Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday....faster come la..

I was at the Eukanuba/Petnyou Dog Carnival in Bandar Utama park last Sunday. I was there at 7am. Yes 7am, in the morning, on a Sunday Morning. Both C's didn't join me. I was there for official duty.

Once reached, I was greeted by these 2 monsters. They gave me a big and wet smack right at my.....groin area. Great, what a great way to start my day. I looked like I've just peed in my jeans. It was wet right up to my undie. Took quite some time to dry.....

By the way, the one with the kukubird won the award for the biggest dog at the Carnival. At least I was kissed by a Champion. Roger was his name.

Later both Cs came to join me. The lil guy ignored me when he saw me. Probably he was mad at me cos it wasn't me that greeted him when he woke up. His dadi brought him to walk around to look at doggies and they came back and said "Mami look! We've signed a petition!" pointing at the orange sticker on Jayden's shirt. And Big C happily posed for me, I guess being a blogger's husband, he's used to me taking pictures of everything and anything to post. (Eh, support abit la. You also sign the petition la...Thank you....)

And I asked them, what petition?

He answered "Neh the Dog Catching Competition organised by the Selayang Municipal Council wan leh?" Not surprised that he signed the petition. He loves our dog more than he loves me. so much. They went back not long after that cos I was busy doing my stuff.

And then I saw some people going around asking everyone to sign the petition. They even interviewed some people and I can see that some people are very angry about the dog catching competition.

You know, I have no idea what's wrong with these people? I mean the one that organised the competition. Instead of catching dogs, why not use the money being granted to catch mat rempits or some bad guys out there? Why? Not enough food for the animals in our zoo izit? Wanna catch dogs, kill em and feed the tiger izit? You know what's wrong with them? Eat-Full-Nothing-To-Do!

And those that like to throw dogs around ...*sigh* you guys also satu jenis wan la. Maybe next time your kids will abandon you at the road side when you're old and useless...

And to those who're staying in Selayang and have dogs, make sure you lock your doors and keep your dog safe. People will do anything to get money.

*sigh* I know, I know, I'm bring cranky. I'm so damn tired. Still haven't recovered from the day's event. My leg sakit, My Belakang Sakit, My head Ached for 2 days edi, Semua Sakit la! Only my hair not sakit.

I'm imagining myself getting massaged, perming my hair, shopping, sleep without interruption, dipping myself into the big hot bath tub ( i tried dipping in Jayden's tub-cannot work-not big enough dammit!!!). *sigh* 3 more days to Saturday........faster la.. I cannot tahan edi...


  1. i agree with u. y must not spend the money on other more useful and meaningful stuffs. i wonder where did my tax money gone???

  2. mom2ashley10:06 PM

    i tell you....that dumb competition is darn immature! so much for progressing towards vision 2020..we just went 20 stps backward!

  3. looking forward to Saturday? You started to work again? Btw, what will they do with the dogs they caught?

  4. Hi there

    Thanks so much for highlighting this case... there's alot more to this issue. We're trying very hard to stop it and would appreciate all the support that we can get.

    Please see my blog for the latest updates and action plans on this...

    Thanks ya! :)

  5. Catch dog for what? I am totally lost. You mean stray dogs?

    You going to perm your hair? The digital perm? My niece had that done when she was there on holidays recently. Nice wor but very expensive!

  6. Go go those OSIM fair, and sit on those chairs, get some good massage? ^-^

  7. Oscar's Mommy8:44 AM

    eh i am like you la... everywhere also sakit. kena curse or wat... ya lor the doggie case so sad, how can??? how can??? anyway, i am getting oscar a hamster this weekend... good ah?

  8. U back to 'WORKing' world already? Ooo...that's why I don't want dog as pet....really sakit hati, when all these nonsense thing pop out...

  9. Hahaha. Very fast one what Saturday. Only 2 more nights before it mah.

  10. hey sasha...i've signed the petition online too...I just hope that all those nonsense will stop...i believe there are many other ways to treat all those stray dogs...and CRUELTY is definitely not the way!

  11. Official duties for the event? I next time, can I join or not? I'm interested ler..

  12. Competition to catch STRAY dogs? The Selayang municipal council don't want to pay proper ppl to catch is it??

  13. no wonder i dun see u so often liao .. i miss you chatting with me ar

  14. I agree with you...USe the money to catch the Mat Rempits and bad people out there la...Society nuisance! And the gahmen don't do anything about it also. Geram-nya!

  15. Yes..yes...even we have to babysit our kid full day on weekend, it's something we look forward...

  16. I am dog lover!!! I love DOG DOG and DOG!! So geram seeing those ppl leave abandon their dog when the dog is old or sick.
    Saturday, am looking forward for it too!!!

  17. I heard about that on the radio. And the prize is what? 15k? 10k? Something like that? Why can't they do something better with that amount of money? Like sedekah to orang miskin ke? Buy food for berbuka puasa for those yang cannot afford to buy anything ke? Bodohlah these people all. Saja cari penyakit. Gimme the petitionlah, I'll also sign! Dumb dumb!

  18. Got so many petition to sign la nowadays....our signatures very precious leh.. HA HA HA!!!

    if only they have such competition to catch (and shoot to kill) corrupted officials.... IF ONLY!!!!

  19. counting my dog years...

  20. I have lost count on the number of petitions these days!!

  21. I didn't know they have this kind of competition for dogs there. We just went for one over here. But it's not especially for dogs. It's an annual event and dogs judging and competition is only part of that event. I wrote about it here Check it out when you have the time.

  22. W_W_H : Correct!

    mom2ashley : yeah agree!

    aprilWong : yeah yeah ..and no idea wor

    Natasha Fernz: u're welcome

    Judy : make stew dog lah! u want to eat or not jek? Haiyoh judy hair memang digital permed since jayden was born no ler so shy!

    Oscar's Mommy : cos u no take care when confinement la! hamster? smelly!

    MamaJo: yeah!

    mumsgather : sigh why 2 nights like so damn long wan

    Leng : yeah so cruel

    L'abeille : can can

    NomadicMom : i think so la...

    janicepa : :)

    shooi : SO GERAM RIGHT!

    KK & WS: saturday where are you?

    Joanne : Yes! Saturday come lah!
    Nadia : wuah u manyak geram! Thank U!

    mott : yakah? what other petition?

    frostier : Happy birthday brother

    HMom : what other petition we have?

    LiL'deviL : got every year also got wan

  23. Some ppl just "sek pau mo yeh jo" go and catch dogs. Oh dear....

  24. Forgot to tell you...You got an award from my blog

  25. Licked by Roger. Hahaha... wat does Big C has to say about that?!