Sunday, June 03, 2012

I *heart* Elmo!

I have a collection of Elmos and this is my fav:)
Ah yes, a big one as big as JT. Given to me by my husband when we're dating many years ago.

Recently when I visited Paradigm mall, I saw a shop selling Elmo shoes. So cute!!
So I went in Polliwalks and checked out the shoes.

Indeed very cute and solid. They even have cookie monster too. Hehe he's another cute fella. Love the ooogly eyes Oo

I asked them if they have another outlet somewhere cos I saw Brenda selling her 2nd hand polliewalks shoes before but I know she bought it from overseas. They told me that they only have one outlet in whole Malaysia and it's only in Paradigm Mall. Wah so exclusive!

They have a wide range of collections and the price is abt rm129 per pair for the normal ones and rm149 for Elmo and Cookie Monster.

And these are their limited edition polliwalks.

Too bad my kids are into Thomas and Cars and not Elmo. And I cannot fit into the biggest size. Otherwise I'll get it for myself :p

P/S: this is not a paid post. I just wanna share this cos I love Elmo :)



  1. Hahah..... makes nice crochet booties patterns :)

  2. I bought one from Bangkok, of course it is fake Elmo Polliwalks

  3. Head down to boost juice. For $10 juice can get sesame street character cup which reuse able. Don't go subang parade cos out of stock liao.