Friday, March 26, 2010

mami die....

You see, I have a potted plant in my 2nd living room. And no2 just LOOOOOVEE to dig dig dig the soil despite me smacking him gazillion times. So I decided, enuff is enuff. So I moved the potted plant outside the balcony and close the glass door. But one day I found them digging the plant again! The glass door was opened! URGHHH!!

Not knowing that I was behind them...

So To the corner again. They will automatically stand at the same spot when they hear me screaming..

And he even say "CHEESEEEEEE" for me when he saw my handphone camera! *slap forehead*

And the big one did the same *slap forehead twice!*

So I scolded and told them if they continue to do this kinda stuff, one day I am going to die cleaning it up for them and then no one is going to help clean up the mess anymore. Jayden said "oh... clean up.. If not mami die..." and the small one repeated after him "mami die..........." *slap forehead*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Tools

So its been a month that I am Maidless. Well not 100%. I still have part timers coming in every week to clean up but I clean my kitchen daily after I cook. After "she" left (actually on the day she resigned) I started to hunt for TOOLS to make my life easier and to work faster at home. So yeah... I am officially a KL "Silai" :)

Been talking to Coffees&cookies and she told me to get this...

Totally agree its damn useful. Fast, clean and cheap. Rm5.90 only.

Another one that got recommended and given by my eldest sister..

Very good cloth to wipe my plates and vad-ever so that I can keep everything into the cabinet after washing. She bought it in pasar malam and its about Rm 4 for one piece. Rm4 to make me work faster and easier is all worth it. (P/S to TML: remember to help me buy more :) )

And finally...

The ultimate dish and pot washer with liquid detergent ready to squirt out and get to work! This baby is ard Rm16 bucks in the DIY shops. Wash plates and pot without you touching the detergent. I have sensitive finger (will have dot dots of water under my flesh if I touch the detergent for too long) so this is just right for me.

Oh yeah... I know you wanna say "OMG she is so silai!". Yup, silai and proud of it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing Double

Was in the car last sunday and noticed something.

Both wearing Thomas hats and also holding a train each. Jayden will let Justin have any of his trains except his fav- Thomas. And Justin knows that he is not supposed to touch his kor kor's fav.

And Justin said "Kor Kor... twain.. twain.." and Jayden put his train near to Justin's and they let the train's "Talk"

And of course they acted and spoke on behalf of the trains. Justin would "Blih Bleh...Oh no..Twain stuck! Blih Bleh Blih Bleh" And Jayden would babble the entire conversation as though he is acting in the movie.

Looking at them playing together and liking the same thing is like as though I am seeing double. Things like this make me glad and happy and reminds me that I made the right choice to have a 2nd kiddo and another boy to play with Jayden. Another one? Another girl? Don't be crazy ok? :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

He is finally 4!

His first....
We celebrated his bday party in the seafood restaurant with a pocoyo cake.

His 2nd...
We celebrated his bday in Mcd with bloggers and family members. He had a "Henry" Train Cake. Then we went for a holiday in PD on his actual bday.

His 3rd...
We had a party at home with a cake decorated with Gordon, James and Toby Train.

And his 4th.. He asked for a cake to be decorated with Annie And Clarabelle cos he has a Thomas train and he is very lonely. But we didn't do that cos we gave him the trains much much earlier before his bday.

We went to Sunway Lagoon one day before his birthday and had a splashing day followed by dinner at steamboat place so he can have free flow of ice cream :P. And the next day, we brought him to look at fishes in Shah Alam and went for my uncles bday which was on the same day as his bday.

Yes.. he is still a Thomas fans after 3 years!. I don't know if he is still gonna be one next year or not but I'm looking forward to see his precious smile when we celebrate it for him.

Happy Birthday my dear Jayden. We love you alot alot! <----*his language*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

To the Corner

Jayden is so big and matured now. Even sometimes when I cane him, he won't make a single sound. He would just shed his tears in silence and bite his lips. You should see, he is crying like a macho man in those dramamamas. And because of this, I told myself "Chill and just send him to the corner". Justin, I got no choice but to scold and smack. But he seems like a person with short term memory only. Smacked, cried and back in action. *smack forehead*

That day I sent Jayden to the corner. Cos not once, not twice, not thrice, he continuously pissed me off.

First he peed in my car cos he couldn't stand it. So it was an accident. Chill...
Then I asked him to help me fetch the small table so they can hve lunch. He totally ignored me and walked off and watched tv. nevermind... too into TV i said.

Then when I bathed him i nearly fainted cos...He pooped in his pants in sch and didn't tell anyone. He actually came home, ate lunch and even watched tv with the poop inside. Its not the diarrhea poop, its the huge hard poop. I asked him when he pooped and he told me he pooped in schbut never tell teacher. *sigh* my very shy boy, dun want the teacher to wash his bum!

So I bathed him and put on his t shirt for him and asked him to put on his underwear and pants himself. I went to clean the toilet and I saw him bottomless and he was sitting on the floor with a "lump of something" in front of him. I asked "what is this? " And he happily said "its Pek Pek! (shit)" i asked again "Who's?" He said "MINE!!!" :D smile samo.

Then I scolded him, I said "pls la.. why shit never tell?" he just smile and walked off. Wah piang... i gotto clean the floor again. I asked him to drink water and passed him his tumbler. He held his tumbler and watched tv.. and I can see the tummbler falling down and water spilling on the sofa and all over him. Still he just watched tv.

"OMG... i had enuff" i told him. Smacked twice and asked him to go to the corner while I clean and chill myself. I know I needed to chill cos when someone is angry and is equipped with cane, danger and accident CAN HAPPEN.

I wentback and checked on him and found him like this.

Yeah he slept while "Standing" or sitting in the corner. *sigh*

I must say, he is usually not like this that's why I am upset with him. I guess he just need some time to think and I needed sometime to chil very badly. That's why i sent him to the corner.

Some said that its a good punishment, some said I tortured him. Helo? Which is more torturing, whacking and then gotto endure the loud screaming and crying and the neighbour thinks I'm mad, or sending him to sit in the corner - not feeling pain in any location except being bored and upset that he can't play his toy or watch tv while his mum is trying to stay sane and relaxed so she can last until the sun comes down?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No No... This one for girl wan....

Was in 99mart yesterday and Justin was crying. So Jayden went and took a toy and gave it to him " Nah.. this one for you. You don't cry ah..."

Then The lil guy stopped crying and looked at the toy.

When I saw what he did, I was glad and happy that he is matured enough to think of ways to stop his lil brother from crying. But I just wanted to tease him so I said..

"Oh oh..... You give him that toy. Later you need to settle him when he cry ok. I am not going to buy that toy you know...."

He looked at me puzzled and immediately he turned to his brother and said..

"No No..put it back.  This one is for girl wan. "

I laughed when I heard what he said cos....that's what I used to tell him when he was younger. hehe 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Reviewers Needed!

I am helping (not my product!) my friend to look for reviewers for a drink. Are you interested?

The criterias:
1. Must be a blogger with good traffic
2. Staying outside of KL & Selangor. (sorrie Kl and PJ folks, a group of 28 bloggers already did this review)

If you are interested, leave a comment and I will share your blog address with the advertiser.

Drinks will be delivered to your footstep.

You will get 3 cartons of drinks.

What you need to do :
1. Chill it.
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All blogs will be vet thru and will be picked based on the criteria mentioned above. The advertiser will contact you if your blog is qualified. Spread the word! Thanks!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mr Koala

Presenting Mr Koala Bear, sleeping behind my back when I was working yesterday.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

3rd week will be better, right?

(was supposed to post this last night but didn't get to)

Last night, after posting my post I thought "hey its time for my meal of the day " cook maggie mee la. So I went down with my cacated finger and cook maggie kari with some tiny sausages for the kids to eat. Then Big C came home and asked "Now only u cook dinner? You haven't eaten?" I thought what a funny question to ask when its TIME to cook dinner at 7 plus. I asked him, "why u come home so early? I thought got badminton tonight? He replied "It's near to 9pm u know?". I was shocked, 9 pm and I baru eat dinner. Like I said NUMB. The brain is NUMB. The finger is pain and NUMB. The stomach also NUMB. I only eat cos I have to eat.

This morning, I thought I should leave early before picking Jayden up from sch, so its good time to go to the post office to renew my licence. Waited and waited and finally couldn't wait anymore. So left to pick JD. Since its the last day before my licence expire, I thought why not go to one that is in a shopping mall. So off we went to Ikano.

At the car park, I was trying to help JD to fit his shoes on and he jumped from the car and .... LANDED on my injured finger. Wah Piang!!!! pain............. and then NUMB. Seriously, speechless. He saw and he thought that he caused the injury and kept asking if I'm alright, kept saying "I hold your right hand - your left hand painpain, Why You cut yr finger mami??"

See that its different colour from the other fingers? Greenish Yellowish like a dead finger. 

Anyway Yes. I brought 2 boys out in a shopping mall ALONE. Since Justin was sleeping in the stroller it made it easier for me to go buy whatever I needed to buy. Thank god, Jayden changed so much and is very helpful. I have waited so long for these day to come. Now, I gotto wait for JT's turn. We went to so many shops and ate mcD. So nice.

And now i'm back home with a koala hanging behind me while I type this. *sigh*
See la... how irritating. If he sit there only nevermind. He just love to hug my neck and suffocate me.

Luckily he is cute if not i cekik him edi..

First week, I gotto admit that it was bad. JT was teething and sick with flu so he refused food and drink. I gotto kept forcing him to eat and spoonfeed him with water and milk. I was so stressed until I really broke down and cried. It was Jayden's word that picked me up "Mami, you can do it!" and "Mami please don't be angry. Let me kiss you". Big C was helpful too, kept asking me to rest and offered to buy food back.

This week I thought that it will be better. But I cut my finger and I'm basically working with just one hand and worst, I burnt my other hand last night. I thought that the sterilizer is done and i went to open the cover and BOOOSH the hot air came out and basically "cooked" my finger. So 2 hands also cacated. I was pissed and angry at myself for being so careless and started to argue with Big C. That's when Jayden said to us "mami and dadi? Why u all so angry? Don't be angry." The 2 of us just kept quiet. Jayden oh Jayden.. you just know when to say the right words.

Nevermind..nevermind.. Just tahan. If 2nd week is bad then perhap 3rd week is better, right?

Monday, March 01, 2010

I survived my first week

being maidless.

I am still working until end of this month. After that, I'll see how. Not having an income really scares me. But for my kids, what to do. Not like someone is going to offer and make it easier :P.

I was alone with the kids in the noon. To make it worst, both kids were sick. Not enough, "aunty" came....*sigh*  So first few days, JD didn't go to sch. So no rushing around being a driver. The 3rd day, he went to sch. So how I work? I dunno. I just know that somehow I managed to finish my work and even went for a few hours meeting while BigC babysit J 

Friday was a holiday. Enjoy right? N-O.

On Thu-Friday midnight, JD complaint that his ear was "broken" and he want us to bring him to the hospital. So off we went to Hosp at 1am and dididada, we came home at around 3.30am. Holiday ma.. can rest right? NO... by 7 am he was crying again , saying he need to go see Yenjai. So I brought him and went to see yenjai and he advised us to go for the specialist. But since it was a Public Holiday, all specialist was on holiday. So we fed him medicine and distracted him by talking and asking him question.

Then we gotto follow Big C for some product demo and I was left taking of the kids. So what I did? Fed and then make them sleep in the stroller. I can never sleep in public but that day I slept on the table. Wuah.... really konked out.

Sat came and it was the 14th day of cny. Big C wanted to invite his side of family over for makan-makan. I know! It's crazy but I already did for my side of family when the "guest" was around and so since its ending of cny... do only la. I cooked from 2pm till 6pm. Cleaned the 2nd living room and gotto rush and bath the kids before the "real guest" came. And I managed to wash up. So everything was done and ready when the guest came and they said my food is nice. Secret is.... *whisper* starve them. Then everything is nice! *joking joking*

Sunday came and left like lightning. It was the 15th day of cny where we normall celebrate my mums bday cos hers falls on the 18th day of cny. We went to eat at KL and was entertained with Dragon and Lion dance.

This lion came for a rest before proceeding with the dance. Dad fed him with Ah Hwa chicken wing. hahhaa that guy was munching a chicken wing under the outfit.

Came home late and JD couldn't wake up for sch. Don't say the kid, the mum was half dead. So skipped sch today and its MONDAY only. *sigh*

I cut my finger today while chopping somevege for the porridge. How serious? You see la.

I should've taken the pic with the blood oozing out for Big C to see. It's so damn painful until I dunno how to laugh or smile anymore.

My house is in a mess. Like Tsunami came and left. Even the floor fan and table went terbalik.

Clean clean clean. Again its like that. So I am N-U-M-B.

The kids... Play with the powder.

Smack! Play with the cream. Smack! Play with water. Smack!

Justin is teething so yeah, he lau sai many times a day.   And also extremely sticky like a koala bear. And he love to climb on me when I'm in front of the mac. Hug my face and hug my hand asking me to stop working. 

And he love to cry cry cry telling me that he is crying. Same like his kor kor .. he love to make announcement..."Mami... Uwa uwa I cry! I cry!".  *breath in breath out.......*

Altho it was really havoc week, some good came out from that.

  • Jayden is much more responsible. He knows how to complain (never happened when the guest was around) "Mami.. titi play water. Mami titi play powder! Mami this mami that",
  • He knows how to clean up (after I asked him to),
  • both eat VERY FAST (cos the person who is feeding is not watching TV like the previous person who used to feed them),
  • JT knows how to say "Sowi mami", "here the cane mami.." and many more.

So it's not THAT bad. It's BAd. But it's  not THAT bad. You know what I mean. Just gotto close one eyes. Or sometimes BOTH eyes. Life is short, just chill and enjoy. Tomorrow will be better, right¿