Thursday, September 20, 2007

You Got Time?

Seriously, you got time ah? I don't have. The only time I have for myself is during lunch hour.


I sendiri sit at one corner and wait for my Fried Chicken to come and I started snapping some picture while the kids from Sri KDU stare at this crazy young aunty snapping pictures of her food.

And I eat my curly wurly fries like I used to before I had Jayden. I'll slowly colour colour my fries one by one like this.


Life was so stress free back then. My only worry is whether ChaCha's hair is properly being combed and whether she is pretty enough or not. ChaCha no longer has the long skily hair, because I had to shave her hair short, worrying that someone might come to abduct her.


Then I had Jayden. And then I was busy with him. Until now. As soon as I reached home. That's it.


So I totally understand her when she said she has only 2 hours for her own.


If you're a mother without a maid, you will know what I'm saying. Kid dangling to your left leg, while you wash the rice and cook the rice. Kids destroying your nicely folded clothes, kid switching your tv off when you're happily watching your chinese show, kid shouting when you wanna go online to do something, be it blog hopping or simply just blogging. You cannot even go to sleep in peace because when you're about to sleep, someone will poke a pacifier into your mouth. *sigh* You cannot even go to bath when they're up cos someone will be banging the door " Uwaaaa MAAAAAAAAAAA....". Sometimes you punish them hoping that they'll learn from the mistake, but then sometimes we're just too soft hearted cos they cry like this...


Okay probably I don't have enough time at home because I'm not such a good mother or probably I'm not such a good wife who can't juggle between house chores and taking care of my family. Or probably my kid is too hard to handle..

Then how did I find the time to cook? Seriously, I can only come up with fast and easy recipe like my previous Coconut Herbal Soup. Buy ingredients, Double Boil It (don't even have time to cook it on the stove) and serve. Maybe I posted too many pictures and it looked like its troublesome. I don't have time to make food that requires a long time to prepare. Although I can buy it from the shop, but I strongly agree with my SIL's tagline "Happiness Is Home Made" :)

Although I'm not so rich, Not so pretty, Not so free to blog hop, Not so highly paid, Not so perfect mum, Not so perfect wife, Not so good Dog Owner, and not so many things...I'm Glad, I'm happy and I'm thankful. But still, I don't have time for myself, but I have time for my family. All pays up to my effort when Big C says "babe your soup , the kacang not yet soft. But then, I like." or when your small one hugs you like a koala bear and slowly rest his head against your chest. satisfying.

But still I enjoy my lunch hour. Cos I can write craps like this.

And I totally forgot what I wanna say and how the titles relates to the pictures above. *sigh* I'm so forgetful edi.

But anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day.


  1. Oi! Puasalah! Now you make me drool already. Apalaaaaaaa... :P

    Anyway, I understand your predicament, because just like you, I'm maidless too. And Irfan takes up a lot of my time too. But as long as we're healthy and happy, I think we'll all be okay. :) Don't worry about the money part. Money can carilah. Happiness and family are more important. Take care!

  2. My wife and I maidless too ... talking about handling twins that cries at the same time, pooh continuously and manja 24/7. I'm losing 5kg already and wife.. lagi teruk... need major overhaul on her. So kesian and now at home alone with the kids and i'm at work. so hate it. I wish i'm a problogger stayed at home, do tonnes of paid posting, feed my family and hire someones to be our maid with RM1,500 salary.
    and that's new green spoon for JD. Damn, tough being the mommies and me can feel it in full force when u stay awake from daytime to back to daytime.
    Thanks for reminding me Sasha.

  3. I know what you mean. On a normal work day, it's not so bad for us, but come weekend when we have the boys at home, it's like the whole weekend is spent with them and for them. Only when they go to sleep can we have some time for ourselves.

    Peacefully sleeping kids are very desirable for us! Hehehe! :D

  4. I can totally relate to your situation. I'm maidless with 2 girls at home. Stressful but happy & felt blessed. Aren't all mothers like that...
    Gee, Jayden got a new spoon there.
    Anyway, I just pass you a tag,

  5. misha's mum2:45 PM

    me understand how you feel. Me is maidless too .. so .. we are on the same boat .. hahaha :)

  6. lol! but all is worth it when one day your son graduate and say, "thank you, ma". or on his birthday he tells u, "there wouldn't be today without u, ma. thank you." and all those stuff. :D

  7. Opps... cannot let my lokong read this :P

  8. I love the A&W onion rings too, hey, will bug u one day to check how u did the spoon green. Ya lar, no need to be rich, pretty, best mom to enjoy life. I drive only an Atos, and always tell my hubby who is seriously chasing for $$. Seriously nothing can really make me more happy than what i am having now :p

  9. see lar, always get so carried away with your posting until i forgot the reason i am here. You really deserve this Award !

  10. me got maid,but two boys still stick to me like glue, like u said when u cook, they flw u to kitchen, when u shower they bang on the door.So how how how? *sigh* We are all in the same boat. ;)
    U remind me that long time i nv had A & W liao.hahahaha

  11. I totally know where you are coming from Sasha. Although I am a SAHM only during weekends, I experience the same thing you do. But no, that does not deter me from wanting to be a SAHM ultimately, because the satisfaction of seeing your loved ones' faces feeling loved and cared for is all that matters.
    You are not alone.

  12. OMG!




  13. i understand that sasha. eventhough i'm a father of 2, i also hardly find time for myself, no need to say about my wife lah right... i totally agree with you...

  14. i want A & W toooooooooooo...slurpss...

  15. At least u have time for lunch...Wah your root beer float look so tempting...:P~~~

  16. I salute those of u who r without a maid. *Salute salute*

    Don't be too hard on urself lah, it's not easy to juggle anything, more so when u have an active kid.

    But one day hor, ur jayden will grow up, get married and u will have a lot of time liao and u will sit in a corner in A&W, thinking back on how he used to switch off ur tv and bang on ur bathroom door!

  17. ha! at least you still have time to enjoy the fries by yourself. i eat also have to swallow fast fast, food also no taste. i also like the frenchfries.

    i see the green spoon your boy's holding. he still likes holding spoon and not letting go huh?

    I too feel bad sometimes that i scold my son because he kacau me so much until he cries. then i quickly go hug hug him, then he is happy and then i am happy too.

    talking about TV? want to watch also cannot, everytime i turn on to my show on the tv, he want to see his baby einstein only.

    so i totally agree with all you said here. very difficult without a maid, but then we are happy as a family ... house dirty - close eyes loh, no homecooked meal - eat outside loh.

  18. Seriously i tell u... u r 1 funny gal!! But watever u wrote here is so true. Sometimes wanna go toilet oso susah, rite?
    Eh, J crying so pitiful at the corner... u still go snap pic 1st ah? tsk tsk tsk...

  19. I guess that's what we call parenthood. This is why you see I got dark eye circle, sacrificing my sleep for some me time

  20. Hey..Sasha,
    I completely understand your post. But yer know.. i donch even have lunch time free..! lunch time is at the store.. and we eat like at 4pm.. and after the brat eats. And then of course.. she wants attention then. At least back in asia.. one can ta-pau food.. over here.. you donch cook.. you donch eat lah.. :(
    So how..?? no choice lor..cook lor.. ! Ang moh food .. awful you know..!! how to eat pasta everyday..?? or steak..?? or hambuger..?? yaks..!

  21. Aiyoh, my dad used to take us to A&W for chicken in a basket and rootbeer float. I miss so much! :(

    Aiyoh, so sakit hati to see your Jayden in the corner crying.....kasihan!!

    He really played with the remote control ah? Hehehehe.....

    That is why lah, who has enough time in a day, so I am on laptop when sitting on the throne lor. :P

  22. Haha
    That is a real good article.
    I still remember the days when I didn't have a maid, with two kids

  23. now i want A&W! curly fries... wahaha

    seriously, it's all a sacrifice, your time and all, but don't you feel guilty and misses the small one when u are not with them? Well, like my post recently, the time with the little one, is something I am not willing to sacrifice no matter what...

  24. wat a post !!.. i can feel it too now... mayb A & W for lunch later.. ops.. no wor.. i gng to eat.. babe noodle.. kakak

  25. aiyoo he cry so cham!! but no choice la...gotta keep our sanity!

    weekends for me are so tiring!!! i look forward to mondays!

  26. One kid no maid maybe still can cope... but two kids no maid... i think tougher lar... so start thinking now and perhaps look for maid liao.. J

  27. bro cried till like tat n u still can take pics ar??? good la u!!! hehehe!! anyway de most important things tat u n family happy happy!!

  28. Honestly, I really long time do not have A&W already...

  29. OOh babe looking at the food. You're killing me! Heheheheh

  30. Hi there,
    This post is so funny coz that is exactly what I am facing. Do you know whenever my son whines and cries seeking attention, I am kinda pissy and felt hopeless. However you put it in a very funny way. Kinda think about it actually kids are just kids, they are adorable aren't they?
    Well, so are you gonna dressed up your cutie pie for Halloween?
    Take care, keep blogging!


  31. there is nothing sweeter than looking in the eyes of your children. I am maidless too and like u, cannot even go toilet sometimes

  32. in 2 years or so....when yr boy is slightly grow up, a big boy....u will be missing his clinging, hugging, cium-cium, manja & lots of things that he used to do when he was a baby/small toddler!!

    so while i udrstd yr rants, just a note to remind u to enjoy it at d sametime, hehehe !!!

    u r doing great job....btw, why makan "sorang sorang"??

  33. Can identify with this post 100%. And yes especially the part when the little ones express their love when you least expect it. With simple loving gesture, everything does not matter anymore.

  34. I want A&W!!!! Totally understand what u are talking abt! Hey, at least u still can eat lunch. :) But yalor, a big hug & a "Mommy I love u" makes it all worthwhile!