Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sasha cooks: Wai San Yuk Chook Soup

Last week was a very weak week for me cos I caught the flu bug and it couldn't come out. And so I had very bad migraine for the whole week. One of my kiddo was also sick but being a mum, even when you're sick, you still gotto do what a mom's gotto do, cook for the kids. And not forgetting my Neighbour who is also sick and slightly weaker than me. So I have been supplying her with some soup and dishes. Here's one of the soup that I've cook for both our families

When I was at the wet market I overheard that Wai San is very good. And so I came home and googled it, I was very happy with what I found. The most appealing benefit is that it is anti-aging agent. Besides that it also helps with lowering the blood sugar, blood pressure and promotes urination. (see more here http://alternativehealing.org/huai_shan.htm)
I have also added Yuk Chuk which nourishes the lungs and treats dry cough. These are only 2 of the benefits.

So I just gather whatever I can find; red dates,
honey date(mutjou),
Wai San
some pork ribs
Salt to taste

boiled them over the stove for about an hour and transfer the pot to my thermal pot and left it for few hours.

Although the wai sun was really slimy when I was removing the skin, the soup is really tasty and there is not trace of the sliminess.

I gave it to my Neighbour and she told me the next day that my soup is really nice. It must be my thermal pot that makes it so nice O.o ah well... Haha


  1. I like wai san too. I always cook wai san with lotus root soup.

  2. NO wonder yr face so smooth la....:)