Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bila Merdeka?

Normally ppl writes backdated post....but I'm abit cuckoo, this is my post dated post !Hahahahahha This post was meant for my post before the Merdeka celebration..here goes
Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 50 Malaysia!
(did I say it correctly? if wrong dun sue me okay? Muahaha)
Anyway, I was searching high and low for a flag and I tell you, it's expensive. And now they even have what original and fake flags! Haiyoh..If sendiri make means fake izit?

Anyway thanks Shannon, Nadia and Dinah for complementing my Merdeka Scrap (they saw it in msn). Now that it's big do you still think the same? I wasn't in the mood to scrap (although I can scrap easily when I'm down the hill) but I just stared at the screen for few days and Jayden was moved here and there and finally I cincai did this scrap.

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Look at the animation picture above and you will notice there's actually 3 different pictures. And Jayden looked different in each pictures. Not bad eh? Haha Okay, why he was laughing when we took these pictures? Because I gave him the flag and asked him to go to the door and run towards me when I say "OK!!!". So he did it for many times, again and again until he went abit GILA!!! And he thinks that it's a game, that's why he was super happy when we took these pictures! HAHA


He turned 17 months today. This little cheeky guy of mine is SOOOOOOOO active and notty nowadays. Dadi is not wearing his underwear anymore cos he threw in the white ones and whatever colour he is wearing as an indication that he surrendered.But anyway, we prefer him to be active rather than to be unhealthy! Janji he is healthy!

I checked Jayden's language development when I visited Shannon's blog last time. And he was under the "normal" category. Okay la...I don't expect my son to be super smart (if smarter also i don't mind haha).

Right now he is climbing up the bed, walk towards me, I'll bring him down to the floor and in nanoseconds he's walking towards me on the bed! (while I blog on the side table HAHA) and he's been doing this for the last 20mins....and more to come *pengsan*

The other day, while I was walking towards the nanny house, I saw him from far, sitting down and looked at his friend putting on his shoes. His face: about to cry and sad face. Nanny told me lately he will cry when other people goes home before him. So that day while being sad, he turned around and saw me. He jumped up and shouted "YAY!!!!" and started to clap his hands. When I picked him up from the ground, he smile and gave the "action/show off" face to the other boy's mom. HAHA everyone said "wuah! action ah! Today go home earlier than kor kor?"

Well I hope this month he will be able to:
Learn more words
Grow fatter
Hair to grow longer
Feed himself better than before.
No longer attracts Mozzies like flower attracts bees!
What else? let me think hmmmmmmmm..................

Okay don't write so long. Otherwise ppl will say I write as long as a river. Muahahahha and maybe too long some ppl might get lost while reading my post!


  1. sasha,
    Little Jayden is growing fast lah. And yea, he's fatter a bit liao. haha!

    Happy Merdeka to you!:P

  2. wah nice LO.....time flies huh

  3. mozzies .. wah so many mozzies bite on his face la .. poor thing.

    big boy oredi ... :) mommy must be happy la when he saw u and said yey .. melted oredi la!

  4. aiyo, so many mozzie bites on his face. Poor Jayden,

  5. i find the scrap interesting!! especially with the self made flag! hehe ... :) yeah Jayden looks cute and happy in the three photos!!

  6. ya...really nice scrap. u scrap at mamak? hehe...

  7. I like your scrap. Very nice :D

  8. EEek so thats the scrap i saw in msn eh? Nice!! =P

    Hahaha! Eksyen lah jayden when he cud go bek earlier. =P

  9. I still think it's a nice LO! :) How much is the flag?

  10. woi, cannot simply play with flag lei... later ppl sue you ah... haha, i got a few flags at home, courtesy of carrefour...hahha.

  11. nice scrap... i really like to see your move move scrap.... very interesting and hor... the self made flag... later kena sue wor... bleekkkk :P

  12. yr cutie pie is just so cute lar!!

    eh, flag also need to buy meh, i thot can get free everywhere, no???

    aiyo, saw the mosq bites also felt itchy for him edi.....

    eh, not wearing udrwear, what u talking lar....not udrstd, me slow kah??

  13. Wah.. cincai do oso so nice one. So if do properly, how?
    Next time go pick him up earlier, then he can show off again. :)

  14. Nice scrap!!No mood also scrap so nice? Woohoo!
    Happy Merdeka to u & Jayden & Big C.
    Jayden had grown up so much la!Big boy liao

  15. wah so patriotic horrrrrr ehhehee...

  16. hahaha wah u want a fei fei ah?

    happy merdeka to u...yahoo holiday!!

  17. you are so patriotic. my hubby bought a flag for ethan too, the one with some candies inside..from the sundry shop :-)

  18. Kok : i want him to be fat fat

    jazzmint : yeah time flies

    twin : this pic was taken a week back. yeah mozzie Yeah mozzie just love him. Maybe his blood is sweet

    Malaika's mummy : yeah ...sigh

    min : Thanks the flag is an old flag

    Mummy to QiQi : Nolah. Look at the time it's at night la

    Mommy to Chumsy : Thanks !

    Rabbit : Thank U! yeah he so eksyen

    Nadia : Thanks dunno from where la..i found it in the store room hahah

    Oscar's Mommy : Hahaha eh this one got 14 red and white stripes and the bintang got 14 bucuwan ok. Original

    kiasumum : the scrap is self made not the flag

    Jacss : only u say he is cute la hahahah Apalah..when ppl surrender ppl throw white towel. he semua throw until underwear also throw..u un ?

    slavemom : Yeah i try so hard

    Annie Q : Yeah grow so much edi. So when if your next one ? hahah

    Julian : wah u long long time come one time..

    mommy of 2 angels : Of course want fei fei!

    TheBlueRanger : yeah i tried to look for that one but at the end found one in store room haha

  19. Wei.. indeed nice scrap la!! Oh, but I wonder if 'they' will come after u for cutting the flag into pieces.. :P

    Happy 17 months Jayden. Time flies....

  20. Jumped over from Grandma's stories, and I love your scrapebooking. Must make time to do that too! Love your blog! :)

  21. tunjuk IC, mau saman sama lu!!!

  22. Hello YOUR NAME IS SASHA! Wahahah....

    You are so hardworking wor to get all the things for this photos. Nice scrap.

    Yes lah, poor Jayden got mossie bites on his forehead. So, that one I also agree, no more attracting mossies from here on instead ATTRACT GIRLS!

    Sasha, no need to worry that he is not fat. Jayden is not skinny either. Healthy enough already. I speak from experience. Now hor, my kids can eat and eat and I don't have to worry about them getting fat. Fat at young age, next time you want to restrict his diet when he becomes older. Listen to this grandmother lah. Hehehe.

    His diet is good enough already. You know how many obese kids in this country that the government is trying to do something??

    Ok, you think your post long ah, this comment long enough or not? :P

  23. Happy 17 months JD .. u bigger boy now.. later play with ko ko Josh ok..

    and Happy Merdeka if terfrgot later on....
    BIg C surrender already ah.. aduh .. kesian u lah... or probably u happy lah dis ... :D

  24. so fast? merdeka still antoher week to go lar... i know i know, i'm looking forward to the hols also...

    n'way, 17 months!!!??? so darn fast... soon it's 2nd birthday liao

  25. sasha, jayden's progress is soooo good! and ure so right; better active than unhealthy! ppl always say Gib is like "ulat" because he cannot sit still, but i dont careeee. better active than tired-sick! anyways, have u ever tried the anti-mozzies talcum powder for babies....?? i'm gonna try it myself soon. will let u know how it goes. saw it in a pharmacy near dsara uptown.

  26. nice LO. I like it very much!!

    don't worry about Jayden's speech development thingy on the chart. It's just fun. According to PD, as long as our child can understand what we ask them to do, means his speech is not a problem...

    Don't worry about the weight too..as long as he is healthy, that's the most important thing..maybe he is active, that's why he burn all the fats easily.

  27. Hijackqueen3:00 PM

    Cincai do also the scrap is nice wor. Happy merdeka to you.

  28. What a cute patootie! I love all your pics! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  29. kesian him attracting so many mossies.. attract chicks you ok or not?