Friday, June 29, 2012

The Passwork (password)

I always remind my kids to sleep with the doors locked at night. Cos we've heard so many middle of the night break-ins stories. And here goes the conversation between me and my tiny dude...

JT: Mami, when we go to the no.X house, I wanna have my own room.
Me: Really? You wanna sleep alone?
JT: yes. I can sleep by myself wan. I want lightning mcqueen picture on my bed.
Me: seriously? You're not scared sleeping alone?
JT: Yeah. Not scared wan. I can lock my door ma. If someone knock the door I will say ......"what is the passwork?"
Me: got password some more? Eh, so...what is your password?
JT: The password is... if they say PLEASE LET ME COME IN then I will open the door lah.
ME: HAHHH?????? Just like that ?
JT: yeah if they say please, I will open the door la
ME: BUT! what if its the bad guy that say please?
JT: oh, if i hear the bad guys voice, I will go back to sleep. I won't open my door wan.
Me: haha

Lil dude impersonating Picnic Wars Tomato/Strawberry (I have no idea)


  1. A passwork that comes with a built-in voice sensor somemore! Canggih la.. Hahaha..

  2. He is so adorable! You should test out his passwork to see if it works. lol.

  3. haha how cute. Moving house soon?