Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Will the real idiot please clean up?

Kindly look at these 2 pictures below:

This was taken last week.
This was taken today.

First thing first. It's not Big C's. (Cocka, don't even think about saying it's Big C's) We don't need contraceptive like this. We have natural contraceptive --> Mr Jayden Chan.

The first pic, when I saw it (while walking to nanny's place to pick Jayden up)last week, I thought it was just an empty cigg box. Then look closer, it looked like a plastic glove in the cigg box. Look closer again. DANG! And it's right in front of the house which belong to the rumah orang-orang tua. O.o

Then today, when I got out from my car I saw the lovely orange color thing.DANG! Again?

I told Big C and he said he saw another yellow colour condom cover on the street the other day too.

Someone's been busy lately. Yeah, happy la. But then, no need to tell whole world that you just had fun (proly in the car??) right?

So should I go and "clean" it up? Otherwise ppl might think that it belongs to me since it's just next to my car. But then if I go and clean it up, ppl will think it's mine. Cilaka!

So will the real idiot please clean up?


  1. aiks..clean also said is you dun clen also said is you..die lor.
    So disgusting, very 'sun shou' just dump like that..aiks.

  2. just kick it aside lor.. err.. then quickly wash ur shoes..

  3. sasha,
    Hmm...Looks like the economy in Malaysia is not good. Don't even have the money to go hotel for that. :P

  4. Alamak! jialat liddat!

    Bring your largest electric fan out and blow it away!!!

    How come the view around your house so nice ah? Or too secluded?

  5. alamak...tong sampah so far off meh..yucks

  6. its not me for sure... hahahha...
    and u don't go clean it too... later ppl thought u n Big C pulak. Just ignore it.... how come the place so nice to do it kah? kekeke...

  7. Eeewwwkk..!! can you imagine.. explaining to a kid.. what it is..?? i have had that asked of me.. by a kid before.. :(

  8. make dunno, walk away. 100% sure ok wan!!!

  9. Anonymous8:42 AM

    im living in a condo, have u all seen the superman condom ?? fly out from the wondow with the fluid attached !!! yucks ... vomit !!

  10. Eeeewww... so geli. They just think it's so convenient, chuck it out from the car (I think in a car too...hahah). Maybe someone snuck out of the house.

  11. burn it! burn it!

    whoever it belongs to, his kkc sure very painful wan!! LOL!!

  12. GROSS! Eewwwwww.. throwlah in the tong sampah? Geeeezzz!

  13. yuck!U should call julian ask him to come here as paparazi to take the picture who is that "idiot"!
    Ya, sound like ur area there very "hot" to have fun wor? *wink wink*

  14. duhh... why those ppl like tat one? dun bother wif itlahh.. dirty your hands later..

  15. oh gross !! I wouldnt bother cause then you'll have to wash the shoes !!

  16. eh, can come back at night and catch 'yellow feet chicken' :)

  17. wah...sasha, u can even stop by to take a pic of it somemore, kekeke....if i sure run away liao *blushing*...

  18. wahahha, had the same experience, its jz that only the wrapper is lying on the void deck of place i'm staying.. thank God got ppl come n clean up one. wakakakaa

  19. aiyo! damn sicko!

    how can ppl leave their sperm lying around in the streets..PERVERTS!!

  20. 1+2mom : yeah lor...cilaka notonly one time la

    janicepa : kick it? it's flat on teh ground.

    Kok : hahaha its not exp its more adventurous..

    eastcoastlife : Hahaha nolah!!

    jazzmint : many tong sampah everywhere

    papajoneh : hahaah if u stay nearer i'll say its yrs.

    Mama BoK : err say its a balloon? hahah used balloon ma

    W_W_Ho : thats what i did la!

    YSA: wuah superman condom!

    LiL'deviL : hahahah that i dunno la.

    Ah Pek : u also think so? hmmm maybe i shud consider hahahha

    Nadia : yalor. cilaka. sudah hepi then just simply throw

    Annie Q : Julian went bek to KK edi la..hahahhaha

    khai khee: yeah hahah

    milkmaid : yeah thats what i did after i took the pics hahahah

    Sweetpea : hahaha i wanna sleep la!

    Mummy to QiQi : yeah ...keep just in case i can blog it. ops sudah blogged tim.. hahaha

    Erin : lucky u!!

    Huei : hahahah yeah la..he wanna derma some to the society

  21. Shasa, should try to set up camera outside to catch them in action and put in your blog... :P

  22. aiyoyo.....must salute u for d guts to snap photo some more.....

    i would just brush it off, couldn't be bothered lah...... disgrace !!!

  23. Maybe it's Jayden's nanny? Muah hahahahaha..

  24. wahliauuuuuuu...... is it the orang tua one or not??? hehehhe

  25. Angeleyes2:30 PM

    yikes! Who is that moroon ah???

    Get your Bobo to kick it away to the nearby bushes lar!

  26. Hijackqueen3:38 PM

    Go park your car far-far!

  27. Sasha, aiyah, got people like that one.....hahaha.....but to throw it in public area is sheer rudeness. Disgusting person whoever he is! Eh, whose responsibility is it to throw the condom ah? Girl's or boy's? Wahahah..

  28. SiwwyPig: Ai meh? i dun wanna be sexorazzi lor

    Jacss : hahahah i also sun sau go and take picture hahah

    Zara's Mama:'s agnes wan

    Julian : If KY jelly maybe la hahah

    Angeleyes : bobo? hahahha he will go to sleep la

    Hijackqueen : Its in front of my house wor

    Judy : err its guys wan...why u lost yrs ah?

  29. eww! that is so gross! did you see any liquid still trapping inside hehehe ;p

  30. eh geli la!!!!! hey sasha, i think no matter what, ppl will think its yours since it's beside your car...? very cilaka indeed!!!!

  31. Send to Wriggley for recycling and make chewing gum lah. LOL