Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yum Seng!

We went for a Big C's ex colleague wedding dinner last Saturday...It was a tiring dinner for all 3 of us. Outside the grand ballroom there's a BIG running space. And the little boy were all charged up and he ran and ran and ran in between meals. You know la...how slow Chinese Wedding, one dish, then can go toilet, eat, go sleep, eat and YUM SENG, and Sleep and go toilet again...*yawn*


This is lil Hulk Hogan Running.

Tired of running, drop down to guling guling but not for long.


And then he settled down (for 10 seconds), sitting outside the grand ballroom with a pink Daisy...


Lil Boy waiting for his princess to arrive with a lil pink Daisy..

And he was so excited about everyone saying YUMMMM SENG!!!!!!!!!! He has the same expression when we said WOW to him the last time. I think he wondered how come everyone is saying the same thing?

And he Yum Seng sendiri after that...


Nope, He never mabuk. Its not red wine. Its Coke.

And he cried whole night after that cos he over played.
And both the parents went to work looking like zombie on Monday.


  1. Wahhh, I'm first again?! LOL!

    Love the pic of him with the pink daisy. And yes I agree, Chinese weddings take yonks to finish! Hahahaha...

  2. Alamak, JD really over excited. Trully like my son. yum seng big glass some more. Coke lagi. Pengsan. Sure lah, parents jadi zombies.
    Imagine that times 2 little one. I always go to work, direct no sleep like today. Mata pun jadi Panda.

    JD you're so cute. geram sia. nanti kau sia cubit :D

  3. The carpet outside the ballroom looks so comfy even I wanna roll around on it! :D

  4. Haha... He's holding the "SPOON" even when he's drunk!

  5. EstherL12:48 PM

    i'm very scare to bring my son go wedding dinner, sure he cant sit there properly...... by e way, i like the shoes that Jayden wearing. HiHi

  6. Jayden is so active. Active children keep you slim. Haha..

  7. Nadia: yeap U first Again! Yeah berzaman zaman..

    Joneh: Next time u gotto choose to run left right or centre cos u have 3!!

    Moby: I also felt like rolling after chasing him for kmsssss

    L'beille: he no mabuk...its coke lok

    Esther: cheap cheap bbg shoes. 9 bucks only!

    Jo-N: yeah i wonder why i still have kangaroo pouch

  8. He really loves spoon..

  9. hahaha..the 1st picture he look so excited!!
    hehe..Jayden really like spoon a lot, see yam seng also holding the spoon!!!

  10. ah ... someone wanted to sleep cannot sleep then cry ... like my someone lar. tired want to sleep mar sleep loh rite? dunno why kids are like that one.


  11. wahahahahahahaha! he must be thinking, what are these old ppl doing shout so loud! lol!! his expression soo cute!! LOL!!

  12. Oscar's Mommy3:09 PM

    hahahaha... wa.. yumseng ah... siens.. i got chinese wedding dinner next week also. and its like these are ppl that i really tak berapa kenal wan.. hubby's kawan.. double sien!!

  13. Wow..!! poor thing.. ! cry at nite..! that's why we afraid..to let chloe overplay too.

  14. Aiks...coke? no wonder cannot sleep at night. Wrong drink!

  15. He look like really 'mabuk' holding his glass lol...so cute

  16. He so good hor, no make fuss throughout the dinner. If my girls, sure ask me let them go down to walk walk...*sigh*

  17. Haha.. Great milestone. First wedding dinner lil Jayden attended. He sure had fun didn't he. Wei wei.. did he scream during sleep.. u know they say overly excited babies will do that?

  18. errr nadia? your wedding (Malay wedding) also took ages to finish la!:) by the time dinner arrived, we walloped everything iin a jiffy! heheheh

    Sasha - I think Jayden was over stimulated with the day's activities...so by night time...he's all cranky and all..

  19. My 2 gals love the yum seng part too. Eh, how do you make your pix keep changing? Very high tech eh you?

  20. Wah, first time I see ur Jayden in his "kaw lui" clothes. Hamsome man!

    Eh, where he get his shirt ah? Got adult size or not?

  21. yes...after many hours of running around sure at nite nitemare, i've had that with 2 kids somemore, pengsan boh!!

  22. Lil J is so much like my nephew, running all over all the time and anywhere oso boleh guling guling on the floor.

  23. Lil Jayden so cute! I like the first pic, he looks like rock dancer! He looks so charming in the pic with lil pink Daisy. And..lastly, he is a spoon lover, always hold on a spoon no matter what he's doing..hahahaha. Super CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  24. Wow
    He is great
    I don't remember my son able to hold the cup securely when he was this young

  25. Lemonjude: Yup he loves spoon

    Annie Q : yeap gotto hold the spoon no matter what

    LA My Home: Hahah nightmare ma

    ehon : Haha he tot everyone was saying the same thing about him

    Oscar's Mommy : yeah very sian wan

    mama bok : Yeah what to do ...otherwise he will be very very bored

    mybabybay : shud be red wine rigt

    Rachel : hahah looks like only

    Jesslyn : as long as u let him run then no fuss la

    Etcetera~Mommy : eh not first time la. many times edi . Yeah lor nightmare at night...

    mom2ashley : yeah very long also! Yeah too over stimulated!

    Health Freak Mommy : ooo gif image

    adrian : No wor...PONEY wan hahaha

    jazzmint : YEAH LOR but then dun run do what leh?

    FireHorse : Haha too tired i also wanna guling with him!

    Joanne : Thanks!!

    yenjai.net: Today is the first time!

  26. hey very true; they'll get nightmares all night long when they overplay. some friends of mine say i'm being ridiculous. hah!

  27. Sat nite - wedding dinner.
    Mon - go to work like zombie.
    Sunday leh? Apa jadi to Sun?