Monday, August 27, 2007

He love...

Nuff said. He love his spoon with all his heart. I don't know why, but he just like to hold it in his left hand and won't let it go when we're out of our own house. Many tried to disturb him by taking away his spoon and giving him other things like ice, food, tv and all but he will cry like mad if you take it away!

We went to the BU Merdeka Community fest to support my SIL at her booth last Saturday and we stumbled upon Nyonya Penang and Angel in BU shopping centre. They recognized the "lil man" first before they start to look for the mother. So you say who's more popular?

I'll be going slow in blogging these few usual la..Merdeka and holiday mood ma...chill la babe. In fact I've gone slow-mo in blog hopping too. I only remember a few blog address and I don't dare to open my RSS reader cos it will indicate that I have many many blog post to read. I don't have internet connection at my sis' office and when I come back, the lil one will hold my hands and try to distract me from typing . How? Stop blogging? See how's just not easy maintaining a blog....*sigh*

p/s: i tried to blog hop just now but my comments got eaten up. Don't know what's wrong and where my comments flew to...dang!

Anyway, if you wanna know how to chase away Ind0n robbers, go here.


  1. Chup!!!

    No, it's not liddat... I saw the boy 'chewing' his hands and then I asked NP, "Ei, that wan looks like Jayden." She said, "Ya..." and then you come from behind liao...

    ps: Lu manyak sexy ;)

  2. sasha,
    How come take spoon? time I'll give him one bar AUSSIE choc... For sure he'll let go. haha!

    Eh, no stress lah. Blog whenever you feel like it. I'll wait patiently for your new post one. :)

  3. Eh, better a spoon than an expensive toy that is hard to wash. When the toy chow chow already, cannot wash because Jayden must have it all the time.

    With spoon, so easy, dirty, quickly wash, wipe and give back to Jayden. Clever boy wor.....

  4. oo u went to the carnival many ppl i saw fr outside.

    in case anyone come close can ketuk that fella with spoon mah

  5. Haha! So cute.. Irfan only wants to hold anything that has BMW on it. *slaps forehead*

  6. sleeping also want to hold the spoon?! Funny but cute :)

  7. how come ur blog telan my msg ar?
    i also forgot wat i said...

    I oni remember say now he really must hold 1 feeding utensil in left hand and while he do every other things...

  8. oh i remember another...
    i say ur scraps getting from nice to nicer... say i like...

  9. Firehorse7:31 PM

    Jayden and his lil spoon, so cute.....well enjoy your down time, come lim teh with me sometime ok?

  10. that's cute. does he want another spoon or just this one? Have a great merdeka holiday :D

  11. to jayden, the spoon is the most useful and important spoon in delicious mum-mum. wait till he sees the big wooden spoon...than ahhhaa....can use as a protection tool too.

    jaysen is fehmes...jayden's momma is hot and sexy...jayden's poppa is lengchai. :)

  12. got picture on the spoon or not?

  13. oh u went for the carnival ... initially tot of going but in the end when we tot of the heat ... better not la.

    he must have loved his spoon .... there must be nice characters on it ... hahaa.

  14. angel : Haha so fast u chup. ohh thank u thank u manyak pretty also

    Kok : Kok no idea la. Okok u slow slow wait ah

    Judy : correct! this spoon also take from Mcdonalds only. Go missing also nevermind

    jazzmint : yeah i went quiet ok. haha ketuk the head? he ketuk my head lor

    Nadia : haha hig class irfan

    Malaika's mummy : yeah u take it away he will wake up

    ShannonC.: I also dunno la. Yeah he suka hold and dun use wan. funny right?Thank U thank u

    Firehorse : Lim teh with u in yr blog izit

    Mommy to Chumsy :any spoon but we gave him this one cos free from mcd and if lost it also nevermind.. haha

    nyonyapenang : hahahah takkan wanna use and whack ppl

    Sweetpea : neh posted in the scrap ma..the white one

    twin : it was hot la...but its ok No character wan...just plain white only

  15. eh so easy ahh, just give spoon only, kau tim !!

    no need pricey toys, hehehe good boy !!!

  16. maybe some sort of security for him?

  17. The spoon is his security blanket. Just like Tim last time.

  18. Sometimes in life, all we need .... is a spoon.

  19. You son like to eat so much, holding the spoon whole day. Next time will be 'sik shan'(eaten god)..haha.

  20. a blankie! Spoon only mar, why do you want to take it away from him?

  21. Jacss : yeah my son very easy wan...anything also can play

    chanelwong : Yeah i guess so

    Health Freak Mommy : ok will do it next week

    mybabybay : yeah i guess so

    moby : VERY TRUE

    1+2mom : Yeah but how come so skinny? haha

    LiL'deviL : Just wanna disturb him la

  22. the pics r cute. lil J holding his spoon everywhere n even when he's fast asleep!! so funny la! really dont know WHY he chose to have that spoon hor...instead of his other toys!

  23. hello, I have a tag for u:

  24. My son used to hold on to his face towel. That one so smelly also cannot wash. Must buy 3 pieces and then secretly exchange it when he was asleep to wash it. He would cry the whole day when he discovered his smelly towel was gone. Kids!