Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Pakai or Tak Pakai?

Okay, woman talk.

How many of you girls like to wear G-String to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Line)?


Do you know that wearing it often will make your butt droopy? It's just like if you don't wear your bra often, your breast will be droopy too.

Trust me, I used to like wearing G-String until one day my ex colleague ( a very experienced lingerie person, she can see what brand and model you're wearing) pulled my g-string and scolded me. "You everyday also wear G-string hor? Samo wear competitor brand hor?. You want your butt to touch the floor izit? Wear la wear some more!". And she lectured me for hours..and hours... And she asked my merchandiser to get one of these from Thailand for me.

I Lurvvvvvveeeee it!

It's like you pakai or tak pakai type. Wanna see why? (it's new ok?!)


Cos the material is like the panty hose (some say it stockings) material. It's very thin yet strong enough to hold your Butt up and you can't see any VPL.


No sewing at the seam, that's why you don't get VPL. Although its a seamless panty but if you're wearing the wrong size, you'll still VPLs. So please, please buy the right size. I know, we like to assume what size we're wearing but our body changes every now and then. So get measured before you buy, the promoters know better.

So, Joanne here you go, the Pakai Tai Pakai Type panty. Mine is from Wac0al Rm14.90 bought from Thailand. I think in Msia it's about Rm30. So if your friends or family is going to Thailand, you can ask them to help you to buy. :)


  1.!! The ada pakai macam tak pakai must be very comfy.I will go get one for myself this weekend! Thanks, Sasha for the pic :)

  2. WAKAKAKAK......I am now enjoying granma choice leh..the ass is on an expansion spree!!!!

    Thot can do cheeksqueeze to help with lifting butts????

  3. Thanks and noted. Now I betul betul need to go buy the pakai tak pakai panty. I've been wearing G-strings for yearsssss... *check behind and see if it's touching the floor or not*

  4. That looks comfy and I am sure you won't get a wedgie with that! Hehehe...
    Oh by the way, I stopped by to let you know that I just tagged you!

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    actually hor...i really wonder how do u gals wear the g-string?...hmmm
    not uncomfortable gar meh? it's like everything shrink and crumble at the line*ahem*

    i can't even wore for 2 mins leh..sob sob

    btw, since we r in this topic leh...sasha can teach me how to wear strapless bra without falling down ar? and those deep v neck wan leh...which bra to wear hor?

    thanks in advance

    a beginner in vanity,

  6. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I have mine pakai tak pakai edi ;). I luv it too..

  7. Hurray for cheap Thai lingerie! Love Thai Wac0al but Miss Sasha ah, is the quality acceptable? *just wondering*

    I hate g-strings/thongs...

  8. hey...i've got them too but cannot wear anymore cos got them b4 i got preggers. now fatty bom bom already...must get new ones! kekeke

  9. i want! i want! i wanna go get 1! oh no! 1 is not enough. Kakakaka!

  10. A very "Sai leh" Superior and you must thank Lord for knowing her ah or else your buttock will touch to the floor, see you still attractive or not.

  11. Hehehe.. or can get from M&S Rm99 for 3 pcs in KL. In SG it's SGD30 for 3 pc :P

  12. Pakai or tak pakai type? Butthen cannot wear if wearing short skirt lah rite? Coz if u sit down at A&W then can see everything liao lor? Isn't it? Just curious, not hamsap ah.

    Oklah, I very 8 kong oledi, better go b4 all u ladies throw ur shoes at me. :P

  13. hey, thanks for sharing! i do wear g-string to avoid VPL. im gonna hunt this pakai tak pakai panty! :)

    Jean Chia

  14. Tak Pakai! If I pakai ini, I become Pok-kai (bankrupt). How much a pair?? If someone gave me a few pairs, of course I will Pakai!

    Sasha, why don't show a photo of how it looks like on real buttocks......on hand where got effect? :P

  15. Wa, looks good - I think must change to it now. Cant stand that wedge anymore. Also, got good exceuse to go to Bangkok - tosave some money. I am sure it costs much much more in spore!

  16. woi, you picture tipu lah.. show complete shot lah.

  17. hm.. interesting.. will get it whn i go there in nov.. keke

  18. i've stop wearing g-string for many years but i didn't know it will make the 'apple' droopy. prefer boy leg undies.

  19. i pakai this too! Mine also from wacoal.haha

  20. Oscar's Mommy9:17 AM

    wa.. i like! where to get la this undie... heheh.

  21. Joanne: Very comfy! ;)

    Mott: I like grandma panty..when i sleep!

    L'abeiile: HAHHAHAH i see its still very high up!

    Giddy Tiger: Tagged? *faintzzz*

    lili: Hi Lili, thanks for the comment and visiting. Do email me ya, i'll tell u there ;)

    Rachel + Annie: U two very updated wan i know ;)

    angel : I dont recommend cheap brands. Go for Triumph and Wacoal. Only for the pants is cheap, not recommended for the BRA. Its dmn hard.

    Bryan's Mama : Nevermind buy again!

    aprilWong : BUY! BUY!

    Sammi : Muahahahahahah thanks u!

    Etcetera~Mommy : wah so exp! But nevermind janji the butt is nice!

    adrian : Can......we sexpert ma

    Jean Chia : Good Good!

    Judy : YR HEAD AH! Muahahhahaha no wonder they block u la! hahha humsup!

    stay-at-home mum : Yeah I lurve Bangkok!

    Ah Pek : I buy, you wear and take picture okay? *wink* hahhah

    janicepa : Nov ah? U know what to do la

    TheBlueRanger : Me too! Boyleg da best!

    Oscar's Mommy : Wacoal lor

  22. wow.....i learnt somethg new fr leng lui again.

    sounds nice to have undie of panty hose material ehh!!

    will definitely lock this up in my mind the next round i shop for undies.......

  23. heh, 1st time i come across this !! thanks for sharing . How come the price different so much between M'sia & Thailand .... nvm, check out M;sia wan first.

  24. wahahahha

    i once saw b4 this wantun

    wearing white underwear (those big big auntie types) and g-string outside O.O

    i mean..visible lar from the way she sat on the motor

    white underwear n black G....hmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. Wow, I must buy also liao....when I went shopping..shd said bye bye to G-string...

  26. wei i never try g-string b4 ler....

    if u ever go Thai, help me buy one, let me try try! LOL

  27. This is exactly what I wear these days!!! Bought a whole lot of them when I was in Bangkok. The brown one does look Ah-Ma-ish...but they come in cream and black too!!!

    I find the local ones alittle thicker than the Wacoal ones!

  28. looks interesting...never seen before..where got ar?

  29. Wah.. so hiao hiao one the undies.

    I can only wear 100% cotton mia.. others make me itchy.. Haha.