Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr Phua and his Ipoh Siao Cheh

Let me tell you a story about Mr Phua. No, not Phua Chu Kang. It's just Phua BK.

Anyway, Mr Phua is in his mid30s. Short, not so educated, dark, speaks Cantonese most of time, in sales line, a dad of a one year old todd. He loves his todd with all his heart (you can always see a pair of todd shoes in his car) but he don't love his wife that much. His reason: she is not that pretty anymore. Well, I wonder who made her "not so pretty anymore".

Anyway, me being a newbie in the company, sits right next to him. And no one will ever listen to him. I wonder why. After 1 month of working there, I finally know why.

Everytime he comes back from Ipoh, there's nothing else to talk about, except how "fun" his Ipoh Business trip was. Being a newbie, I cannot tell him off. So I just nodded and nodded. I remember clearly he said " ALL MEN WILL CURI MAKAN. You think your bf won't cheat one you? You wish la." I just say "yakah?" Then he will tell me "Ipoh girl very pretty, the skin soft soft and white white and the best thing is 80 bucks only. You can "play" as long as you want. They very nice and gentle wan...they won't say no". Can you imagine my ear being so so so painful hearing all these nonsense?

Anyway, one day out of a sudden he told me that my boss,also visit "fun" places like this. Although he can stay with his relatives in KL (btw he is from Penang, comes to KL every month, early 30s, highly educated, daddy to a 1 yr old, handsome, smart, and very rich) he will chose to stay in Ritz. Why? Easy for him to invite girls over. It's not the girls where he picks them up from a club. The girl that he invite over is from a list and he need to pay for every hour of service.

That made me so ....geli and so so sick of them.

One day Mr. Phua came and told me about his latest "fun" session in Kl with my boss.

And I asked close his eyes and imagine...

Me: Imagine that girl is super pretty. With big boobies.Wah...she wanna play hide and seek with you...

Mr Phua: * Smiled while closing his eyes*

Me: wuah she is removing her clothes, what will you do next?

Mr Phua : Start humping la!!* with his eyes closed*

Me: nice or not?

Mr phua: Nice!!!!! *with eyes closed*

Me: nice hor.........................then you turn around and your wife is standing next to you holding your son's hand and your son said "papa, what are you doing??
" Still nice or not?

Mr Phua: *opened his eyes* SH1T!!!!!

And he went back to his cubicle, speechless.

Few weeks later he came and told me, " I think my wife is seeing someone. That guy always come even when I'm around. Some more bring my son out with them".And I said to him "what comes around, goes around. You say she is not pretty anymore what. Now another guy thinks she is hot. All these while you are having fun with your Ipoh Siao Cheh, how about her? Now its her time to have fun. Fair right?" And I left the company not long after that.

He is now a father of 3 boys. Out of curiousity I have asked him in our latest phone conversation "so you still go and have fun ah?" And he replied "Nolah, cannot la. I don't dare already".

Maybe everytime he tried to have "fun" he will imagine his kiddo standing next to him and ask him "papa what are you doing?". Oh no what have I done? I just made someone mati pucuk when he sees a prost1tute. Muahahahhahha


  1. good, bagus, baru taulah! siapa suruh curi makan di luar!!

    Hahaha, mati pucuk.. hahahaha!

  2. LOL! This is too funny...but it's good to teach 'em a lesson.

  3. LOL ..!! you did good..Sasha..!! his wife should thank you .. for opening his eyes.. to reality..!

  4. Eh? MamaB? Wife also unfaithful wor..

    Good for u Sasha..mebbe u can teach those alphabetised men in A.Lee's blog, a thing or two!


  5. ahahahha! so much of drama at your office. grosses me out when I hear that men with a wife and kid(s) at home are straying...

  6. hahahhaa ... that's a good one :)

  7. Sasha, your reaction is so fast! How on earth did you come out with that idea?

  8. Wah.... u r the greatest la.... Eventhough I am a guy, I find it hard to tell those guys off!
    I think he should be thanking you bcoz now he got 3 bcoz of you!!!

  9. etceteramommy.com10:30 PM

    At least he learnt his lesson. There are many who are still out there having 'fun' and will never wake up until they contract diseases. Yeaks!!

  10. you have just done one good deed for womenkind!

  11. Wow, your office story is back. Sometimes I find man, "tai jek koong" Say only but deep inside very frighten.

  12. PJ: Hahahaah glad u're laughing and not speechless haha

    Vien: i hope so he learnt his lesson

    MMBK: hehe his wife dunno if she know he mampused.

    Mott: the wifey might looked like she curi makan, but maybe it's just to make him angry ;)

    mom2ash: me too!

    misha's mum: :) thanks.

    tutiger: i hope the other 2 belongs to Puah

    jo-n: no idea how . hahaha

    etcmum: Yeah u're right! grrrr

    sweetpea: :) i hope so

    Michelle: ahh....then pls wait for my 2nd unfaithful story then...

  13. Good job, Sasha! Well, at least the guy had a conscience. Some men really don't care.

  14. hehe....siao chie sasha...really cant resist reading your post...the way u say it so funny about getting mr Phua's wife to this blog??

  15. good wan lah sasha. these kinda ppl need to be teach a good lesson... i sapot u high high!!!

  16. Sasha, you are good!

  17. good on you girl!! I feel like slapping him. Can you help me ah? esp since you sit next to him!! kekekekw

  18. solute solute solute

  19. Good job in teaching that guy a lesson.

  20. padan muka mati pucukk. hahh! he deserved it! but ya lah, so much drama in your life. best lah!

  21. Wow...this is really good. Serve those dirty men right!

  22. Wah.... Think not so much of the son looking in lah.. Maybe he sked of wearing "loke mou" lah

  23. Big Pumpkin: Thanks :) I hope he meant what he said itherwise there will be 3 kids looking at him when he's humping

    Mummy to QiQi : Want me to die ah?

    W_W_H +Yenjai: Thanks

    Bryan's Mama : I left many many years edi la how to slap him for u hahah

    Kirsten: Thanks thanks thanks!

    L'abeille : If he don't go for siao cheh anymore....

    BabyBooned : So much more complicated

    Mommy to Chumsy: Yeah. serve him right

    NomadicMom : either becos of the kid looking or the green hat, anything la . as long as he no more look for siao cheh.

  24. hahaha..this is a good one!!!But this Mr Phua at least he regret and he think what he had done. Not all men are like this.

  25. wow......what a blue monday tales...wakes me up!
    it will be harmony if all men read yr blog & listen to u, hehehe !!

  26. Sasha, you are good ler!! In consulting your ex-colleague. I really hate this kind of man, really never appreciate own wife lor

  27. Hijackqueen10:39 AM

    Yea. Like you say, what comes goes around, come around. Very smart of you to teach him that lesson.

  28. sick! i mean the man lar. serve him right if his wife had affair. thank goodness there are people like you to tell him off....and not his wife (just kidding)

  29. You did it right...but it is really sickening when hearing his enjoy stories.

  30. Hahaha! You so funny! At least he's learnt his lesson! ;)

  31. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Good job :)

  32. He bluff u wan lah. Ipoh where got so cheap. RM80 only wor. Got meh?

    Ermmmm... he got tell u where ah? kakakakaa.

  33. warao CLK la those guys...tau sik some more so proud! blek..

  34. Sasha oh Sasha, how can I not visit ur blog neh? U always have something to make my day.

    WahHaHa! Serves the fler right. Tit for tat!

  35. Sasha Boleh!!! LOL

  36. I really hate guys who boast abt their 'fun' encounters. They not worried their listeners know their wifey or family kah?

  37. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Mr. Phua sure that his wife's children his ah? Hahaha! Better ask him to check!

  38. u helped save his family!

  39. Potong stim betul!

    But like we say woh.. Stim doesn't mean DO. DO doesn't mean Stim woh.