Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Behind a Successful Man is a Woman

Very simple saying.

The woman support the husband so that he can concentrate on his business/carreer.

He work and work SO HARD for the family.

The wife pity the husband because he worked so hard. No rest. No sleep. Poor thing.....kesian.

So the wife took care of everything at home. The kids. The food. The education. The household cleanliness so that the husband can come home to a very comfy place. He come home and play with the kids for a while, read newspaper, eat dinner, bath and sleep. Syiok.

The husband made it and says "You know behind every successful man is a woman". *smile*

And you noticed or not? No one talk about how the woman who sacrificed her youth which is something no one can give back to her, ever? Even if he did thank her, how to repay ah? Give everything also cannot buy back the youth.

You noticed or not, no one is talking about the career she had given up so that she can take care of everything so that the husband can go all the way to fullfill his dream career?

And probably some of the husband's friend will ask the wife " so.. mrs so and so... what are you working as? A HOUSEWIFE?" if he is evil, he can add "aiyah don't be so lazy la....your husband is working so hard outside, you should do this and that ma...."

That's not the worst la. Wait until the husband say "You know, behind every successful man, there is a woman. And I want to thank her for it" and kisses his NEW wife. I have seen that before.


So memang got this saying "Behind every succesful man there is a woman". But not necessarily he will thank that the same woman that given everything she has so that he can be successful.

Also, don't expect the husband to bow and say "thank you so much my dear"cos to some people, that is what a wife supposed to do anyway. If the wife don't support the husband, what else can she do wor..... Old people saying. Tin Kung Tei Tou (Tin Kung Tei Tou=Mesti like that wan)

But how come there is no saying of "behind a happy woman (DON"T THINK DIRTY OKAY?????!) is a supportive and understanding husband"  or something like that. Got ah, that kind of saying? Or memang there is no such thinggy in this world?if got please teach me okay? Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan ye...

Anyway, depends on yr luck la hor? If they make it, we happy. If we're the one that they're hugging at the end of the journey and they thank us and US only, then maybe all the youthness and career we can forget it. But if he hug another woman then... to bad la. It's like an investment that you wont know whether you get the return or not.

You UN me?

This is just another Eat-full-simply-think nenebubu blablabla brought to you by sashablablabla because she is so sick but her boss rushes her to finish her work and need to submit by tonight. Whatever she has written got nothing to do with anyone dead or alive. Even if got also coincidently only. Please don't sue her (or throw rotten eggs to her) because she is posting this under medicine influence.

Sekian terima kasih.

P/s: I googled and managed to find this saying "behind a successful woman is an astonished man" If you're that woman , U very lucky girl.

Another one I managed to find is "behind a successful woman is the woman herself." Alah...kesian kan? but that's life, if you know what i mean. No one make you happy sendiri make sendiri happy ler.


  1. *****Standing ovation****

    behind every successful woman is a high pile of designer bags!!!!


  2. Love to read your post Sasha, as always ... Wisdom hidden in between the lines (although it looks like a Eat-full-simply-think article :p)

    I always think that marriage is a lifetime gamble; it's all depends on your luck ... Nobody will repay what you have lost.. and normally women tend to lose so much more compared to men ...

  3. hahaha.. what-lah made you think like that... stress up lately ah? hubby got read your post? need to tell him to buy you flowers / dinner / clean the house / say thank you etc :-)

  4. I SO read you loud and clear... sigh!! SO SO true what you say... What's worst is after we've given up everything... we are seen as a burden and lazy just because we don't have a 9-5 job. Eh!? Just sit at home and be a 'Wong Meen Poh' :-(

  5. True, true, but, I got one old neigbour(in my hometown but already move to North region), hubby quit to become house husband and wife work because she earn more.....really respect this kind of househusband ler and anyone who stay at home managing kids lor(if only I could).....waaahaaa, only if my hubby read this..:)

  6. .....and Grab as much cash as u can now...when they are 'on the way' to be successful...Don't have to feel 'sam tong' 1, hehe!

  7. i guess each of us have to learn how to love our ownselves first before we can love others! *smile*

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    My hubbie is "The man behind a successful woman". Although he doesn't understand what I say sometimes, he would just sit there and listen. It is just so important that the couple can talk and exchanging thoughts sensibly. True that marriage is a gamble but it is how we work things out.

  9. eh .. stress again by ur 3 bosses at home ???
    That's always up and down in a relationship and marriage , it's a lifetime gamble .... each party have to work out their part and work "hard" for the family in order to have a "whole" family , a happy family among semua orang . sound easy hor... but we r human, we do feel stress, sad... frus in our journey ....
    Sasha ... u doing great as a mums & wife ..... !!! U DO !!

  10. Here's more quotes:

    "Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife."

    "Behind every successful man are a few ex-wives and a line of new prospects"

    "Behind every successful man there's a ... surprised woman."

    "Behind every successful man's woman is a pre-nuptial agreement."

    "There's a woman behind every successful man. Sometimes they're holding the knife in his back!"

    "Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law."

  11. Biasalah Sasha ... like me now, both working but come back, still gua only handle the kid and take care of everything else, incl house reno, find contractor, find quotation, scount for furniture, this that! If I dont do, things wont move!

    He .. shower, eat dinner, read newspaper and watch TV. Then go to bed.

  12. sigh!
    i m not successful
    and I dont have a man behind me... but i got a man that keeps pulling my hair !!!!

  13. I think now a days, behind a successful man is a willing woman.

    These days ah, women either stand beside or in front of men....

    But I hear you about the younger woman change...those are pigs...don't have even better!

  14. *deep in thought*
    Is there "Behind a successful man, there's an even more successful woman?" (the man is 'chi yam, chi sek')

    "Behind a successful man, there's a very unhappy woman?"

    Anyway.. the list goes on.

    But.. women being women, always seem to have to stand a side for the 'big things' the men want to do, but when they want to do 'big things'.. who stand aside for them wo...

    Aiyo.. I also baru makan, so nothing to do..

  15. true.. always the case. We never hear of successful woman, and how the man stand behind them ... and we are talking about a generation of gender equality

  16. you really write something serious in such a cute way...

    apa jadi? sooo stressss is it?

  17. LOL I echoed what Mott said, ya, must have lots of designer bags and shoes behind the successful woman.

  18. I like my phrase: "Behind every successful man, there is a woman. behind the woman, there is a mistress."

  19. sometimes, i don't that's 'nature call' or what..i noticed women is smarter when it comes to multi tasking and make us to be a 'pau' doing everything for the family..

  20. Anonymous3:46 AM

    well, whatever a decision the woman make, to give up her career to raise the kids, or to pursue her career and let other ppl raise the kids, or to work at home and raise the kids at the same time, it's ALL FINE. in the future just don't regret whatever decision that you and only you yourself had made.

  21. wuah...very deep meaning sasha, sure got hidden msg there, hahaha
    but what u said is very very true, finding a 'good & right' man is like putting a bet, heh!!
    hope u r recovering...always sick ah you!!