Monday, April 13, 2009

*Beep* *beep*

The postman came and gave me a parcel containing this..

See I got my free pics from EOE after I have finally uploaded the pics. Gosh the line was like $%#%$#$ and it took me forever to load it. But nevertheless, I am so happy about the pic cos :
1. Its FREE- 50pcs 4R and 2pcs of 8R
2. They are quite fast. They delivered it a day after I have clicked "Print"
3. Not bad quality compared to the ones I have printed from one of the shops in Tesco. See also wanna OEK OEK and puke.

So if you guys wanna print pictures- the no-hassle-way, you can try EOEOnline. Cheap, Fast and Easy. (err not so fast when the line is like $%#%$#$)


  1. Wah...why is everyone getting FREE pics from EOE? Btw, justin looks really cute in that green jacket!

  2. yes my line is like $hit also!!

  3. nice pics! i also have the same problem uploading my pics. i gave up after a few tries, and recently, out of desperation, i tried again. well, it was slightly better, and i printed 250+ photos at 1 go *hehe*

    the quality is acceptable la....some photos turn out darker than what i see on screen and i will have to re-print