Monday, August 20, 2007


U know the feeling of suddenly you have the urge to eat that specific food and if you don't eat it you will toss and turn on your bed, and think think think so much about it. When you wake up your husband tells you that you just smiled when you're sleeping and half way arguing talking in the middle of the night, your reply to his question is..."there got nice food wan....." HAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHHAHA

So to stop me from smiling in my sleep, Big C said "Come, I belanja!" Apa tunggu? Pick up my phone and called my sis and BIL to join. JALAN!!!

Yeah I'm itching for crab. This was Big C's request.
Milky crab. MINE!!!!

We didn't go to King Crab or Fatty crab this time. We went to PJ SEAFOOD, next to tropicana golf club. Apparently the chef from King Crab used to be the chef here before he moved and have his own restaurant. So the taste is about the same but I can tell you something is different. THE PRICE!

That 2 baby up there costs us RM30 perdish (rm30/kg). Normally we will have 1kg in King Crab + Fried Rice + Vege and that will costs us about RM60. We also ordered fried OO Chean and claypot toufu.

Half way eating my BIL excused himself and help to jaga Jayden. Big C stopped not long after that. My sis stopped too. I'm the LAST SURVIVOR!!!! And here's my last kopek....let's celebrate it with me..

*burp* excuse me. I'm so full, I wanna go sleep. I don't think I have energy to even smile in my sleep edi. I told my sis...

"No more crab for 3 years. Oh well maybe 1 year la. Errr....Maybe few months la. Maybe few weeks. Okay, 1 month! No more crab for me!"

And my BIL said "eh come next week I belanja you makan in Subang. The crab there nicer la!"

and I said "Wokay! Set!"
Ah....some of you notty people sure think why I have the urge to makan specific food eh?

Sure you guys think of that "P" word.

I tell you hor...*shy*

Yeah lo...

I am..

I am Pregnant Virtually! Muahahahahhahahahahah

Sorry too much crab. Talk Crap --> Gila already.

I wanna go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now.


  1. Those craps look so divie. You make me so hungry now. Lucky I stop eating seafood. Now just go make maggi mee to fill my stomach. Not so silence reader. hahah :)

  2. Flsam: Haha not so silent reader anymore ya? Why cut on seafood?

  3. Oooo... the Milky crab looks so sinfully delicious! The restaurant located in PJ ah. okie, I'll try it next time I go KL.

    alamak, you make me so hungry.
    I'm gonna drool in my sleep.... ish.

  4. I went to King Crab on Sunday for late lunch. 2 persons ordered 4 dishes! LOL! In the end kena ta-pau the fried sotong. *malu* Looking forward for the next crab meal. Any recommendations? You made me hungry!

  5. Last March I saw you, you already got that tummy dy. You mean that time you were not pregnant ah?
    Aisey! Oh! It's just a spare tyre izit?


  6. The craps looks drooling! I want to go eat craps also!

  7. sasha,
    Sorry ah just now didn't reply your message. Was in uni. hehe.

    Wahlao, the milk crab....WOOOOOLAALLLAAA!!! Eh, next time you don't want crab, call me. I'll for sure be there one. But, make sure I don't need to pay the bill lah. hahaha!

  8. eat so much crab later came out 1 oso talk crab owes! ;P

  9. Wow..! you got me excited.. when i read.. you are pregnant.. and then i saw the word VIRTUALLY..!! aiyah..!! make me so happy for you only.. :P
    i also craving for crabs.. haven't had them for 6 yrs now..! see lah..!! i should be smiling every nite too..!

  10. Oscar's Mommy8:03 AM

    adui... this morning i eat bread oni lei.. saw the crabs... can die la! so, when are we going?

  11. the milk crab looks so yummie and creamy!!!! Early early morning make me drool !

  12. Haha
    You know how to enjoy food

  13. looks nice... milky crab with fried mantao... SLURP...

    but u really eat too full... hahaha... talk until I read also pening... hahahaha

  14. Firehorse9:16 AM

    I jarang eat crab as I *blush* lazy to peel, if got ppl kopek 4 me then ok la.

  15. hahaha..lucky i had big breakfast today, otherwise i will drool all over my computer!
    But the crabs looks yummy yummy!!
    When we go for crabbing ar?

  16. You mean crab makes u pregnant? hehehe...You really make me hungry.

  17. Ohhh.. I love the cheese baked crabs in PJ seafood too..yummiee..but i like it with steam mantou, instead of the fried ones..fattening ma..ahahha..

  18. Nei Yau Jor!!!! If not where got crave for food wan.

  19. eastcoastlife : Yeah next time u come to KL bring me along...! hahah

    aprilWong: recommendations in Kinbg crab ah? or other place?

    Cocka Doodle: I also saw yr stomach like going to burst , not yet 40 weeks ah? Aisyee...

    AceOne118: Yeah eat craps la eat with AH NEL!

    Kok : Yeah when u wana wok this dish?

    ah nel : You not yet eat crab meh? i tot u eat already tim....


    Oscar's Mommy : U know when la..

    Joanne : Sorry *wipe saliva* me also drooling now : Got to edi ma

    ShannonC. : U pening only...others not pening wan. U okay ah ? hahah


    Annie Q: Can can u pay ah ?

    michelle : Yeah how u know ah ?

    eve : Yakah the cheese baked nice ka? Okay set! hahaha

    Ah Pek : Nolahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahhahaa u ah!

  20. my stomach making noise lar...soo yummy...

  21. eh, at first thot it's king i know another place with nice crab!!

    milky crab is my fav......

    since now stress free-time to make another "lar char meow meow" ler, no??

  22. ha ha..crever girl. I got ur sms.

    i fast fast read...dun look at picture lor... wakakakakakakakakakakak!!!!!

    i think after sept shud be ok...HOPEFULLY!!!!!

  23. wow...the crabs so yummy...i oso want...but have to wait till i recover what i eat also taste bland to me...

  24. After eating crab, mayb baby is on the way! kakakaka...

  25. favourite ler...make me "lau hau sui" only. Btw, I have just send you a simple tag here :)

  26. chanelwong: Dun say u okay.. i sendiri see also stomach growling

    Jacss : yeah!Make? better make cake la easier

    mott : Okay set then sept la!!!

    Leng : Oi u apasal?

    Jesslyn : U ah..nothing on yr mind besides sex and baby

    Mummy to QiQi : yrs also? sama gang.

  27. This is my kind of food *drools*. The hubby has been craving for them lately and I said "this weekend". Yummy...

  28. Wow..i love crabs but so far had not eaten any cos not enough hands to eat and jaga monster at the same time :D

  29. Wow... *saliva drooling out*... I'm almost going to eat my computer! YUMMY!!! I love crabs!!

  30. i took crab last wkend too at subang airport ... not as satisfied ... any suggestions .. i like ur butter crab tho .. must be really good.

  31. OI! Why tak ajak???!!!! I've been there thrice. And yes, agreed, the price is more reasonable than King Crab's. :)

  32. Haiya you ah...I also thought you're preggers already LOL Wah, Jayden shouting Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Might you have a tengkolok in your house? He'd look cute dressed as the Tunku!

  33. Hi Sasha,

    I'm Stephanie from Melaka. Got to know you thru the link from Mummy to Qiqi. I tried the crab too. It is so damn yummy, especially when it goes hand-in-hand with the bread. :)

  34. Angeleyes2:40 AM


  35. Sasha, yea wor, I nearly want to ask, "You not pregnant are you?" Cravings in the middle of the night.

    Hiyah, luckily you don't live in UK lah. What crabs wor? Wah, hubby so good hor, Sasha feels like crabs, husband says, "Let's go".

    I only like crabs cooked in like the tomato chillie sauce or baked or bbq but this creamy one.....mmm, not too sure wor.

    I haven't had crabs for 2 years liow. Sob, sob.....

  36. Wah.. that last pic really make me lau hao sui!!! I've never had milky crab b4. Must try next time I go back to Msia.

  37. You the one who make me and my sis also want to eat crab, so last weekend we celebrate my father birthday at King Crab lor that you mention that day.

  38. wwaaah... u got check your cholesterol level or not? :P
    i wanna eat too!!