Monday, June 04, 2012

A pressie for him

On the last day of school, Jayden's teacher asked my son to tell me something in school. And he said "Mami, my teacher said I have 4 100%. I got 100% for all my exam paper. And I am no.1 in my class!". Of course I am happy but then suddenly I thought of last year's exam, I got worried. The same, he manage to get no1. in the first sem but 5th in the 2nd sem and he was devastated! So I told him "Good Job Babe! But, you must continue to work hard okay? Cannot be like last time ah...." He smiled and nodded.

After that I drove him to the spot where I am supposed to meet up with the agency that had called me earlier to collect our very own Hot Wheels Wall Track set. Hehe So Excited! Cos you know why.. Initially I wanted to buy this set and bring it over for Mott's kids. But since I was so caught up with work before that, I didn't have any chance to buy anything. Before I flew off, I checked my email and I received an email about this. I'm one of the selected blogger to receive this set absolutely free! *lol*

And best is.. I got it on the same day my son told me that he got no.1 in class. A pressie for him without me buying him one. Ngek Ngek Ngek!

After lunch we drove to my shop and I manage to set it up in like 20 mins. It was so easy with the wall template but the kids were fighting to pass me the parts, that's why it took me 20 long minutes. :S

The kids and the wall track before they trash the set up :D

And I have a babysitter for the day. YAY! And they played for hours after that.

I just sat there and look at them play while I took care of my shop and also design at the same time. And I noticed that they're actually telling a story while playing with the wall track. Ah what an imagination! Actually I just love to see how they play and what creative nonsense they can come out with. Sometimes its about Thomas crashing into stuff or don't know who, doing what, going where. So cute. No worries, unlike us adults.

Surprisingly even many rounds of playing (very roughly) with the track set, it's still very sturdy. You know boys (especially mine) they are just so ganas. I think this set will last quite long before it goes into pcs. haha



  1. Good job to JD .... he really done a good job in his exam ... keep up boy ...:)
    & this wall track set was really cool ... can't wait for mine to set up lei ... the boys was misbehavior so we on hold on the toys ..... "evil smile" hihihi .....

    1. Thanks Anggie and good idea :D

  2. Well done to your boy. He is bigger now, I am sure he knows how to take care and handle toys more careful. Should last long.

  3. Jd's doing so good! U must be so proud mami

  4. Your JD is so smart. He deserves a new pressie. :) This track is really cool.