Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I kena harassed and it's all his fault.

I have two posts today. So if you have time, please read both la. I might be going for a blog break. Lost touch. I'm so sian lately, just no mood to blog. *sigh* No internet at working place, cannot blog hop. Come home also tired and Jayden wants my attention. So...lost.

Yesterday, I went for an appointment. And it was located at level 6. When i got there, I looked up and down and I couldn't see any level "6" button in the lift. So I went out and looked at the directory. And the company's name was listed and it was located at level 6. So I asked a Malay guy (not being racist here ya...) how to get to level 6. And he showed me the way....the story goes like this:

Man: Come, I'm also going up to level 5.
*door opened*
Man: My name is ???? (forgot what was his name, couldn't be bothered). *shake hand*
Me: My name is Sasha *shake hand, geli because the guy was touching my hand*
Man: What are you doing here? You work here?
Me: No, I have appointment here.
Man: What's your name again? Can I have your number?
Me: *smile, buat muka bodoh, pretend to look for something in handbag, pretend to be deaf and the door opened*
Man: *shake hand again, this time grab grab the fingers touch touch* what's your name again? Can I have your number?
Me: *smile* I'm late for my appointment! Thanks! *run up to level 6*

So I smsed Big C:Just now while coming up to level 6 this man shake hand with me, touch touch samo want my number! Gila.

*phone ring*

Big C: What happened??!!!
Me: Nolah, he want my number and samo he touch touch my hand.
Big C: Oh hand only izit. Okay la. Talk Later
Me: O.o

Went home:
Me: You jealous izit just now?
Big C: I thought he touched where....
Me: So touch hand can la?
Big C: Cannot...
Me: So you angry or not?
Big C: Angry..........Must be you never wear your ring la.
Me: Got la *show ring*..ALL YOUR FAULT!
Big C: I know la....the diamond too small ma..
Both: *LOL*


  1. sasha,
    Now who say your hands are rough. Touch non stop leh. kekeke.

    Next time, pick up your handphone and pretend you calling someone. "Ah darling, someone wanna touch me leh. You get ten of your men with samurai then wait for me outside the lift can?" Like that mah. haha!

  2. haha...must tell him eh i gave u my phone what..u go check n see LOL

  3. Tell him you just touch pork and give him your husband phone number. :P

  4. muahaahhaah....Big C is funny :D

  5. hAHAHHAA.... kau memang hebat. what a good story... u 2 really funny. cilaka the man..touch touch some more isk.

  6. Don't be sian ya..!! take a rest.. and come back in full force ok. :)
    As for that "geli" man..! alot around here too.. avoid like plague..!

  7. next time remind me not to shake your hands ah :P

  8. ask Big C to buy a diamond just like a size of a 50 cents, sure no ppl dare to come and kacau wan!!! muahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! Big C nose bleeding like mad!!!

  9. you tell him 'i gotto check with my husband first' mar.

    that ring part is only to make Big C feel guilty lar..right?

  10. Oscar's Mommy8:39 AM

    eikssss gelinya... i will not want to be in the same lift la. michelle's comment so funny..

  11. Anonymous8:45 AM

    please dont let them shake ur hand or etc. not to scare u. some of these ppl used those special thing. once they touch u, later u might follow them home *touchwood* pls be careful ya

  12. Eeeee... So 'hiao' (hokkien) one that guy. I also like michelle's comment. Tell Big C you will be expecting a tiny present for the next special occassion...kekek...tiny present, big in value!

  13. Aiyer, did you wash your hand after that or not? Sei ham sup.

  14. Haha! Ask Big C to get you a bigger diamond ring! ;) LOL!

  15. ya ya..two of u very funny la..i mean u & big c. This is so call " chen chui"?

  16. haha..disgusting men..but better becareful when going out alone, with all those crimes all around now..

  17. Eee- hear that also, my hair stand. I support support - should have given Big C's tel.

  18. hahaha, should have given him big c's number... wahahaha....

  19. crazy man....luckily u are alright, dear :)

  20. Whoa sked me i thought what harrassed pula. Turn out to be funny. Kaka!

  21. OMG so dangerous!!!!!!

    luckily u're safe!!

    ahahhahahah hmm..i need to hint this to my boO! kakakaka

  22. beckysmum6:31 PM

    A normal Malay guy will not shake another women/girl's hand! Better be more careful next time.

  23. Kok : hahaha like dat after the help come i kena rape edi la

    jazzmint : hahaha make like he bodoh like dat izit?

    michelle : Hahahaha like dat also can?

    Mommy to Chumsy : he is just pretending to be duh duh ..he also dun care whether ppl touch me or not..

    papajoneh : aku takde hebat...semua cerita bukan rekaan semata mata!

    Mama BoK : okay resting...maybe i enjoy too much resting i dun wanna come bek tim..

    Egghead: why?

    W_W_Ho :L he will say what ring?

    TheBlueRanger : i wanted to say edi hub wont be happy about this... memang my diamond so small until i cannot find it

    Oscar's Mommy: no choice la...

    YSA: Yeah i know. Thanks!

    LiL'deviL: yeah damn hiao!!

    IMMomsDaughter: err i shake another guys hand after dat haha

    Nadia : he will say what? what is a ring

    Annie Q : ching chui huh?

    khai khee : yeah lor...apalah. suey!

    milkmaid + shannon: hehe sekali he damn suka my husband i mati la

    Mummy to QiQi : yeah...

    Rabbit : yeah lor...funny..*sigh* my hubbyppl touch the wife also no rasa wan

    Huei : yeah go and tell him that hahahha

    beckysmum : yakah? but that day only i shake hands with nadia'a husband wor...actually its okay but this guy is just too much la

  24. Shasa, *touch touch hand* I want your..... number... Eh wait, you already have it to me... :P

  25. Alamak, you go shake hands with strangers for wat!? Some more 2 times.

    Actually you should thank your hubby for the small diamond, it's too small for the man to rob you. Dun ask for big diamond anymore.

    er.... Big C sent me. muahahahaha....

  26. good excuse to ask for a bigger diamond ehh??

    anyway, next time dun bother these ppl so much.......can be dangerous!

  27. Hope u won't bump into such 'ham sapp' guy again. But if u do, pls be more careful ya.

  28. diamond ring doesn't indicate much.. must be a thick gold band la..

    But some people, prefer married women woh.. so.. make no difference if they want to humsup you. If you wear the mak cik look (with the tudung) thn ppl sure won't kacau you, unless they are into lou-ku-poh look.

  29. hahahah get a bigger diamond... fast fast!!

  30. Aiyer, i read also feel geli already. You hurry up go wash ur hand with dettol! LOL!

  31. Who doesn't want to find the chance to shake hands with a leng lui like u lar. Aiyo, luckily he just shook ur hand and didn't tickle ur palm leh *fast fast run away*

  32. u've been tag. :)

  33. hahahaha...... i can learn from u time i can tell my husband the diamond is too small dy..time to change....GOOD ONE! hahaha

  34. So, Sasha, getting a ring with a bigger diamond ah? Eh, at least your husband bought you one. My husband didn't have any money then, so I used one of my diamond rings to reset. So, all he paid for was the resetting. Till today, no diamond from hime wor! :)

    Moral of this story?? Never get on a lift with another man. Anything could happen.

  35. u hot mama!! hahahah ya go grab a big ROCK!!

  36. seriousssss he actually touch touch..!?! suweii la. luckily he didn't go beyond that la, such a dodgy character