Monday, September 03, 2007

Jayden celebrate Merdeka

How did the little one celebrate Merdeka?

He went to Ikea Merdeka Sale la! He was so tired, he just stayed there when we placed the bolster around him. But he still don't wanna close his eyes and he still managed to disturb the cashier guy when we're at the counter. The cashier boy was so afraid that he might make him cry if he were to remove the bolster, so he quietly scan the barcode. Suddenly Jayden moved his body like kena electric shock and gave that guy a fright. Aiyo....Ini Budak always give ppl heart attack!
But after that he dozed off...

After that, I got a call from Big C, asked me to buy some stuff. So we went for 2nd round shopping in Ikea. And the lil one was fully charged this time!
He ran and ran and ran and then he sat on the floor when he was tired.

Thank god I went with my sister. She did the chasing. Otherwise my belakang also senget!


And how did Mami celebrated Merdeka?


This lil guy passed the flu bug to me! Not only Flu, Cough and Sore throat too!

Laff Samo!

I really felt like wanna cekik him when I was blowing my nose and he imitated me by blowing raspberry and laughed out loud after that!


But how to be angry with him? I lap Him So Much!

Okay, I wanna go make wanton now....who wants?


  1. Oh, those bolsters...good buy hor? ;)

  2. The pillows look comfy. I want the pillow too. Hey get well soon!

  3. Aww...poor you. I get infected by Ethan all the time. Looks like I need more antibody than he does! Anyway, hope you're feeling better now.

  4. I'm here for my wantons! kekeke....

    Poor Sasha, flu, cough and sore throat. Have a good rest and drink lotsa water.

  5. wow the lil guy sure got some sense of humour...imitate you some more. Like the pic of him asleep with the cute

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  7. I've just cooked my wantan. No one wants to eat. :P

  8. so comfortable sleeping like that....pass the bug to someone else, and you will recover...*evil grin* LOL! Get Well Soon and Take K!

  9. Oscar's Mommy11:38 PM

    aikes... wanton ah? tak mau ler... hehe, i tot of going to ikea too but was too afraid of the crowd. so i mati mati also stay at home...

  10. sasha,
    I want the wantons! kekeke!

    Wah, you also sick now? I think it's not spreaded by your little one. Like I told you, the virus spread through blogosphere nowadays. :P

    Take care and get well soon!:)

  11. Wah... like that oso can sleep ah? Vy adaptive lah ur boy. U get well soon ya. Nanti pass to Big C pulak. Take care!

  12. I want try!!! Wow both of you like shopping so much :)

  13. Eh... I was at Ikea too leh, same day! I think I was there from 1pm till about 5. :S

  14. haha aiyo he so maja can z anywhere one!!!

  15. hor-hor.....sleep like that also can hor..!My gal loves using the tricycle in Carefour to cycle around when we do shopping, hehe...

  16. ur cheeky jayden... u do take care hor.. weather is not good..

  17. get alot of things from IKEA ??? nice shopping there, i seldom been there for long, kajang to IKEA is quite far . Kids like bolster alot. My boy got 4 bolster too.

  18. King's wife : good buy.normal price is 15 plus now 4.50 only

    mybabybay : Okay *achooooo*

    LiL'deviL : yeah cos they drink milk and we don't ma...thats why theyhave better antibody la

    eastcoastlife : later i make, i courier to u la

    WMD: aiyoh you see he imitate me dunno wanna cry orlaugh la

    shoppingmum ": haha u sick also ah ?

    AprilWong : passed edi..but he recovered faster than me

    Oscar's Mommy : we went early easy parking lo

    Kok : sick since last Tuesday liao

    slavemom : yeah when he is sleepy anywhere anytime also can

    1+2mom : hahaah u want my wanton? u know what type or not...myhingus u want ah ?

    sue : hahaha means we were there la...but i was hiding cosi never expect to go ikea never make up and wore like parlia ppl hahahha

    Winn : maja? Manja? hahhaha ayeah too tired

    Mummy to QiQi: ooo that one cannot h will bang everything

    janicepa : yeah weather sucks

    Anggie's journel : nearby but long long time go only nice ma...everyday go u will be sian

  19. Hehehe.. so cute sleeping in the trolley. And yeah, kids just like to imitate adults, kan?

    Eh, your wantons halal or not? ;)

  20. no wonder he can sleep lar..the bolster soo comfortable, with aircond and someone pushing around the trolley...

  21. yerrrr Amah didn't get to go...waaa waaaaaaa...

    Take care girl, sick sick oso can go kai kai!

  22. aiyooo.......see him so tired like that, i felt "sam thung" instead leh !!!
    poor boy got to accompany his shopaholic mumy......but luckily he was retreated to "wan ton" later..... !!

  23. hehhe...with a face so cute, how to cekik? ;D

  24. ini macam pun boleh kah? I really envy babies who can sleep anywhere!! Aiden just wants the king size bed...

  25. Can sleep under such circumstances.. he must be really tired. Hey.. you're much better now. Btw.. nice phone :P

  26. Get well soon..!! i want wantons too..!!

  27. Nadia : Halal made from 100% hingus la

    chanelwong: Hahaha super tired

    laundryamah : stay at home also sick...go out also sick..better walkwalk abit la

    Jacss : hahaha he cannot stay at home also la

    Mommy to Chumsy : yeah lor how ?

    milkmaid : hahaha normally he wants his smelly bed but since he is so tired anything la

    Etcetera~Mommy : thanks..a lil better

    mama bok: My wanton made from the stuff that come out from my nose wor...u want ah

  28. Jayden looks so cute in the picture.

    Hope you are getting better.