Monday, August 06, 2007

Jayden on the phone!

I was reading my newspaper in the car the other day and suddenly I overheard someone talking. Exactly like an adult talking using a handphone. Ah...Hmm....Ah... So I turned and saw Jayden using his Dadi's car player remote control and was pretending to talk on the phone! So I started to record and suddenly.....


  1. sasha,
    hahahaha! That was cute and yet, funny! Talk until sleep ah? Wahlan eh! hahaha!

  2. I wonder who is on the other line?

  3. haha,even the way he holds the phone is so professional!! so young already know how to call gf and entertain them... next time grow up , sure loads of gfs!!!

  4. Wahahaha, business talk is tiring you know. So cute but I think Jayden see, Jayden do lor. Who did he copy ah? :P

  5. Muahahaha...Jayden boy u make my day!!!! he's so funny.

  6. Oscar's Mommy8:20 AM

    haha.. must be one of his gf la... yak yak till lil j also boring ... tidur liow.. hahahaha...

  7. Very good, way he hold and put toward his ear, very accurate...must b too tired talking over the phone without voice over the other end..

  8. Hahaha...he must be talking to one of his boring-est gf

  9. Anonymous9:53 AM

    U make my day, so cute and funny.

  10. It is cute to see Jayden talking on the "phone" and seeing him falling asleep.. The other person must be talking something pretty boring aye..

  11. muahahaha..this is a good one! Really make up my day. He is very good on holding the "phone", like real talking on big business..face so serious..hahahahah..maybe the caller topic too boring and make him fall asleep!

  12. hahhaa.... he looked so stoned!

  13. that is SUPER cute... hahaha
    and really like talking on the phone... samo know how to wait for the 'other person' to talk then oni answer...
    that 'other person' must be so boring that he fell asleep...
    hahaha... CLASSIC...

  14. Hehe..So cute. Keith also loves to take hubby and my hp to play. When hubby or my hp ring, he'll be the 1st person to take and try to answer the call. HEhe

  15. The fler on the other line must've bored him to death! Hahaha! Sampai tido tu.. tsk tsk tsk.. make sure he doesn't do that to his gf nanti. Hahaha!

  16. so cute, talking like a big boss ler

  17. Hahahahaa..... really funny. I think his imaginary friend took too long to respond so he dozed off lor. Hahahahaaa..... he really cute la

  18. hahahaha so cute! watching him fall asleep! hehehehehe

  19. eeeKs jayden! Oioi must tutup ur mouth mia! If not later ka ka fly into ur mouth how?


  20. wat sasha said is correct, got the look of a CEO!!!

  21. must be 'boring conversation'...that's why talk talk 1/2 way, fall asleep...

    look at the way he holds the phone, semacam tau keh talking biz...hahaha

  22. if jayden is conducting some big business ;D

  23. looks like he is having a big business talk with his partner.haha...

  24. kok: yeah he slept beh tahan the other person hahah

    michelle: the MIL haha

    min: mm hai kua???

    Judy : haha me la...thats me talking to my dad style

    eva: hahah he made my day too!

    Angie: yeah la hahahah

    Judy: yeah i think he got too bored waiting for the other side to speak. hahahaha

    L'abeille : Must be the one that keep on asking him to buy this and that he mmm mmm

    Rachel : hehe thanks

    SiwwyPig: Hi long time no see u: Yeah asking him to join some membership hahah

    Annie Q : hehehe at least this time is not my pc mouse

    Sweetpea : Yeah stoned haha

    ShannonC. : i tot who was talking..mana tau its the lil boss

    Sabrina : Hi long time no see . Yeah kids nowadays very happening edi

    Nadia : Hahah amake sure the gf like his mum , non stop pok pek

    TheBlueRanger : hahahaha he only said hmmm mmm ah... mmm but he never agree. macam boss

    Tutiger : Yeah! maybe har!

    Huei : wei long time no see u!

    Rabbit : that one cannot tutup..reserved for pacifier

    W_W_Ho :hahaha ceo look leh?said...

    KK & WS : hahaha very boring indeed

    Mommy to Chumsy : hahaha how many pacifier u got there ...hahah

    SomebodyHasToBe : Hahaha buying pacifier la..

  25. sasha,
    Luckily he didn't shout, "Ah! Who's that?" hahaha!

  26. Luckily you were able to catch this shot. It's too funny!

  27. Hey, Jayden! Are you there? Did you hear me? What happened? I heard the horn. Are you ok? "Kooooooo" Ops... you fell asleep! Alright, I'm boring! Don't you ever call me next time! *Scream*


    love you, Jayden! :)