Friday, June 29, 2012

The Passwork (password)

I always remind my kids to sleep with the doors locked at night. Cos we've heard so many middle of the night break-ins stories. And here goes the conversation between me and my tiny dude...

JT: Mami, when we go to the no.X house, I wanna have my own room.
Me: Really? You wanna sleep alone?
JT: yes. I can sleep by myself wan. I want lightning mcqueen picture on my bed.
Me: seriously? You're not scared sleeping alone?
JT: Yeah. Not scared wan. I can lock my door ma. If someone knock the door I will say ......"what is the passwork?"
Me: got password some more? Eh, so...what is your password?
JT: The password is... if they say PLEASE LET ME COME IN then I will open the door lah.
ME: HAHHH?????? Just like that ?
JT: yeah if they say please, I will open the door la
ME: BUT! what if its the bad guy that say please?
JT: oh, if i hear the bad guys voice, I will go back to sleep. I won't open my door wan.
Me: haha

Lil dude impersonating Picnic Wars Tomato/Strawberry (I have no idea)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Do You Have To Work So Hard?

I maybe just a housewife.

I may not look like any of the "desperate housewife" character. (although I don't mind hehehe)

And I do not earn a lot of money designing freelance.

And I'm always running around like headless chicken between my kids, my housework, my designing and BYOB Subang.

People asked me why.

And I answer...

I can never deal with any brands anymore (i'm from Marketing so that's like a handicap to me).

I can no longer wear nice working outfits (damn. I miss those pointy stilettos).

I no longer can enjoy the tea break, one long hour of lunch, the bonus, the increment, the company trip, and whatever you can think of.

My bank account amount do not increase automatically each month unless I work.

I don't mind that at all.

But I still have a dream... which is to see my design on the shelf.

I used to go to baby shops to look at the baby brand that I'm designing. And just stare at the final output of my design. I'm contended and satisfied.

And now, I can finally design for a bigger brand.

It will be in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Although I know that I won't get hired by them again (hahaha cos of the flexibility to attend meetings and also meeting deadlines), I think I'll be happy just to see it out in the market.

I shall bring my kids to the outlet and said "Look! I designed this!"

And everyone would say "Ohhhhh Ahhhh" Let's go to the toy section!"

And I shall go home smiling.

And that's enough for me.

That's why.

When there's no IPAD

So.... many of my fb friends know that my son Jayden is addicted to ipad. *sigh* Good and Bad about ipad is that , if you have downloaded the right game to gain knowledge then its good. But the bad thing is that when they are too into it, they think about it day and night. Even when he sleeps, his fingers moved as if he is playing ipad. So I banned him from playing ipad on weekdays. And I went and dug out the old teaching tool that I bought for him years ago.

See the 10 pics above? You have to use yr concentration to match them. Looks easy? 
Naah... not at all!

This is to help kids with maths. Numbers and also dots.

Another game is to match the other side of the fruit. More for beginners like Justin.
You gotto use the tool provided. You gotto match the answer using the numbers.

(I know.. typical chinaman squating style :P)

"Like this wan...."

So when you're done. You just close your answer..
And flip it to the other side and check the answer using the patterns. So even a small kid can check the answers cos its using the pattern and colour codes.

What tool is this?
Xiao Tian Cai.
It has like more than 10 books that helps our kid to build knowledge in many ways. I forgot what was the term used cos its been so long. His Shichida classmate's mom helped us to buy. And it cost around rm169. That's why I keep it very nicely. If i loose one of the numbers.... *sweat*

And this is another tool that kept him occupied. A Shichida block. Just leave it with him and ask him to solve the puzzle. It looks easy but its not. And it has about 10 pictures for him to try to solve using the different shapes of blocks.

Another thing that he likes to do when he is at home and no one to play with, is to read.

I kinda like it when he is not playing his ipad. He would play with his brother and create all sorts of storyline when they play. All sorts of imagination will come out...and of course alot of nonsence too. *lol*

Sore Throat?

Whenever I have sore throat or I feel like I am about to get sick, I always go to the same shop that sell this coconut jelly and have the Aloe Vera topping. Aloe Vera is very good and has lots of benefits. I first tumbled onto this shop on Valentines day this year. Hub was busy so I went had desserts with my kids after our very romantic-dinner-for-4-together.

As usual, this is my favourite.

And since my hub likes Ang-Tiew (red bean) he ordered a coconut jelly with red bean. He said it's nice. :) But I don't fancy red bean so I didn't try this before.

Jayden had his original coconut juice cos he can't take anything jelly-ish. And Justin dislike coconut but  this lil fler had something that he will never say no to.
Their original Ice Cream potong. Lots of flavour to choose from and he will not try the flavour that he had eaten before. :S

And here's the list of coconut jelly that you can try.

If you're around the corner and would like to try some dessert or just to cool yourself in this hot and hazy weather, why not try Coconut Grove's Coconut Jelly? 

How to get there:
From centrepoint, head towards tropicana golf club. You can see the Oasis Business Centre at the T junction before you turn into Tropicana.

Coconut Grove Dessert Corner
C-B-02, BU 11,
Oasis Business Centre, PJU 6
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Note: Not a paid post. Just something to share since it's sooooooo goood!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Is yours broken?

At home before going out...

Me: titi, come and put on your underwear.

JT: but i don't want to wear underwear today. 

Me: you must. otherwise, when you go to sheeshee, and you accidentally zip yr kukubird, then we will have a problem. Need to go to the hospital and cut....the zip. Very painful wan you know when your kkb got zipped up?

JT: oh... is it because you also zipped your kukubird last time and then your kkb got broken, then you become a girl. Right? Is your kkb broken mami? Last time you also have kkb wan right? But broken edi. So you become girl!

ME: O.o

Friday, June 08, 2012

DIY corrugated Poster Table Standee

The corrugated leaflet standee that I made earlier only used a small portion of the corrugated paper. Lately, I'm so stressed with my design work and I wanted to release stress. And so I drew and cut again and I did this.

Ahhhh definitely feel much better after crafting something. Our very own Price List Standee (poster standee).

Before this, we just used some bottles and stick them with our price list and promo poster.
( Pic from Green Sentral: bottom right next to the yellow poster)
Super messy, I know. Cos we're only a month old and we're still figuring out how to best display the stuff around.

So with the same piece of corrugated box paper we used earlier, I measured and cut out the die-cut and made the price standee.

However, this need double layer of corrugated paper and some glue.

And I made a few more as standbys for our upcoming promotion.

And they stand side by side with my leaflet standee.

Cheap, Good and Fit perfectly into our concept.

Just wondering if anyone wants the template for the Leaflet Display Standee and The poster standee? Leave a comment  here and I might come out with something for ya ;)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

DIY leaflet standee

Went to popular bookstore to look for an acrylic standee for our leaflet and it was rm12.90. It's not expensive but I thought of the roots of our mission and it is to minimize the usage of plastic. So I went back to the shop and saw that my sis had collected some corrugated paper but she had no idea what to use it for (yet). Voila! Just what I need!

So I quickly measured the leaflet, drafted a die-cut, then draw and cut according to the measurement.

Maybe I've designed too many boxes, the standee folded and locked perfectly without any glue or tape.

I'm happy with the outcome and the fact that I didn't buy the acrylic standee.

See our tagline? Save mother earth :)


Monday, June 04, 2012

A pressie for him

On the last day of school, Jayden's teacher asked my son to tell me something in school. And he said "Mami, my teacher said I have 4 100%. I got 100% for all my exam paper. And I am no.1 in my class!". Of course I am happy but then suddenly I thought of last year's exam, I got worried. The same, he manage to get no1. in the first sem but 5th in the 2nd sem and he was devastated! So I told him "Good Job Babe! But, you must continue to work hard okay? Cannot be like last time ah...." He smiled and nodded.

After that I drove him to the spot where I am supposed to meet up with the agency that had called me earlier to collect our very own Hot Wheels Wall Track set. Hehe So Excited! Cos you know why.. Initially I wanted to buy this set and bring it over for Mott's kids. But since I was so caught up with work before that, I didn't have any chance to buy anything. Before I flew off, I checked my email and I received an email about this. I'm one of the selected blogger to receive this set absolutely free! *lol*

And best is.. I got it on the same day my son told me that he got no.1 in class. A pressie for him without me buying him one. Ngek Ngek Ngek!

After lunch we drove to my shop and I manage to set it up in like 20 mins. It was so easy with the wall template but the kids were fighting to pass me the parts, that's why it took me 20 long minutes. :S

The kids and the wall track before they trash the set up :D

And I have a babysitter for the day. YAY! And they played for hours after that.

I just sat there and look at them play while I took care of my shop and also design at the same time. And I noticed that they're actually telling a story while playing with the wall track. Ah what an imagination! Actually I just love to see how they play and what creative nonsense they can come out with. Sometimes its about Thomas crashing into stuff or don't know who, doing what, going where. So cute. No worries, unlike us adults.

Surprisingly even many rounds of playing (very roughly) with the track set, it's still very sturdy. You know boys (especially mine) they are just so ganas. I think this set will last quite long before it goes into pcs. haha


Sunday, June 03, 2012

I *heart* Elmo!

I have a collection of Elmos and this is my fav:)
Ah yes, a big one as big as JT. Given to me by my husband when we're dating many years ago.

Recently when I visited Paradigm mall, I saw a shop selling Elmo shoes. So cute!!
So I went in Polliwalks and checked out the shoes.

Indeed very cute and solid. They even have cookie monster too. Hehe he's another cute fella. Love the ooogly eyes Oo

I asked them if they have another outlet somewhere cos I saw Brenda selling her 2nd hand polliewalks shoes before but I know she bought it from overseas. They told me that they only have one outlet in whole Malaysia and it's only in Paradigm Mall. Wah so exclusive!

They have a wide range of collections and the price is abt rm129 per pair for the normal ones and rm149 for Elmo and Cookie Monster.

And these are their limited edition polliwalks.

Too bad my kids are into Thomas and Cars and not Elmo. And I cannot fit into the biggest size. Otherwise I'll get it for myself :p

P/S: this is not a paid post. I just wanna share this cos I love Elmo :)