Wednesday, September 19, 2007



I don’t know what to say, after I heard about the girl that got murdered and stuffed into a bag. She was also sexually abused.

Tell me, who deserves to die like this. She was only a small girl. A very very small and helpless girl.

And they found a brinjal and cucumber in her vagina.WTF???!!!!

Tell me, who the hell can do such a thing?

First I got to know that she was only 7-9 years old.
Then I got to know that she has short hair.
Then my friend told me that she was a mixed-parentage girl.
My heart was pounding faster and faster.
Because my niece, Jasmine fits the description.
My heart kept thinking. “ No, cannot be. I was just with her yesterday. She was at my side eating dinner with me. How can?”
And suddenly my phone rang…

And it was her.
My heart felt so relieved, happy but also pissed because she called me to give her answers for her homework, again.

Last night they said that they found a woman loitering ard the bag. Could it be her mom? Big C said maybe it was her parents who did it since no one came to claim her body. Own parents? Shiat. I don’t know what to say. If you don’t want your kid, please give it to someone else. And not kill her like this. Dammit. So angry.

But then they said that she might not be Msian. Then, from where? Proly she was abducted to Msia to be a beggar and when the money didn’t come in, they sold her to be young prostitute. Why?? Why?? What’s happening to our society?

No matter what race, religion, sex or age, no one deserves to die like this. Seriously I think she just want to have a normal life, go to school, and play with her friends. And the last thing that will be on her mind is to die.

But some people just don’t know how to appreciate life. My friend’s boyfriend just jumped down from a building a week or two before this. He left with just one note to her, and his parents. Dammit. He went off just like that. And what about my friend? She waited for him for so many freaking years. How about his parents? And what was the reason? No one knows. But someone said he suffered from depression because he was a perfectionist and something happened and he wasn’t very happy about it.

So he failed. So what? Die lor…

So easy huh? Failed? Die lor.
Cannot do something? Die lor
Failed in business? Die lor
Failed in relationship? Die lor.

Please la, if everyone also failed to do something and the easiest way out is to die just like that, then the forensic dept need to create a building for people to jump with holes dugged ready to accept new bodies.

Please la, if you dunno how to appreciate life, then keep your soul and donate your body to some people who is dying and need your organs la. At least die by doing something good you know.

Fark. So pissed. Why can’t these people just accept it and learn from it, appreciate life and get on with their lives?
One don’t wanna die, got murdered.
One can live but chose to die.
What the hell is wrong?

And those that don’t care or don’t wanna know where is their child, just let the roam here and there and expect them to come home by themselves? Think again, they might not come back anymore. When one start to care and began to get worried about their safety, it’ll be too late. Too damn late.

Like I’ve said , I’m speechless.


I just wanna go home and hug my 2Cs tight tight and tell them "You are not allowed to die before me , you hear me?"


  1. it's a frightful thing, right? to know life is so cheap like that & the world of full of crazy people. how can these ppl sleep at night?

  2. Sad isn't it? I'm scared for our children. Sigh.

  3. Miss Sasha getting very angry in this post let.

    Seriously...don't know what these parents up to. The girl that gone missing...the parents got no brain and let her go out alone. So they late.

    And the girl in the bag... no one go claim the body, i wonder what the heck the parents is doing...

    Sickening society..parents killing their own kids.

  4. Evil!! Pure evil!! Rape + murder of an innocent young girl? The one who did it should have a brinjal and cucumber and tomatoes and cabbages and carrots stuffed up his ass before he is hung and his body stuffed into a bag and thrown into some shark-infested ocean!

  5. then..i read about the case in melbourne, the father left his cute 2 yr old daughter at the train station, and he flew off to the states.

    where is mother? they fear the worst...dead.

    HOW? U speechless....I blur. Sigh..

  6. I didn't know she's of mixed parentage - from the photo in the Star, she sure looks pretty. Yeah, I felt so sorry & sick also when I read the news.

    I'm very afraid though that when the culprit is caught, we may be surprised who it is! Sometimes, the "psycho" we have in mind is actually a very, regular person.

    I can't imagine how her parents will feel when they find out about this.

  7. EstherL5:40 PM

    i saw the news also in the newspaper, World is change, people is change, cruelness and no heart at all. So so so scary....

  8. TNS, wat the heck is happening to this world!!! this kinda ppl should do wat u know, treat them just like what they did to the victim!!! thats my idea!!!

    stuff their a**hole with cucucmber and brinjal, burn them alive, cut them into pieces, smash off their kkc and feed the pirahna in the amazon jungle!!! damn farking a**hole!!!

  9. ayo that's far from speechless la..dem a lot of words leh! gave me goosebumps after reading the news..then I heard another story that happened in OUG, a young girl jumped out of her condo on the 17th floor clad in her undergarments only! shiats!

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  11. Wow, such an angry post.

    It's a terrible problem but that's the modern world for you. Twisted values, free flow of information.. there is no control.

  12. It's no longer safe out there. What's wrong with people these days? These sadists if caught ought to be tortured the way they tortured their victims.

  13. lots of sick ppl in this world - our role as parents have become increasingly important

    (sorry i know wrong context but i just tagged you:

  14. lots of sick ppl in this world - our role as parents have become increasingly important

    (sorry i know wrong context but i just tagged you:

  15. What a crazy, scary world. Wish I could give my kids the freedom to run around outside the house but no place is safe these days and parents cannot let down their guard. Poor kids go crazy locked up in the house.
    Yes, I too will hug my children tight-tight and tell them life is precious.

  16. The world can be so cruel. I don't even want to think about it. It is so scarry. I always pray for protection for my children everyday before sleep.

  17. it is really sad and frightening. been thinking a lot about this disturbing news. I so fear for the safety of my child.

    hey, was your friend's case in the newspaper recently? I remember reading something like this last week - a guy jumped down from a building, leaving a note to the girlfriend :(

  18. Hope the police will nap this maniac soon.

  19. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with this society, the people. I just hope whoever who did this will be punished accordingly. 'Tin Yau Ngan' keh...

  20. sasha; terrific post. thought provoking, touching and apt. u've voiced out what most of us feel without the frills and fuss.

  21. Everything seems to be going down the drain on this part of the world!!! We need some superheroes (Not someone up there talking nonsense and doing nothing to make this a better world!)

    I am angry, just as you are and I am very sure that many more of you are too!!! Pity the lil' girl :(

    The murderer really is a sicko, I hope he will burn in hell!!!

  22. Yes, This is just one of another shocked news that happen everyday around us. When heard of this, my feeling is really hard ....when think of my own daughter that is so happy while she died in horror, I really don't want to think about it. The world is getting very sinful with no peace,rally frightening....

  23. I wonder what the world is coming to. I don't know if it has anything to do with upbringing.

    We hear a lot of children being abused and murdered by their own parents or relatives but reading your post made my heart beat as fast as Japan's bullet train.

    I pray to God that He watches over my kids and all innocent children around the world.

  24. damn long angry post wor!!
    agree with u...speechless & piss-off with these "animals".

    their time will come.......

    let's pray the dead victims can rest in peace & the unfound ones are soon to be reunited with the love ones..........

  25. Rapist, murderer, UNFAITHFUL PARTNERS & their bitches [hehe] are supposed to be placed in the dungeons and be brutally tortured before putting them to 'sleep'. ngek!

    Truly, I just don't understand how can these people kill cute and adorable kids! Binatang betul!!!!

  26. me also speechless!*sigh*
    I will always think what's wrong with our society!! *big sigh*

  27. mom2ashley2:23 PM

    you speechless? hardly :) you said whatever is on my mind. now I am speechless! :P

  28. not all are normal like us, although we can erupt like a volcano, be bitchy, be unreasonable :P

    if everyone like them can think like us, the the company for happy pills like prozac can go bankrupt. funny how the term 'depression' sticks out like a sore thumb in asia, but here in aust. it is so common. so most of them face the risk of turning suicidal or murderous. of course lar, these ppl are in every corner of the earth, but at least it's more accepted here.

    am i making sense? sorry, my brain is running on low fuel.

  29. Don't know what to say. If we are angry, the problem is still unsolved. Those crazy guys are still around. Our children are still in danger. SO, just jaga diri baik-baik.

  30. those ppl r devil and evil, not human la... when i read the news, me like cannot nafas for a while, so scary, so pitty the lil girl, feel like crying. *-*