Saturday, September 22, 2007

Only The Truth

Normally I'll do my tag in my tagblog. But this tag (got it from Kerry) is different. So I'll just do it here. As for my most embarassing moment from Chineeq and Brenda, I've done it in my tagblog.

This is the list of what I don't like when someone ask, say, tell me things that realllly piss me off!

1. Are you sure it's yours? Are you sure you did it?

If its not mine, or I didn't do it I won't post it on my blog, ok?

2. You changed job AGAIN?
Yeah, cannot ka? At least I can get job easily without lowering my expectations. You? Where are you? Can you go home early? Can you go to work late? Can you? Can you? (ooooo this is dedicated to my ex colleague who stayed in the same company for almost 5 years and still earn nuts).

3. Is that your son?
I recently told the person who asked me this question and I replied him "No, this one I just picked him up from rubbish bin".

There. I've said it.

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Annie Q


  1. wah....u really go tell that person like that when he asked u if that is yur son??

  2. hahahha..i like no. 3. serves the kaypohchi right!

  3. I can sense you are angry. Cool down my friend. But the last answer do serve them right though. Kekeke.

  4. Chineeq: like i told earlier, if i never say i won't post right? ;)

    Barbara: HAHAHA make them stone abit

    Joneh: Aiyah not angry la..i said MMMBeekkk when i angry ma

  5. Tell me which bin you picked up such a cute boy. I start my engine already, waiting to drive there immediately to get one for myself. a few extra as Christmas presents....

  6. you mean u REALLY made that coconut soup??? sure or not?????!!!!!


    *runs away*

  7. will this be one of your pet peeves now: which bin did you pick up yr boy ah? :-) Run...