Friday, February 29, 2008

Jayden says: Dear Dadi...

Last night you telephoned Mami and I answered your call. But since I don't know what you're talking, as usual I will try to put the handphone into my pants. Mami said cannot do that because the phone will be chow-bee. (smelly).

Then after that Mami changed me and say I must look lengchai. She said we're meeting with someone. As soon as I reached the place, WUAH! I saw my favourite. So I ran straight to it. PLAYGROUND!!!!

So I played and played while Mami tok and tok to the other aunty and her daughter.

This girl is also like me. She likes to hold things in both her hands. Her name is TongTong.

Then they ask us to sit together.
What's up with the fork you say? I love metal fork and hate plastic fork. And I can eat better with metal one. That's why. You can see that TongTong is abit shy. Why ah?

I am imagining myself eating something. And here you can see that TongTong saw something.

She saw this la. The uncle at Secret Recipe helped to light up the candle for my sing-song practise again.

This time I blew the candle even before they finish the song. Pandai mowe? See my pointer? That's how I say good.

After that we have our dessert. Yummy!
Eh, yours pink colour ah? Nice....mine is blue. 

Dadi, I think I have a friend already. :)

Finally mami snap some pics for Aunty Jane and TongTong.

And I fell asleep in the car. Babai. See you tonight.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Night without Dadi...

March is going to be doom's month cos my boss from Singapore will be in Msia for few weeks. Thinking about it makes everyone here get instant headache. So probably not much blog post from me then. :) That's why I'm blogging like I am having diarrhea now.

J was all happy yesterday when I picked him up. He took his bag, wore his shoes and walked out happily saying "BABAI" to nanny. Since most of the major roads were flooded, we decided (more of I decided, since there's only the 2 of us) to just stay home and cook some porridge.

I was so blur, thinking that half cup of rice will be able to give me 2 bowls of porridge. But I was wrong. Cos cooking on direct fire and double boiling need different quantity of rice. So we ended up with barely one bowl of porridge and my son seems to have good appetite, walloped near to half bowl of rice.

Lil J surprised me again last night. Usually he will fling/open our room door wide, allowing mozzies to come into the room. Not that he doesn't want to close the door, but the door can't be closed from inside the room, unless you hold the handle. Since he can't reach for the handle, he will just leave it wide open. So last night I told him, "Come mami teach you how to close the door okay?" And I tied a long ribbon to the handle. He shake his head. I said,"aiks don't wanna learn? Fine." I went and did my cleaning. He came out and went back into the room, closing the door using the ribbon tied to the handle. No wonder he shake his head, he already knew how!

He happily sat on his potty while asking me to sing "Sally the Camel" song for him while mami gotto hold the camel and do the clown gestures while he holds a goat in his hand and pretend to sing like his clown mother. Nope he didn't pee or poo in the potty after all the singing and reading. The night before, after singing like 10 times of the same song, read the same book for almost 5 times, finally he peed in the potty. He shocked himself and refused to sit on it after that. He said "Eyer!!!"

I asked him "where is dadi?". He just continued to play with his toys. Normally he will say "Da Di Di" and run to the door. Maybe he knows that his dad won't be around last night.

We "ayang" each other while lying down on the bed. He even asked me to bite him and tickle him. And suddenly he showed his tongue and wanna touch mine with it. Hehe.. So the whole night is just hugging, tickling, laughing and talking. He tried to repeat what I said but it always end up with Yeah Yeah....Well, at least he is trying.

Suddenly he went down and brought his potty and nod his head. I said "WUAH Good Boy!" And I fastfast (ah long time didn't use this word already, hehe) strip his diaper and he sat there saying MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and he stood up and showed me the hand gesture "Don't have". Kena conned. Nevermind...maybe false alarm.

Then he lied down on the bed and yawned. I asked him "Darling, do you want nen nen?" No reply, busy playing with his Henry. I asked again and he "nodded". This is the first time he answered me. So happy, like kena lottery. :)

I didn't sleep well last night, so I am walking in zig zag form today. I actually waited for my alarm to ring. The lil one woke up after me. He lets me do my stuff while he enjoyed his milk and watching channel 703 Asian Food Channel (training him to be a chef, muahahahhaha) at the same time.  He happily took his fav toys and put them into his Barney Bag, wore his USH (shoes) and walked to my car and sat quietly in the children car seat. Once reached nanny's house, no fuss, happyily said BABAI! and walked into the house.


Long post eh? Seems like a long night to me. And seems like we have done alot in just that few hours. More compared to when Big C is around. And lil J seems to behave better when the father is not around. Totally opposite behaviour when the father is around. Is your kid like this too when the father/mother is not around?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guinness Book Of Records?

Remember that I have blogged before about the little one trying to imitate a guy in the Guiness Book Of Records for Most Watermelon Smashed with Forehead?

He has his own version of Guinness Book Of Records also....err that's Guiness Book Of Records for my house la.


Notice: No kiddo or oranges being hurt in this act.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's how Lil J calls a Horse. The other day while waiting for everyone to arrive in PJ Seafood, we brought him to see and greet the horse. Yeah, they have a pet horse there. They also have a baby alligator, bird, tortoise, huge Fish and etc. Sounds like a zoo eh?

At first the "hos" was busy munching  grass far away from us.

Soon he came nearer and nearer and lil J "ayang" the "hos".

And the hos "ayang" him back.

I wanted a pic with the hos and Lil J. Then as I got nearer, the horse wanted to bite me. Big C also wondered why did the "hos" suddenly behaved differently. Since it was getting darker and darker, we decided to go into the restaurant and wait for the rest to arrive. As the horse went further away from us, then we know the reason why he wanted to bite me....


Ewwwww...........Not bad huh? I can even turn a "hos" on.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Over The Weekend

I think I should not procrastinate my blogging about J. Otherwise when I go senile, I won't remember what happened to him last time. *hehehe* I hope I can remember my blog addy when I am senile.

MG asked what happen if Jayden decided to just lie down flat in Pasar Malam when he is angry in my previous post. I will grab him and give him a smack and ignore him. And he will cry and stop within 10 seconds. Sometimes he'll get what I mean and sometimes he will continue to be a rascal and everyone goes home. No kai kai. 

He's quite a stubborn kiddo but when he is nice, he's super nice. Last weekend was smooth sailing for us cos the little one behaved alright. He went around AYANG (sayang) while stroking ppl's face.

Yeap, still with his beloved ChitChit. Only wants the blue one and rejected the green one! Okay, that proved that my son is not colour blind. KaKaKaka

I went home last week with a special package from Whoisbaby. Thanks Anna!
At first he was so excited to see the Thomas top but when he looked closely, there's no AWI (Henry) so he walked off. But then when I put it on for him on Sat, he looked pleased. When you ask him where is Thomas, he will pat pat his own chest.

The 2nd half of Sat, we're so busy preparing for my mum's 60th birthday BBQ.So it's off shopping in Carrefour. We even brought J for a haircut in the QuickCut place that costs us RM15. The hairdresser is quite nice. He gave J a sword balloon but the lil one liked his rolling chairs better. Then proceed with the haircut with 3 clowns (Dadi, Mami and my sis) entertaining him all the way without any crying at all. YAY! After that we went back to mum's to marinate the chicken and whatever things that we bought (my elder sis did all the work :P) and we went home quite late. *senget*

Sunday, I had the weirdest Curry Mee near my place. The curry mee came with just Mihun, CHIC and TauFuPok. And that's it. Since I took a bite of the Curry Mihun, so I cannot request to change it. They served me someone else's Curry Mihun. :S Luckily Jayden behaved quite ok by sitting quietly and eating his fish ball with his fav now, FORK. Otherwise I'll go gila.

Then we thought we can rest before the party, Mom wanted us to drive her to the temple to pray pulak!! So off we go la.. Boss panggil , what to do ? Lil J enjoyed the temple cos there's UWAK (cat) and got Nana (banana) to eat.

He finally agree to wear my shades. Last time he used to fling it away. Noticed shorter hair? It looked Mohawk now, like his old baby hairstyle. Need to buy some gel and gel it up for him. hehe

Now he can even push it back to the right place. hehe

While we're preparing for the party, mum kept saying "See, Do la.Do samo. See who susah now? What for wanna waste energy?" Do, kena. Don't do also kena. What is wrong with the old people??! Is your parents like this too?

Jayden with his cousin Jeremy and my BIL.

The lil one fell asleep during the party but woke up when we sang the birthday song. He even asked me to put back the candles for another round of sing-song. We've been buying small pieces of cake (errr a big one during cny) just for him to practise and prepare him for his big day. Hahaha

We went home quite late and the lil one was all charged up cos he took a nap during the party. Once reached home, he was playing with the mandarin oranges on the dining table. He aligned the oranges in a straight line and he looked at me with the cheeky grin. And guess what he did? He slowly put his forehead and touch the oranges, one by one, from left to right. You know why?
We watched Guinness Book of records on tv during the daytime and one of the event was 2 guys smashing watermelons using their foreheads (something like this video) and he was trying to imitate them! *pengsan* Aiyoh....have to becareful with what he watch on tv now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 days more to go!

Time flies! Lil J will be celebrating his 2nd Birthday in 30 days time. In fact it's shorter than that cos I have something planned for him the weekend before his birthday which falls on a Friday. So maybe a short holiday on his actual day? *hint hint*

Lil J just got back from work nanny's house with his Barney bag and Henry train, greeted by his good friend, ChaCha Chan.

Ever since CNY, it's so difficult to bring him to his nanny. Once he see us in working attire ( i mean his dad not me- i dress casual to work :P) he will start to give flying kiss-crying! Once I drove and turn into the nanny's house, that's it. Havoc! So everyday we (Big C and I) will go to work feeling sad for making him cry like that. :( Lately his nanny told me that he refused to sleep. He will sit on the sofa and wait for me. Then he will slowly fall asleep. That's why when ever I go and pick him up at 6:45pm he will still be napping. Once i kiss him, he will wake up and start to ask me to wear his USH for him and wave bye. He knows the way home and on thw way back, must stop and snap his fingers (no sound la) and once reach he will hug his chacha and ask me to take out his shoes for him. Awwwww i miss him already!


He is definitely showing signs of Terrible Two Stage. Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *pull hair* For those that have seen it before at Barbara's open house, you will know what I am trying to say. This is what he will do when he is upset or being stopped from doing whatever he planned to do. ie climbing the staircase, climbing the table, opening the drawers/cabinets and etc etc.
He will lie down on the floor, sometimes he will kick but most of the time he will just lie down and don't move. Normally we will just let him be and he will stand up within minutes and totally forgot about it. But the headache part is when he is with us in Pasar Malams or in supermarket!

He can understand us better now and know how to be scared (finally!). Let me tell you a story yeah,the other day while we're at my mum's place, Lil J asked me to open a mandarin orange for him. I said "NO" cos he just recovered from sore throat but he insisted that he want it. So he threw the orange at me again. I said "No, don't throw. Mami don't like, ok? And he did it again. So I said "OK. Mami is angry!" And I hid my hands under my armpit and looked away. Then my sister scare him by saying "Ohhh! Mami is angry with you!! Oh! Oh!" Then he started to cry and tried to look for my hands. Then he tried to sit on my lap, but I curled myself up like a ball, refuse to let him sit on my lap. He then tried to hold my face to look at him. I shut my eyes. He tried his best to korek my hands, my legs and my eyes, while crying like mad.

Then my sister said "You better sayang Mami and say sorry".

Then I felt someone stroking my head. And I looked up and I saw this facial expression. *melted*

He quickly hugged me and sat on my lap, quietly. So finally he is worried that I might not talk to him anymore. :P

He used to reject the block puzzle. He will play with the blocks but will throw it away once he's not able to chuck the block into the container. Seeing other kids like Malaika who can do it since many many moons ago, I wondered if Lil J is really like what my old Gynea used to say- slower than other kids due to my viral fever while i was carrying him. So lately he found the block puzzle and solved the puzzle himself. YAY! Must be the P&E juice that I have been feeding him!
Wanna know what is P&E Juice?

His speech got a-lil-bit-better after cny. Maybe we spend more time with him compared to his nanny. But he is still ignoring me when I asked him to say PLEASE and THANK YOU. Why ah? Some of his favourite and new words:
NANA- Banana
Elli - Elephant
*roar* - Tiger
Chip Chip - Bird
UWAK - CAT (??? dun ask me why, he has his own language)
USH - Shoes
HOS - Horse
UP - Up!
BABY - for baby lor...

And i forgot edi..Itu brain memory not much left. Need to reformat it soon. Muahahhaha thing i musn't forget - TIME TO BRING HIM FOR A TRIM!

Wah i just realized between his 22nd and 23rd month update, there's only 4 posts. Damn slack of me I know. Maybe this time I will slot in 5 posts between his 23rd and 24th month update. hehehe

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

:D i brought my cable!

So finally I remember to bring both the cable and the camera to download my pics. :D

So this is how lil J looked like on first cny.


And that's it for cny. Sekian Terima Kasih.

Muahahahah You know why so few pics? Cos I wasn't feeling well and Big C was too busy stopping J from ransacking ppl's house!

So anyway, here's the little note about him in my office on CNY eve.
He was very happy that I drove passed his nanny's house instead of stopping. So he thought that we're going shopping. We arrived very early because the road was all clear. So we waited and waited and finally the key-person came. He was very excited to climb the stairs up to my office. Once reached, he was still wearing his shoes and he was all clean and tidy. I even brought his Henry train and his Elmo pillow, just in case he wanna lie down.

He then asked for his Ah-Puh. And then he ran around my office like his own house althought it was his first time here. He checked every room in the office, so at the same time I need to run and close the doors of the toilet, the store room, the accessories room *pulling hair abit*.

And he kept coming to me, wanting to sit on my lap and see what I'm doing with my MAC. Then I showed him Thomas Train cartoon via youtube. I thought that he will sit quietly and watch. Nope, not even 5 minutes later, he ran to the sofa and lie on his pillow.
He even tried to take down the cat picture frame on the wall. That's why you can see that it's senget sebelah. He removed his shoes and tried to get comfortable.

Nope, that didn't last for 5 minutes. He then did his thang. Left, right, front, centre, everywhere. I didn't managed to work at all.

He even went into the accessories room, asking me to let him play with the dog toys.O_o I said no and the crying began.

Then he went into the dark store room. Our driver was doing some stock-take and he don't seem to be scared of the indian driver at all.
Yes, Kaki Ayam all the way. Can run faster and easier. So fast until he trip and then began to fuss and finally slept! *phew*

And I only had 1 hour more to finish 2 designs before we call it a day, which I did and that make me so happy. Carefree holiday no need to worry about work not done during festive holiday.

We left at 1:15pm because the little fella refused wake up and go home. I said bye to him and he continued to run around the office. *slap forehead* At the end I dragged him out and we went home.

And that's all about his first and last time in my office. No way I am bringing him here again. If his nanny agree to jaga him on the eve of cny, then maybe I will be all energetic to snap more pics (yeahlah..excuses).

Oh yeah..he drew something and he told me its fishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
How nice ah ?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How was it?

I better write something. Otherwise I will be so constipated like my blog!

So, how was your new year? Mine was *mumble mumble mumble mumble* like dat la. Long blablabla ahead. Maybe you want to skip and go straight to the pictures? :)

New years eve is always a headache for both of us (Big C and I) cos we wanna please everyone and make everyone happy.Big C wants to be with his side of the family and my mum still cannot accept the fact that I won't be around for new year's eve dinner after i got married. That's like 3 years already! Every year she will call and call and ask if I will be there or not. This year its the same old case again.

So to make everyone happy we hurried off to mum's before dinner. I ate some of her famous stew pork with abalone and sea cucumber *yum* and she asked again "Got big prawn lo...but u dun want to eat..*sigh*". Then stay abit later, she will say "wait a while la..sure u dun want to eat with us ah?" The feeling is like *sigh*......

So it's like 10 mins more...10 mins more... 10 mins more until my uncle's family came and we sat down. We ate some and hurried off. Everyone was just quiet when I left. Do you know the guilty feeling? *sigh*

So we hurried off to Chan's cousin, Loke's house for dinner in Subang. I was telling Big C how susah it is, every year also the same story. He replied "why you married chinese?" Yeah hor? Why marry a chinese leh? Both my sisters married non-chinese and they're there for every occasion. And during christmas we have extra celebration. Big C, good suggestion time when I get married I will keep that in mind :P. (choi, tai ka laii si!)

Ppl were already eating when we arrived. Reunion dinner never state that everyone must sit down and eat ah..they only say eat together. So can eat in living room, kitchen, outside the house and etc etc. So that's what we did la. Yee Sang was the last dish because my BIL came even later that day. Must wait for everyone to lou sang ma..

So here's the YeeSang, all the way from Ipoh.

And everyone did the Lou-ing thing. Spot the kid! He also sibuk-sibuk wanna lou!

Took this pic while standing on a chair. Yeah, too short so need to stand on a chair. But still too short!

Then Igot down and tried to take a low-shot, mana tau the lou-ing comes from the bottom also! They never kasi chance the yee sang, they wanna hantam the yeesang kau kau!

Noticed that they used a wok for the yeesang? 2-Mai mah, how to fit in to normal plate?

This is the first time Lil J ate YeeSang. Last year he rejected it. He likes the pok-pok-chui thinggy. 

We went home early because everyone was like dead fish by end of the day. Moreover both Big C and I was working that day and I brought Lil J to my office. Lagi no rest *pull hair*. See la, if if I have the time I will blog about it.

And the lil one woke up the next day, in a very cheery mood.Rushed to the dining table, climb on it and searched for the pai-nien(visiting) stuff and handed it to me. He likes to say "here!"


I took some pics using my Olympus camera.
Last time I forgot to bring the cable for my Olympus. (Lazy wanna bring dslr)
Today, I remember to bring the cable but I forgot to bring the camera!

So that's all la for today, if I remember to bring my camera AND my cable tomorrow then maybe you can see somemore pics in the next post la.