Monday, September 10, 2007

"Opps" No More!


Remember when we're in Form 1 (probably some of you guys got it earlier) we always asked our so-called-neighbour to check our "back" to see if we've stained our uniform or not. Definitely we will have one or two incident where we go "Opps! I've stained my skirt!" I used to be so scared of that, so I'll go to the ladies to check and change my pad so often. My neighbour will automatically say "Nothing" or "Got" when I stand up and look at her. *LOL* I used to do that until I started working in one of the lingerie company and we introduced the sanitary panty range into Malaysia market. I was like..."Ohh..didn't know there's such thing ..."

I'm telling you, it's even better than those super push, super maxi whatever cups la. They never do any good but to "help" for that few hours only. After removed, semua pun tau itu tipu punya!*LOL*

Be super confident when you wear this because you won't have to go to the toilet often to check if you've stained your bottom and you can throw away those super duper long pads! Now, I can even wear light coloured pants/skirt during the time of the month because I'm wearing one.

So how does this Sanitary panty looked like? It looks like normal panty but it has a layer of lining with water repellent surface. And it comes in Day and Night. My suggestion, get the Night for whole day use. Then you can throw away the super duper long sanitary panty (now they even have 40cm...any longer than that I think the consumer should use adult diaper instead)

Naah....I have a drawing of how it looks like


Okay Okay I know Blue Panty is not an ideal colour but I need to have some Blue colour in my blog to balance abit ...otherwise this blog will be too "RED".

When you visit Thailand, remember to get Wac0al's Hygieni Sanitary Shorts (cos its cheaper there). You wont regret it. We have it in Malaysia too but it's called......errr Sanitary Panty. But for the T (there's only one Lingerie Brand starting with T) brand, you will get fancier sanitary panty for the low rise jeans, the super giant with girdle effect, and the not so giant size....and it's about RM20+/ .

Sounds like paid post huh? *lol* It's not la. Just wanna share something good with you guys. So get this panty for that time of the month and say........"Oppss" no more la!


  1. sasha,
    Men can use? :P

  2. Heh...I need some of those leh....thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Lin Cocka Wingz researchers have come up with the ultimate solution.
    We recommend the good ol' cork. Plug it at source.


  4. Sasha, did you write to Wahcoal or what coal to see if they want to pay you for this post or not?

    You drew the picture ah? Wah, clever, how, teach me lah!

    Actually, looking at the panties, and with my 71 years old body, wear already also 'beh how kor' (wat tat)!! :P

  5. men oso can wear ah? like if "sang jee chong" that time.

  6. oh, i remember those days back in school like you related. was worse when i started going to a co-ed school. anyway, thanks for sharing. 20+ bucks for a shot of confidence ain't too much to pay...
    -pek imm

  7. Last time during schooldays, mom bought those cheapo pads. Not like now we have extra absorbing type.

    So guess what?

    *come nearer to my mouth.. I want to tell you a secret*

    I wear double pad and double panties.. duh! Can you imagine how difficult to walk? I go play sports somemore! Thank God those pads didn't fell off....sigh....

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    wah.....thanks for the info!

    didn't even know got such pantys leh...hehe
    will check it out soon..


  9. hehe..first time i get this sanitary panties from taiwan!I dont know what brand is that, but as u said it's much more convenience and no more worry!Even now i still wear it lei.;)But not get it from wacoal but some other brand from taiwan too.

  10. I didn't know about this thing. Thanks for sharing it. Will check it myself one day at Watson.

  11. KOK: can...

    Big Pumpkin: U're welcome

    Cocka: Shit u la

    Judy: Nolah. Its gd so share la. U wanna learn slow slow learn la.. hahahha

    Ah Pek: Yeah why not? But no ball room ya..

    Pek Imm: Thanks for visiting my blog. U're very welcome

    Labeille: WHAT?? DOUBLE?

    Su: U're welcome!

    Annie: wuah u very maju ah!

    Judy : pssst not watson...wacoal la

  12. thanks for the tips! didn't know there's such thing ler. the price is also very reasonable

  13. Oh, I don't know this kind of panty even exists. Thanks.

  14. U truly brought back memories of that time in school days where I'll ask my frens to check also. So funny!! hahahaha.

  15. U truly brought back memories of that time in school where I'll ask my fren to check also. hahahaha.

  16. *kakaka*...yur photo very funny...still remember those days, thanks to our light blue uniform :(

  17. hey...thanks for sharing. I'm one of those who always ask my friends to check for me cos kena stained many many times LOL.

  18. I got mine from T brand for quite some time. Hehe, I bought the night-use 1 also. Ya loh, really 'fong sem' wearing such pants during that time of the month. But still need to double check la. LOL!

  19. i started wearing the "plastic panty" since i was 15 :)

  20. Oooh.. Im so ulu. Didnt know such thing exist :P Thanks for sharing.

  21. aiyooo... i just blew my chances of winning lottery by reading this post.

  22. Oscar's Mommy8:36 AM

    whoa! i didnt know lei, ok must go check out this weekend. me very-the-ulu wan la...

  23. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I have this from T brand sometime ago :)

  24. wat la you.... show us the panty panty... ok la... educational right...

  25. I do have it previously, guess from Cosway...but, used it once, then, kena curi when I hang it to dried. :(

  26. TheBlueRanger: Yeah get one!

    Malaika's mummy : U're welcome

    Estee Soo + Chinnee: Yeah those were the days

    Mommy to Chumsy: ahh better buy one

    aprilWong : yeah just in case ya

    huisia : Plastic panty! hahahahha

    Etcetera~Mommy : :)

    zewt : HAHAHA as if u will kena la

    Oscar's Mommy: hey, we must share share info ma

    Rachel: Cool!

    d'Fish : yeah at least if yr gfssss talk about this u also can campur ma

    MamaJo : Kena curi? Choi!

  27. I think i got one of the T brand one. Very nice to use, but not so comfortable to wear ler..-____-'

  28. eh i didn;t know there is such thing....if only they had it back then when we were schooling,,,

  29. oliviasy4:07 PM

    i wore those in high school. budden it got too hot to wear during the day. so no more liao.

  30. Wouldn't it be hot if wear whole day?

  31. Oh, how I remembered those times in school. The government also stupid lah, make the secondary school pinafore light coloured. Should be the other way round mar. Primary school light blue, secondary school dark blue.

    I also don't know about these special undies. Will definitely get some when I go back. Three questions, if really kena the stain already can just wash it away easy? Also wouldn't it be hot if wear whole day? Day and night same price? heheh...

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  33. Hot anot one? Cannot "breathe" leh...

  34. oh ya, those moment checking the back of our uniforms. then somemore ah cannot do it so obviously one, must curicuri tengok or not. for precaution, i wore shorts inside the uniform, also then not afraid to chow-kong.


  35. So good la.. educating ppl around about this panties. I bought this too but still leak out. Haha1 May be I really heavy flow lol!

    Where is your most embarrasing moment that I tagged you?

  36. Hey, din know there's such a thing as sanitary panty. We learn something new everyday.