Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Merdeka....and its time to indulge

I love weekends and holidays. Why? I have to go back to my mum's cos I need to send Jayden over for her to play sayang. And in return she cook all these for me to indulge .....
Her Salted Fish Tau Fu Pok In Claypot *drools*
Her sambal udang...must eat with my fingers *drools*
And lastly.... her vinegar pork leg with lotsa lotsa egg!

Wah syiok! She said a very wrong thing to me "what you wanna eat on Sunday then you call me lor and tell me" Muahahhaahhahahahahahha

Anyway these pics are part of a tag and if you wanna know more about the woman that cook the dishes above, come here la. Oh yah, Annie, Julian, Angeleyes and Kok you're tagged here!

HAPPY MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Merdeka day! and happy holidays!! hahaha

  2. Oh my goodness, such nice food. I hungry already but my mum lives in Melbourne, how? Boo hoohoohoo!!

    Sasha, my head spinning already, how many blogs huh? Where do I go? Which one to link, all?

  3. Hey list down all the good places to eat in KL/PJ and send to me...:P

  4. sasha,
    Mouth watering dishes... Can I eat the dishes and not do the tag? hahaha!

  5. Oooo!!! It's been a while since I've had sambal udang. Love it!!

    Happy Merdeka Day to you and everyone across the Causeway!

  6. yo...yo...yo...Happy Merdeka!

    *I better not complete the song or else....masuk balai* ;)

  7. Happy Merdeka Day!! *drooling*

  8. Woahh.. so nice!!drooling now and starting to feel hungry.. mommies are the best!!

  9. Camiseta Personalizada11:50 PM

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  10. yummy, I am drooling.... I miss my mum's cooking too. She is coming to cook for me this week.

  11. ooooh...the Sambal udang is my's been a long time...

  12. nice and yummy food, especially the taufu pok!

  13. Wah, A SUPER GREAT mom u have there!

    Looks like u r mom's pet ehh? Izzit bcoz only u call her mama + "lai lui"/youngest dd heh??

    On the name calling part, i also have a little brother 'angkat' that call his own mom 'ah sum' but call my mom 'mumy' instead. How rediculous ehh, so better believe sasha, it happens elsewhere too, hehehe !!

  14. AceOne118: Happy Holiday!

    Judy : chey not many la. one for general, one for Jayden only, one more tags. not much what .

    mybabybay: when u coming la

    Kok : U try and see? haha

    moby : Opps maafkan saya ..saya terpost dish yang tak halal....

    L'abeille : Hahahaha wont catch u la..they're busy

    mama bok : Yes!

    aprilWong : Happy Merdeka to u to

    khai khee : Nice leh? now i'm thinking what to eat for sunday

    Malaika's mummy : WAH U SYIOK ALSO LA!!!

    Sue : nie chon loi lo....where U MIA So long!

    huisia : yes...i might ask for this sunday

    Jacss : Yeah she's da best . without her i wont be me today

  15. wow...your mommy is really good ah. thank god for our mommies:D hey, what a coincidence, my MIL just called and said she'll be cooking the vinegar pork leg tmrw and asked us to pick it up..slurp slurp ;D

  16. Mommy to Chumsy: hahah thank god that we have MIL that can cook vinegar pork leg ya?

  17. Angeleyes1:01 AM

    eerrrr..... how to do this tag ah?