore .. so your only job is to make babies! *vomit blood*

  24. lan tor?? Being a wife, a mommy of two stil got time to lan tor?? This kind of man really need to 'toot' him!!

  25. You GO GURL!!! All these pple always think that we SAHMs are a whole lot of 'tai-tais' with nothing to do... WE bloody do everything that they don't do kay! Who won't want to draw a face and dress up to go work, have lunch with the girls, maybe got time for some shopping and then on Fridays go for Happy Hour?? Happy Hour ah... we show them what is Happy hour at home with kids lah!!! LOL!!!

  26. These are the people whose houses will fall apart when their wives are not there! They have no clue how much work goes into keeping a household going. They think all groceries "drop from heaven", wave a magic wand and the house is cleaned and dinner is all prepared!
    You are so right ~ "toot" him!!