Tuesday, July 03, 2012

DIY: making toys using corrugated box

I agree.

Cos when I was young, I didn't have much toys. I only have a barbie doll given to me by my aunt. And she only has one outfit. And my sis started sewing clothes for her using scrap cloths. Then I started sewing my own barbie clothes. And that's how I started sewing.

I spent most of my time at my dad's workshop and I didnt have much toys there. I played with hammer and screwdrivers more.*lol* And once they bought some big plastic sheets as a seat cover for some expensive cars. I used the plastic sheets, stapler them together and made then into wedding gowns. I had not much toys but I have imagination. And thats what I think kids now are lack off. If you need a toy, go to the shop and buy it and nothing more.

So my kids have been imagining that they're the Picnic Wars characters:

See what I mean?

Last sat, I spent my whole day at my shop. My sis made these for my kids using corrugated box. They sat there and waited for her to draw, cut and join the parts with masking tape.

With Viking hat, with a shield and even small forks. (Jayden complaint that his horns weren't curve enough) Then my sis said the trojan hat is not so perfect yet. So she redo the hat and then she added the middle (hair???) And the lil one was so excited. He said "Now it's perfect!"

He's one very happy tomato. *lol*

It's Tuesday today and they are still playing with the hats and shield. haha

It's just so much fun looking at them looking at her making the toys with the corrugated box. At least they learnt that if they want a toy, they can opt to make them with stuff and not just go to toy'r'us to get toys. These is what I like to teach my kids ~ Make your own toys with your imagination and creativity. byob-web-advert


  1. This is simply awesome! Kudos to your sis :)

  2. very nicely made.. heheh.. (Y)..

  3. Your kids look so cute in your DIY hats, shields and weapons. Cool la! I am lacking of this creativity.

  4. so nice to have your sis around entertain them. Kids don need expensive toys, these are the best!

  5. i need to start back my art and craft with my boys edy .... lack of time with them now, and busy in the kitchen more ..."guilty" haha