Thursday, August 09, 2007

Colour Pencil Part 2

Thanks for your earlier comment on my part 1.

LikeMummy to QiQi said...

mamak also got wifi advance liao....sasha, the dark photo effect is nice! u might wanna consider d ikea round table and colorful stool. Qiqi's table become our living hall coffee table too...

Yeah we did go to Ikea and looked left and rigt for the right table. And I wanted to buy the set with 1 table and 2 chairs. It was Rm89. Then I had the same thinking with her...
Judy said...

Ya wor....Jayden big boy already. See, small things like this, educational and make him so happy.

Sasha, you wait lah, when he starts going to school, you will surely cry one! No bluffing here.

Shopping for table and chair from Ikea? I think they have nice good range.

But hor, I tell you waste money also. All the colour tables and chairs I got from Ikea, bed, the end all also give away cos children grow up so fast. We tend to spoil our kids too much these days, learn a lesson from this grandmother, I am suffering now from their want, want, want addiction! Not only want wor, want it yesterday some more!!

So, the next day I went to Mydin (why nowadays always go to Mydin for shopping huh? My sis's office is near Mydin) And we bought this for him.
A short table for RM 17.90 (just in case he climb on it and do some funny dance and fell down. At least it's lower than normal table so the "injury" will be "less". Haha which HE DID LAST NIGHT, WHILE WATCHING BARNEY. Wanna dance on the table and fell down like cempedak. Cried like mad, I tell you!) And a small stool (RM3.90) where he can sit by himself, with the position like sumo wrestlers lifting up their legs before the match..HAHAHA funny sight)

And he happily posed for me...

And he said "Oh No !!! HOMEWORK!!!!! HEADACHE!!!"

And Dadi came home and played with him. He used the little plastic knife to cut the watermelon in half for his dad. That's his new toy. I bought in from Spore to teach him about fruits and vege and also how to divide things in to 2. His nanny told the other boy's mum that these toys like GIRL!!!! Girl her head la *fuming*

He's beginning to have conversation with me. Shorts one. he will say DIGA DIGA IKA IKA???? Okay, I dunno what that means but somehow I know what he want. Haha His dad always ask me what he want ah?

The other day when I picked him up from nanny's she told me. He asked "MAMA eh?" after all the other children left. Yeah, I'm not surprised cos sometimes he will ask me "dadih eh?" He's beginning to ask me questions. One time I tied my hair back and as he lay on my chest, he asked me " diga? diga?" then point point at my ear and my hair for a few times. Then I realised, he asked me where's my hair? So put my hair down and he smiled and started pulling my hair...Adoi!

Every morning he need to do the same thing. Drink his milk and slowly pass the bottle to me (cos he used to throw his bottle and I smacked him, so he's scared edi) and will ask me to carry him to see ISH.... that's his version of fish. And he will say udddd.... for Bird.. And Chiak Chiak for ChaCha my doggie.

Haiyoh why this post like zhappalang (cincai boncai)? Cos I was blogging in mamak (wifi not action okay. My sis don;t have streamyx, so the only place I blog is at the mamak :( . And when I'm at home Jayden will stand in between me and my laptop) Samo my sis and BIL left to work edi and I'm still here.. That's why I'm just typing whatever I can remember! CHOW!


  1. Haha! So small boi already got homework to do ah?

    Eee cried like cempedak, must have hurt a lot eh? *sayang jayden* Can i have a piece of watermelon please?

  2. ha the table! Cheap is best actually..I aso got cheap table. At least now, he is like a real CEO!

  3. Wow..u very rajin ar sasha. Blog at mamak stall!Jayden look so cute and happy on his new "study table" and new chair!The small table look very nice!

  4. WAHHHH Mamak stall also can blog. Salute you! Why don't wanna blog at home?

  5. he really look like a big boy...
    and and, the table, ME LIKE!!!!!!

  6. yeah, i know how it feels. my eldest daughter just did that last week, climbing the gate... fell down...*pook* cry like mad. at the end, daddy the one who kena scole... ;(

  7. OMG! I just love those photos of him! And he loves colouring eh? Good good.. and eerrrr, where got girl's toy? Tell the nanny if like that boys no need to know about fruits ah? Siao!

    p/s: We don't need to buy table and chairs sebab sudah ada turun-menurun from my youngest brother. Hehe. Saveeeee money.. ;)

  8. Beh Tahan...Jayden so cute until I must leave a comment.

  9. wah..this morning when we chatted over the net, you were @ mamak store...

    Oh..poor Jayden, must be very painful!

    Thanks for the tips, i always wanna get a table for Lil Kelvin, look left right up down, all so expensive...and now i know where to find it...Mydin, here i come!

  10. so everyday got to visit mamak?
    at least now boy-boy got a table to write liao!!

  11. The table's sure nice and cute but hor, when Jayden boy's legs get longer, u pasti buy a 'taller' table for him neh if not hor, he'll have to sit on the floor to write lor OR u can always 'pok' (join) longer legs on the table for him. Kekekekeke.

  12. cooking is not only for girl lar...Jeriel also like to play masak-masak...Got male chef mar..haiya

  13. sasha,
    You can teach lil j really well lah. Do something good, sayang. Do something bad, SMACK! haha! That's the good mama!:P

  14. Rabbit: Fall like cempedak...not cried like cempedak *pengsan*

    Mott: Eh ..u hari ini takde pengsan ah ? bagus bagus..

    Annie:where got rajin...i got no choice u know

    Imm: i working part time ma

    Shannon: U like leh...

    Rimus: Oi u Rimus or WWH? Yeah when they jatuh our heart ache more than them ah .

    Nadia: Yeah lor..where got girls toys

    WMD: Hahaha only u say he is cute la.

    Joanne: come come to mydin! haha

    Mum To Qiqi: Yeah everyday breakfast here use wifi lor

    Tracy: wuah long time no see u . Taller then sit on the floor la.

    Chanel" not masak masak also la that one.. hahahah

    Kok: Haha only u say i'm good mother la. thanks ya

  15. Jayden like to dance on table top ah?
    Next time you grow up unker take you go see table top dancing ok?
    Bar top also can.

  16. who says cooking toys for girls ah .... my boy also play cooking toys ... also the ones u mention ... cut into 2 ones!! He loves those when he was Jayden's age. While cutting, he would say "CUUUTTTTT" ... with a long pause ... hahaha!
    Eh the table got numbers and animals to learn too ... cool la.
    How's ur new job treating you?? :P

  17. aiya...jamie oliver so femes oso boy mah.....oso cook mah...apalah ur nanny :P

  18. Mydin things so cheap hor. My colleague bought 2 set ler.

  19. so cute his "talk"!

    aiyoo mamak also can blog summore with pictures...u very terror!

  20. awwww...can i have the plastic knife to cut the fruits as welll??? =P hehehe so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hijackqueen3:49 PM

    The toys like girl? Eh, next time you see your nanny, give her a slap with your slipper for me cos I bought that for my kids to play and my son love it too. *fuming!*