Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dunggu Mama


I must admit I'm old.

I brought Jayden to Toys 'R' Us the other day. And of course the little one will run around and start poking playing with all the toys that he can reach. And most of the time, the toys are normally "cacated" or the battery is flat.

So he went to this car steering toy. (If you've read before in my previous post, Jayden loves steering wheel). Of course he went crazy just looking at the toy steering wheel, key, gear box, signal and horn. And he began to poke here and there. But the toy just wouldn't make any sound. So I tried. Nope, not a single sound.

So I told Jayden "Boy, it's spoilt. Come, let's go" and I turned around.

Guess what? *music playing in the playground*

I turned around and saw Jayden playing with the steering wheel.

What happened?

He used the key to to start the engine. And then he masuk gear and jalan. He even signaled and he pushed the horn and he went to start all the engine for all the toys he can reach. Remember he's only 16 months going to be 17 months soon?

So now u know why I'm a Dunggu Mama?


  1. sasha,
    You're no dunggu. Only your son is smart! haha! The next Malaysian F1 driver... Jayden!!! :P

  2. pity u, dunggu mum!! no lah, not dunggu onli slow only. old liao mah u, thats y dun anger so much... right???

  3. Kok: Hahahha u terrible la.

    WWH: hahah yeah mental blocked

  4. LOL! Ah boy is so smart! You wait, he will outsmart you very soon. :P

  5. You where know how to operate the toys wan! Jayden boy boleh!!!!!!

  6. Sasha, are you asking us to agree with you that you are dunggu ah? You give us permission to say you are dunggu ah?

    I be more polite lah, I say, CEO is a lot smarter than Managing Director lor. :P

  7. Time to get him that toy!

  8. jazz: yeah!!

    Vien: Already half way there! haha

    ace: hahaha yeah lor! U wanna help me take care or him or not?

    Judy: U can call me dunggu la...hahah i dun mind wan

    Stay at home mum:NOLER! Already got one similar one at home but no need to use the key to start first only can operate wan!

  9. eh, no tears roll down meh???

    kids will give us surprises all d time ehh???

    u old ahh, me leh???

  10. EstherL10:09 AM

    the toddlers always doing somethg to surprise us. Now my son start to copying my pattern. hahaha

  11. Haha! Send him for professional driving course now! LOL!

  12. wakakakakakaakak

    dont' worry..my kids always managed to kaotim the toys better than me... it's not an old thing la...

    just a toy thing..


  13. hahahahaha..smart Jayden!!! And mummy not dunggu la, just too many things in her mind.;)

  14. hahaha,your son is too cute!
    Thanks for your reply on my first blog. Mine is nothing to be ho-ha about.
    Do you know you kinda remind me of someone...err anyone sd that you look like the gorgeous Christy Chung? =). But I think you do.

  15. that boy is seriously smart!!!! who would've thought of starting the engine....???? toy car what...

    ermm i think i might in the same boat as u lah. blame it on the fact that we didn't have those toys during our time..? hooboy now we just sound old pulak!

  16. maybe your jayden is the next lewis hamilton ... :P

  17. Must be daddy teach wan lah nih. Kaka! The boss no say anything ah?

  18. Shasa, now you can get Jayden to fetch you go out kai kai already... Hopefully he is willing to fetch you out though.. :P

  19. mom2ashley3:35 PM

    such a clever boy...he's a natural.

  20. Eh...why all Jaydens like steering wheel wan ah?

  21. Hahahaaa..... now even toy cars need KEYs, ah?

  22. Jacss: Ah? This one very mild only. Got others i really feel like crying..HAHAHA cry loud loud samo!

    EstherL : Copy yr pattern ah...then becareful lo... hahahahah

    Nadia : Hahah ask him to work and find enuff money thenonly go to sch himself. Mami pokai edi . no money

    mott : yeap HAHAHAHAH

    Annie Q : ;) u know me ..

    Moonlight_tears : *shy* got la...hahahahha

    BabyBooner : HAHAHAHAHAAH no lah i think the creator is damn smart

    zewt: lewis hamilton drive what car edi ah? Mclaren or not.. i likey mclaren

    Rabbit : that one in next door looking at laptop la.

    SiwwyPig : i think he will say ma...u take the cab okay?

    mom2ashley : hahaha maybe maybe we'll see later

    adrian : Eh yr jayden also????

    Tutiger : U also dunno leh???????

  23. but a car is a boy's thing.. so even if we can't operate is ok..

    I realise though kids tends to be very clever to learn how to operate these things.. the toy company very clever, make the mother look stupid, the child look clever. :P