Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Flies


Time really flies, Jayden is now 18 months and 1 day today. He is getting more and more matured each day. The way he share his toys, food, pacifier and his beloved spoon with me and dadi really make us proud of him. He loves his pacifier and spoon so much, but I guess he loves us more, that's why he is willing to share it with us.

Boy, mami hopes you will still share your love and all when you have a girlfriend inthe future!

Tough luck, I know!


  1. I'm sure he will still love you when he has girlfriend later. Don't worry! :)

  2. i love your scrap. that's ashley's favourite ride ;D

  3. I am sure JD will love you still and of coz to BigC too. He's such an adorable boy. With the spoon some more... I bet his future girlfriend sure sweet and cute like him too.

    So relax :)

  4. April: Hope so ...lets us hope

    Barbara: Really? So ngam Ah!

    Joneh: I really hope so lo!!

  5. Happy 18 months Jayden!!
    Don't worry, Jayden sure "ayang ayang ayang ayang ayang" u & big c very much!!

  6. Oh no... u're one of those mommies who want to hold on to their sons forever ah?

    That barney ride looks so familiar, 1U ah?

  7. Happy 18 months! I love the scrap! Now can plan for no2 haha!