Friday, April 24, 2015

Teaching Dyslexic Kids Punctuation Marks

Another problem that Dyslexic/Kids with learning difficulties will face is with punctuation marks. I didn't know until my son came back with a 0 marks for an english section. And I realise that he writes in a linewithoutanyspaceandpunctuationjustlikethis . I have been trying to teach him for the longest time to apply capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, spacing his words and the full stop. He also have problem remembering that names and places should be capital letter in front too. So happen I was browsing Dyslexic Tutor in Facebook and I saw one of her post about punctuation marks and then I remember that dyslexic kids are more visual learners and best is when you can apply pictures and cartoons for them to remember easily. How cool is that. This is a keeper!

How not to mix b and d up

For a dyslexic child, writing b and d will be a struggle. I have blogged before a technique on how to help them on this, however I think this is even more awesome and easier to understand.
I showed it to my son and he smiled and told me "got it".

Monday, March 30, 2015


Ever since he started school, he's been diligently loosing erasers and pencils everyday. So one day while I was doing some sewing, I just used some string and tied the eraser to his pencil box. And he stopped loosing the eraser. However for his pencils, I have used big striking colored sticker so he can see From far who is using his pencil so he can take it back. One eraser can use for a long time if they don't loose it. Things are not getting cheaper these days.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tin smith contact

This is more of reference for me.
Found a tin smith at first floor, PJ old town wet market. He can fix pots and pans and even make based on your design. Good to keep this just in case I need the contact in future. 

And this was their very simple "name card" 

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to block games in Facebook

  1. When you see notification or anyone sharing any games, just hover over to the top right hand corner and click the the downward arrow 
  2. Select HIDE ALL FROM ______ (whatever games you want to block)
  3. You will get a notification that you won't see that game anymore.
Sometimes we get notification and invitation from our friends. It doesn't mean that they sent it to you, the games auto sent it themselves. So if you don't wanna get any notification of games, you can do this without "unfriending" your annoying friend. :D