Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr Phua and his Ipoh Siao Cheh

Let me tell you a story about Mr Phua. No, not Phua Chu Kang. It's just Phua BK.

Anyway, Mr Phua is in his mid30s. Short, not so educated, dark, speaks Cantonese most of time, in sales line, a dad of a one year old todd. He loves his todd with all his heart (you can always see a pair of todd shoes in his car) but he don't love his wife that much. His reason: she is not that pretty anymore. Well, I wonder who made her "not so pretty anymore".

Anyway, me being a newbie in the company, sits right next to him. And no one will ever listen to him. I wonder why. After 1 month of working there, I finally know why.

Everytime he comes back from Ipoh, there's nothing else to talk about, except how "fun" his Ipoh Business trip was. Being a newbie, I cannot tell him off. So I just nodded and nodded. I remember clearly he said " ALL MEN WILL CURI MAKAN. You think your bf won't cheat one you? You wish la." I just say "yakah?" Then he will tell me "Ipoh girl very pretty, the skin soft soft and white white and the best thing is 80 bucks only. You can "play" as long as you want. They very nice and gentle wan...they won't say no". Can you imagine my ear being so so so painful hearing all these nonsense?

Anyway, one day out of a sudden he told me that my boss,also visit "fun" places like this. Although he can stay with his relatives in KL (btw he is from Penang, comes to KL every month, early 30s, highly educated, daddy to a 1 yr old, handsome, smart, and very rich) he will chose to stay in Ritz. Why? Easy for him to invite girls over. It's not the girls where he picks them up from a club. The girl that he invite over is from a list and he need to pay for every hour of service.

That made me so ....geli and so so sick of them.

One day Mr. Phua came and told me about his latest "fun" session in Kl with my boss.

And I asked close his eyes and imagine...

Me: Imagine that girl is super pretty. With big boobies.Wah...she wanna play hide and seek with you...

Mr Phua: * Smiled while closing his eyes*

Me: wuah she is removing her clothes, what will you do next?

Mr Phua : Start humping la!!* with his eyes closed*

Me: nice or not?

Mr phua: Nice!!!!! *with eyes closed*

Me: nice hor.........................then you turn around and your wife is standing next to you holding your son's hand and your son said "papa, what are you doing??
" Still nice or not?

Mr Phua: *opened his eyes* SH1T!!!!!

And he went back to his cubicle, speechless.

Few weeks later he came and told me, " I think my wife is seeing someone. That guy always come even when I'm around. Some more bring my son out with them".And I said to him "what comes around, goes around. You say she is not pretty anymore what. Now another guy thinks she is hot. All these while you are having fun with your Ipoh Siao Cheh, how about her? Now its her time to have fun. Fair right?" And I left the company not long after that.

He is now a father of 3 boys. Out of curiousity I have asked him in our latest phone conversation "so you still go and have fun ah?" And he replied "Nolah, cannot la. I don't dare already".

Maybe everytime he tried to have "fun" he will imagine his kiddo standing next to him and ask him "papa what are you doing?". Oh no what have I done? I just made someone mati pucuk when he sees a prost1tute. Muahahahhahha

Friday, September 28, 2007

Always Time For A Quickie!

I mean Quickie Soup!


Just in case my visual is not clear enough, the ingredients are:
Vegetable (any kind that is suitable for soup

Fry garlic, anchovies and eggs together.
Add water and let it boil.
Add salt.

That's all. Fast and easy. You can try this recipe when you're short of ingredients and just don't have enough time to prepare soup for your family. My Jayden loves this soup. He likes it when I serve it with just rice.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Kor Kor Waiting For 8.30pm

He will sit and wait for his 8.30 pm Chinese Show in Astro Ch 30 just for this sound...

And we will wait for him to laugh like this.

Sorry ah, he is to busy or you can say that he's too into the boink boink sound of the music to laugh louder.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Pakai or Tak Pakai?

Okay, woman talk.

How many of you girls like to wear G-String to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Line)?


Do you know that wearing it often will make your butt droopy? It's just like if you don't wear your bra often, your breast will be droopy too.

Trust me, I used to like wearing G-String until one day my ex colleague ( a very experienced lingerie person, she can see what brand and model you're wearing) pulled my g-string and scolded me. "You everyday also wear G-string hor? Samo wear competitor brand hor?. You want your butt to touch the floor izit? Wear la wear some more!". And she lectured me for hours..and hours... And she asked my merchandiser to get one of these from Thailand for me.

I Lurvvvvvveeeee it!

It's like you pakai or tak pakai type. Wanna see why? (it's new ok?!)


Cos the material is like the panty hose (some say it stockings) material. It's very thin yet strong enough to hold your Butt up and you can't see any VPL.


No sewing at the seam, that's why you don't get VPL. Although its a seamless panty but if you're wearing the wrong size, you'll still VPLs. So please, please buy the right size. I know, we like to assume what size we're wearing but our body changes every now and then. So get measured before you buy, the promoters know better.

So, Joanne here you go, the Pakai Tai Pakai Type panty. Mine is from Wac0al Rm14.90 bought from Thailand. I think in Msia it's about Rm30. So if your friends or family is going to Thailand, you can ask them to help you to buy. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yum Seng!

We went for a Big C's ex colleague wedding dinner last Saturday...It was a tiring dinner for all 3 of us. Outside the grand ballroom there's a BIG running space. And the little boy were all charged up and he ran and ran and ran in between meals. You know slow Chinese Wedding, one dish, then can go toilet, eat, go sleep, eat and YUM SENG, and Sleep and go toilet again...*yawn*


This is lil Hulk Hogan Running.

Tired of running, drop down to guling guling but not for long.


And then he settled down (for 10 seconds), sitting outside the grand ballroom with a pink Daisy...


Lil Boy waiting for his princess to arrive with a lil pink Daisy..

And he was so excited about everyone saying YUMMMM SENG!!!!!!!!!! He has the same expression when we said WOW to him the last time. I think he wondered how come everyone is saying the same thing?

And he Yum Seng sendiri after that...


Nope, He never mabuk. Its not red wine. Its Coke.

And he cried whole night after that cos he over played.
And both the parents went to work looking like zombie on Monday.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nourish Your Lungs

Got this recipe from a good friend who migrated to Spore. (Tiger, Miss u!) Anyway she is good in cooking. Superbly good. (Tiger, still waiting for your Mushroom and Pumpkin Soup Recipe!)
Anyway, here's what she asked me to boil for my Jayden when she heard he was abit unwell last time. This recipe is to:

  • Nourish lungs (esp those that just recovered from coughing)
  • Dissolves phlegm
  • Cool the body
  • Reduce Coughing
Here's what you need:

Sea Coconut, Rock Sugar (gula Batu- i used the honey ones), Snow Fungus, Lo Hong Ko and dried Logans.

Clean it up and boil for 4 hours.


And serve... All within +/- Rm5 budget.

Okayla, no mood to write long long. I'm just like her, no motivation to blog so long.....anymore.

Enjoy your week ahead!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Only The Truth

Normally I'll do my tag in my tagblog. But this tag (got it from Kerry) is different. So I'll just do it here. As for my most embarassing moment from Chineeq and Brenda, I've done it in my tagblog.

This is the list of what I don't like when someone ask, say, tell me things that realllly piss me off!

1. Are you sure it's yours? Are you sure you did it?

If its not mine, or I didn't do it I won't post it on my blog, ok?

2. You changed job AGAIN?
Yeah, cannot ka? At least I can get job easily without lowering my expectations. You? Where are you? Can you go home early? Can you go to work late? Can you? Can you? (ooooo this is dedicated to my ex colleague who stayed in the same company for almost 5 years and still earn nuts).

3. Is that your son?
I recently told the person who asked me this question and I replied him "No, this one I just picked him up from rubbish bin".

There. I've said it.

This are the people who had told us the only truth about them:

Ogre the Caveman

Janice This Is Miracle

Trinity from Rooms Of My Heart

Rinnah from it's All About The Spins...

Giddy Tiger from Giddy Tigers

Leah from Leah's Cafe

Montessorimum from Our Future Our Life

Jo-N from Shower Your Kids With Love-The Right Way

Kerry from My Kids, My Life, My Everything

Sasha's Tags & Such

Passing this to:



Annie Q

Time Flies


Time really flies, Jayden is now 18 months and 1 day today. He is getting more and more matured each day. The way he share his toys, food, pacifier and his beloved spoon with me and dadi really make us proud of him. He loves his pacifier and spoon so much, but I guess he loves us more, that's why he is willing to share it with us.

Boy, mami hopes you will still share your love and all when you have a girlfriend inthe future!

Tough luck, I know!

Friday, September 21, 2007

18 Months and now a baby kor kor!


Before this my neighbour used to tell me.. "Wait la.. when he is 1 1/2 years old".

So I waited, and it came today.

So, wait for what?

More headache!


His profile now
Name : Jayden Chan
Nick Name: Baby Kor Kor, Ah den, Den Den
Weight : 10.3 kg
Height : Tall enough to reach the tv on the rack and also on and off the DVD player.
Can Say : Dadi, Mi, Kor Kor, Aunty, Babble colours like grin, bu, yewow, wed. The other day he said DIG and pretend to dig the ground like Mickey Mouse.
Interest : Watch Barney (getting sick of it), Sesame Street and starting to accept shows with lotsa conversation and not just songs.
Eat : Anything
Drink : ANything
Likes : Spoon, Banana, Dragon Fruit, bathing, sing and going out!
Can do : Climb up the bed, climb up the dining chair and climb up the dining table, Do split (70%)
Hates : Car with high beam headlight, Getting out of the tub, Staying at home and mami forgot what he likes edi when she write until here.

Okay That's it.

And why Baby Kor Kor?

Cos when we call him baby, he will say he is kor kor. The baby at the nanny's call him kor kor. So, he is our Baby Kor Kor.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You Got Time?

Seriously, you got time ah? I don't have. The only time I have for myself is during lunch hour.


I sendiri sit at one corner and wait for my Fried Chicken to come and I started snapping some picture while the kids from Sri KDU stare at this crazy young aunty snapping pictures of her food.

And I eat my curly wurly fries like I used to before I had Jayden. I'll slowly colour colour my fries one by one like this.


Life was so stress free back then. My only worry is whether ChaCha's hair is properly being combed and whether she is pretty enough or not. ChaCha no longer has the long skily hair, because I had to shave her hair short, worrying that someone might come to abduct her.


Then I had Jayden. And then I was busy with him. Until now. As soon as I reached home. That's it.


So I totally understand her when she said she has only 2 hours for her own.


If you're a mother without a maid, you will know what I'm saying. Kid dangling to your left leg, while you wash the rice and cook the rice. Kids destroying your nicely folded clothes, kid switching your tv off when you're happily watching your chinese show, kid shouting when you wanna go online to do something, be it blog hopping or simply just blogging. You cannot even go to sleep in peace because when you're about to sleep, someone will poke a pacifier into your mouth. *sigh* You cannot even go to bath when they're up cos someone will be banging the door " Uwaaaa MAAAAAAAAAAA....". Sometimes you punish them hoping that they'll learn from the mistake, but then sometimes we're just too soft hearted cos they cry like this...


Okay probably I don't have enough time at home because I'm not such a good mother or probably I'm not such a good wife who can't juggle between house chores and taking care of my family. Or probably my kid is too hard to handle..

Then how did I find the time to cook? Seriously, I can only come up with fast and easy recipe like my previous Coconut Herbal Soup. Buy ingredients, Double Boil It (don't even have time to cook it on the stove) and serve. Maybe I posted too many pictures and it looked like its troublesome. I don't have time to make food that requires a long time to prepare. Although I can buy it from the shop, but I strongly agree with my SIL's tagline "Happiness Is Home Made" :)

Although I'm not so rich, Not so pretty, Not so free to blog hop, Not so highly paid, Not so perfect mum, Not so perfect wife, Not so good Dog Owner, and not so many things...I'm Glad, I'm happy and I'm thankful. But still, I don't have time for myself, but I have time for my family. All pays up to my effort when Big C says "babe your soup , the kacang not yet soft. But then, I like." or when your small one hugs you like a koala bear and slowly rest his head against your chest. satisfying.

But still I enjoy my lunch hour. Cos I can write craps like this.

And I totally forgot what I wanna say and how the titles relates to the pictures above. *sigh* I'm so forgetful edi.

But anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



I don’t know what to say, after I heard about the girl that got murdered and stuffed into a bag. She was also sexually abused.

Tell me, who deserves to die like this. She was only a small girl. A very very small and helpless girl.

And they found a brinjal and cucumber in her vagina.WTF???!!!!

Tell me, who the hell can do such a thing?

First I got to know that she was only 7-9 years old.
Then I got to know that she has short hair.
Then my friend told me that she was a mixed-parentage girl.
My heart was pounding faster and faster.
Because my niece, Jasmine fits the description.
My heart kept thinking. “ No, cannot be. I was just with her yesterday. She was at my side eating dinner with me. How can?”
And suddenly my phone rang…

And it was her.
My heart felt so relieved, happy but also pissed because she called me to give her answers for her homework, again.

Last night they said that they found a woman loitering ard the bag. Could it be her mom? Big C said maybe it was her parents who did it since no one came to claim her body. Own parents? Shiat. I don’t know what to say. If you don’t want your kid, please give it to someone else. And not kill her like this. Dammit. So angry.

But then they said that she might not be Msian. Then, from where? Proly she was abducted to Msia to be a beggar and when the money didn’t come in, they sold her to be young prostitute. Why?? Why?? What’s happening to our society?

No matter what race, religion, sex or age, no one deserves to die like this. Seriously I think she just want to have a normal life, go to school, and play with her friends. And the last thing that will be on her mind is to die.

But some people just don’t know how to appreciate life. My friend’s boyfriend just jumped down from a building a week or two before this. He left with just one note to her, and his parents. Dammit. He went off just like that. And what about my friend? She waited for him for so many freaking years. How about his parents? And what was the reason? No one knows. But someone said he suffered from depression because he was a perfectionist and something happened and he wasn’t very happy about it.

So he failed. So what? Die lor…

So easy huh? Failed? Die lor.
Cannot do something? Die lor
Failed in business? Die lor
Failed in relationship? Die lor.

Please la, if everyone also failed to do something and the easiest way out is to die just like that, then the forensic dept need to create a building for people to jump with holes dugged ready to accept new bodies.

Please la, if you dunno how to appreciate life, then keep your soul and donate your body to some people who is dying and need your organs la. At least die by doing something good you know.

Fark. So pissed. Why can’t these people just accept it and learn from it, appreciate life and get on with their lives?
One don’t wanna die, got murdered.
One can live but chose to die.
What the hell is wrong?

And those that don’t care or don’t wanna know where is their child, just let the roam here and there and expect them to come home by themselves? Think again, they might not come back anymore. When one start to care and began to get worried about their safety, it’ll be too late. Too damn late.

Like I’ve said , I’m speechless.


I just wanna go home and hug my 2Cs tight tight and tell them "You are not allowed to die before me , you hear me?"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What to do if your tired and cranky kid refuse to sleep?

Cranky Kiddo?

Very tired but refused to sleep?

Still wanna watch tele?

Cry for no reason?

Tired but still wanna run around?

What are you gonna do about it?

I was so frust the other day when mine just refuse to sleep, still run around and bang the table bang the chair, bang the wall cos he was so sleepy but just don't wanna sleep. So I....

I bundle him up like a cocoon.

And he gave me a cheeky smile...

And he really fell asleep! He nap for about 1 hour in this position. Not bad....just gotto make sure you use a very thin layer of "wrapper" otherwise he will be too hot! Try it, it works!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Treasure in a Coconut

I told L'abeille in msn long time ago that I wanted to cook this soup. But too bad, "someone" threw my coconut into the car and cracked it. So it was spoilt and I didn't know about it until we saw the coconut and saw some aliens in it. So the "someone" said.." see waste time only, go outside and buy and drink there la. Waste time and effort".

Seriously I have no idea why people wanna take the trouble to cook this soup. So troublesome with the coconut, the herbs, the double boiling.I cooked it merely just for fun! But then I realised there's another reason why people take all the trouble and effort after I tried the soup...

So we're in Old Town market yesterday and I went to buy another coconut again. This time I've asked the man to saw the coconut for me. This costs me Rm 2.50 . The workmanship for sawing the coconut was Rm1. (do yourself? try and see first. Rm 1, I'm willing to pay!) And I went to buy Rm1.50 of herbs for the soup. You gotto tell the person that you're making Coconut Herbal Soup (both the herbal and the coconut fella) so that they'll gather the right amount of herbs and the right size of coconut.

The ingredients.

If you're going to double boil it in a pot, stack it up like this..


Then I realized that I ran out of gas. Dang! Luckily there's a slow cooker.


Double boil it...remember to add salt. I cooked mine for about 4-5 hours.. and this is the outcome.


Pour it out..

Wah berasap!

here's the treasure in the coconut. It is super sweet and nice. Jayden keep on asking me for the chicken meat. Apparently the meat became super soft..bagus untuk orang yang takde gigi...

But then after you've consumed the soup, what about the coconut shell? Throw away? take a knife, poke inside, crack the inner layer and twist your knife like this and the coconut flesh will come out just like this...


You removed the coconut flesh and you get a coconut shell with a cover. You can transform this into a coin box, plant pot (remember to make hole at the bottom), key box, whatever box la. I still don't know what I'm gonna do with mine..most probably it's gonna be Jayden's new toy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Power of advertising

I was out with my friends to have Chicken Rice for lunch. After eating, we sat around and lepak relax before we head back to the office. Suddenly a China girl approached our table and waved her hands. She was holding one stack of pirated DVD and she gave my guy friend a "friendly smile". I can feel a lil electric being passed across. Suddenly my friend's 3 year old son told shouted ....


Everyone (including the China girl) turned and looked at the little rascal and he gave the cheekiest smile ever! Haiyoh!

And the China girl slowly put her hands down and walked away.

And my guy friend said.. "eh i really want to buy wan la. This one Astro On Demand don't have one. This one is Taiwan serial movie la.."

Too bad. She left edi. The power of advertising...even a 3 yr old kid can memorize the ad.

Tai jor la means sudah tengok la...

Saturday...I know you coming edi....I'm so happy cos it's only another 26 hours only to see you Saturday...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday....faster come la..

I was at the Eukanuba/Petnyou Dog Carnival in Bandar Utama park last Sunday. I was there at 7am. Yes 7am, in the morning, on a Sunday Morning. Both C's didn't join me. I was there for official duty.

Once reached, I was greeted by these 2 monsters. They gave me a big and wet smack right at my.....groin area. Great, what a great way to start my day. I looked like I've just peed in my jeans. It was wet right up to my undie. Took quite some time to dry.....

By the way, the one with the kukubird won the award for the biggest dog at the Carnival. At least I was kissed by a Champion. Roger was his name.

Later both Cs came to join me. The lil guy ignored me when he saw me. Probably he was mad at me cos it wasn't me that greeted him when he woke up. His dadi brought him to walk around to look at doggies and they came back and said "Mami look! We've signed a petition!" pointing at the orange sticker on Jayden's shirt. And Big C happily posed for me, I guess being a blogger's husband, he's used to me taking pictures of everything and anything to post. (Eh, support abit la. You also sign the petition la...Thank you....)

And I asked them, what petition?

He answered "Neh the Dog Catching Competition organised by the Selayang Municipal Council wan leh?" Not surprised that he signed the petition. He loves our dog more than he loves me. so much. They went back not long after that cos I was busy doing my stuff.

And then I saw some people going around asking everyone to sign the petition. They even interviewed some people and I can see that some people are very angry about the dog catching competition.

You know, I have no idea what's wrong with these people? I mean the one that organised the competition. Instead of catching dogs, why not use the money being granted to catch mat rempits or some bad guys out there? Why? Not enough food for the animals in our zoo izit? Wanna catch dogs, kill em and feed the tiger izit? You know what's wrong with them? Eat-Full-Nothing-To-Do!

And those that like to throw dogs around ...*sigh* you guys also satu jenis wan la. Maybe next time your kids will abandon you at the road side when you're old and useless...

And to those who're staying in Selayang and have dogs, make sure you lock your doors and keep your dog safe. People will do anything to get money.

*sigh* I know, I know, I'm bring cranky. I'm so damn tired. Still haven't recovered from the day's event. My leg sakit, My Belakang Sakit, My head Ached for 2 days edi, Semua Sakit la! Only my hair not sakit.

I'm imagining myself getting massaged, perming my hair, shopping, sleep without interruption, dipping myself into the big hot bath tub ( i tried dipping in Jayden's tub-cannot work-not big enough dammit!!!). *sigh* 3 more days to Saturday........faster la.. I cannot tahan edi...

Monday, September 10, 2007

"Opps" No More!


Remember when we're in Form 1 (probably some of you guys got it earlier) we always asked our so-called-neighbour to check our "back" to see if we've stained our uniform or not. Definitely we will have one or two incident where we go "Opps! I've stained my skirt!" I used to be so scared of that, so I'll go to the ladies to check and change my pad so often. My neighbour will automatically say "Nothing" or "Got" when I stand up and look at her. *LOL* I used to do that until I started working in one of the lingerie company and we introduced the sanitary panty range into Malaysia market. I was like..."Ohh..didn't know there's such thing ..."

I'm telling you, it's even better than those super push, super maxi whatever cups la. They never do any good but to "help" for that few hours only. After removed, semua pun tau itu tipu punya!*LOL*

Be super confident when you wear this because you won't have to go to the toilet often to check if you've stained your bottom and you can throw away those super duper long pads! Now, I can even wear light coloured pants/skirt during the time of the month because I'm wearing one.

So how does this Sanitary panty looked like? It looks like normal panty but it has a layer of lining with water repellent surface. And it comes in Day and Night. My suggestion, get the Night for whole day use. Then you can throw away the super duper long sanitary panty (now they even have 40cm...any longer than that I think the consumer should use adult diaper instead)

Naah....I have a drawing of how it looks like


Okay Okay I know Blue Panty is not an ideal colour but I need to have some Blue colour in my blog to balance abit ...otherwise this blog will be too "RED".

When you visit Thailand, remember to get Wac0al's Hygieni Sanitary Shorts (cos its cheaper there). You wont regret it. We have it in Malaysia too but it's called......errr Sanitary Panty. But for the T (there's only one Lingerie Brand starting with T) brand, you will get fancier sanitary panty for the low rise jeans, the super giant with girdle effect, and the not so giant size....and it's about RM20+/ .

Sounds like paid post huh? *lol* It's not la. Just wanna share something good with you guys. So get this panty for that time of the month and say........"Oppss" no more la!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Not A Murderer...

Everytime I reach my hand out to a pot of plant...I can hear people whispering..


and the person that whispered is none other than Big C.

You see, I used to kill plants. No, I did not intentionally pour Clorox into the pot and kill them. They just..........died.

Okay, maybe I did accidently kill them. I don't have time to water them. But that's history okay. I'm no longer a murderer.

Big C proposed the other day to make my garden into a concrete garden just because it was his duty to cut the grass once in a while. He said since I'm a murderer might as well have a concrete garden. And I told him..."what murderer? Did you see what's in the garden lately?"

And he said "what?"

And I said "So big also you cannot see?"


My Beautiful big as my palm


My blooming Pink Dahlia..


My Little Bouquet Flower...notice how it arranged itself into a bouquet with yellow in the middle and pink outside?


a bit blur but it's another version of and red


Yellow bouquet...good Fengshui to have baby boy if you plant this in your garden. I planted so banyak yellow flower before I "made" Jayden. And taddaaaa kkb came out!

You see, flowers are like kids. You water them, make sure they're not thirsty. Then once in a week you give them some extra vitamin, then sometimes you sayang them a bit. Then they will show you back how much they appreciate you, just like how he appreciate and sayang me back. In this case, the flowers bloom for me.

Okay, back to the topic. I'm not a murderer anymore. So babe, do you still wanna have a concrete garden?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

And he said.....

We're in the car...

He was sucking his pacifier...*chut chut chut*...

I was looking out of the car and wondering...*sigh* when am I going to be rich?

Then I felt someone tapping my shoulder...

and I turned to my left...

And suddenly he...

poke his pacifier into my mouth...

And he gently stroke my face 3 times...

and said...


And he took back his pacifier, suck it again and turned around and left me felt so LOVED and stoned!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Silakan Makan.....

First, let me correct myself ya. The wanton I was talking about in my last post was the Wanton I made from the mucus that came out from my nose. So who still want my wanton? Muahahaha Btw, I'm still sick. *sigh* Probably too much crab. Just last week itself I had crabs for 3 days. I know, I'm gonna die of high cholesterol soon if I continue eating crab like this.....But it's not my fault! First was this dish...cos we have no where else to go makan we came here for this

Silakan makan ini Ketam Mee Hoon. Laundryamah introduced us to this restaurant near my house but too bad when we're there that time, no crab supply. So that day, while hunting for restaurant to eat dinner, we passed by the same restaurant and ordered it!

It was okay. Something different. At least for Jayden.
Jayden says: Silakan Makan......Makan ketam mesti guna tangan la...

And then my elder sis belanja makan in Klang. Then my 2nd Sis punya bday...See not my fault right? But why always CRAB CRAB CRAB and Nothing else?

It's Because.......

Monday, September 03, 2007

Jayden celebrate Merdeka

How did the little one celebrate Merdeka?

He went to Ikea Merdeka Sale la! He was so tired, he just stayed there when we placed the bolster around him. But he still don't wanna close his eyes and he still managed to disturb the cashier guy when we're at the counter. The cashier boy was so afraid that he might make him cry if he were to remove the bolster, so he quietly scan the barcode. Suddenly Jayden moved his body like kena electric shock and gave that guy a fright. Aiyo....Ini Budak always give ppl heart attack!
But after that he dozed off...

After that, I got a call from Big C, asked me to buy some stuff. So we went for 2nd round shopping in Ikea. And the lil one was fully charged this time!
He ran and ran and ran and then he sat on the floor when he was tired.

Thank god I went with my sister. She did the chasing. Otherwise my belakang also senget!


And how did Mami celebrated Merdeka?


This lil guy passed the flu bug to me! Not only Flu, Cough and Sore throat too!

Laff Samo!

I really felt like wanna cekik him when I was blowing my nose and he imitated me by blowing raspberry and laughed out loud after that!


But how to be angry with him? I lap Him So Much!

Okay, I wanna go make wanton now....who wants?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mr Goofy


Who else if it's not Mr Jayden Chan. This is his latest stunt, doing split. No idea where he learnt it from, definitely not from me. Ever since I gave birth, wanna bengkokkan the badan also sakit here and there.

By the way, if you noticed something funny with his "Ahem" area. His diaper sudah penuh and nak jatuh, and he's still wanna do split! Hahahahah

And continuation of his obsession with his spoon....I managed to snap a new picture..

And it's just a normal McD porridge spoon...

Mr Goofy never fail to entertain me.