Thursday, March 11, 2010

To the Corner

Jayden is so big and matured now. Even sometimes when I cane him, he won't make a single sound. He would just shed his tears in silence and bite his lips. You should see, he is crying like a macho man in those dramamamas. And because of this, I told myself "Chill and just send him to the corner". Justin, I got no choice but to scold and smack. But he seems like a person with short term memory only. Smacked, cried and back in action. *smack forehead*

That day I sent Jayden to the corner. Cos not once, not twice, not thrice, he continuously pissed me off.

First he peed in my car cos he couldn't stand it. So it was an accident. Chill...
Then I asked him to help me fetch the small table so they can hve lunch. He totally ignored me and walked off and watched tv. nevermind... too into TV i said.

Then when I bathed him i nearly fainted cos...He pooped in his pants in sch and didn't tell anyone. He actually came home, ate lunch and even watched tv with the poop inside. Its not the diarrhea poop, its the huge hard poop. I asked him when he pooped and he told me he pooped in schbut never tell teacher. *sigh* my very shy boy, dun want the teacher to wash his bum!

So I bathed him and put on his t shirt for him and asked him to put on his underwear and pants himself. I went to clean the toilet and I saw him bottomless and he was sitting on the floor with a "lump of something" in front of him. I asked "what is this? " And he happily said "its Pek Pek! (shit)" i asked again "Who's?" He said "MINE!!!" :D smile samo.

Then I scolded him, I said "pls la.. why shit never tell?" he just smile and walked off. Wah piang... i gotto clean the floor again. I asked him to drink water and passed him his tumbler. He held his tumbler and watched tv.. and I can see the tummbler falling down and water spilling on the sofa and all over him. Still he just watched tv.

"OMG... i had enuff" i told him. Smacked twice and asked him to go to the corner while I clean and chill myself. I know I needed to chill cos when someone is angry and is equipped with cane, danger and accident CAN HAPPEN.

I wentback and checked on him and found him like this.

Yeah he slept while "Standing" or sitting in the corner. *sigh*

I must say, he is usually not like this that's why I am upset with him. I guess he just need some time to think and I needed sometime to chil very badly. That's why i sent him to the corner.

Some said that its a good punishment, some said I tortured him. Helo? Which is more torturing, whacking and then gotto endure the loud screaming and crying and the neighbour thinks I'm mad, or sending him to sit in the corner - not feeling pain in any location except being bored and upset that he can't play his toy or watch tv while his mum is trying to stay sane and relaxed so she can last until the sun comes down?


  1. I know how mad it can get with boys. And yeah, sometimes I know I can do harmful things when I am THAT angry and have a cane in hand. So I do ask hubby to carry him away before I hurt him unintentionally. Chill is the right word. Glad you managed. Just take it easy and a day at a time.

  2. SAME LIKE PHilip.. hou ngan sum yuen (mouth hard, heart soft) type.. :(

    I also can start getting gila..

  3. My son is 1 year and 3 months old and can't say anything when he needs to poo. sometimes makes a noise so that I can understand and sit him over potty. I don't know how to teach him to sit over the potty when he needs to poo.

  4. Glad you managed a chill! My boy wouldnt have managed to stay what more sleep in the corner! Not bad also leh your big boy!

    But yeah....first few times can make excuses for them. But after telling still don't do...wah liao...I also will go NUTS!

  5. My son used to be like that also but they will be ok when they get little older!

  6. Seriously, it's not easy but you have done better than anyone here. and I simply agreed with your punishment by sending him to the corner instead of yelling/shouting like a mad womena.

    Stay cool, sasha!!!

  7. he must be very tired la standing at the corner.. but yes, it's better than having your neighbour kaypo reporting you child abuse coz you whack him..

  8. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Wah so much patience -_- respect respect... I find when they watched too much tv that's where they lost the command from you... When my kid did that, I just turned off the tv... and they learned the lesson to listen when I call out for them..

  9. Like you said, it's unusual for JD to behave this way. He has been good so far ever since 'the guest' left. And to me, you did the right thing to send him to the corner instead of smacking lor. Screw them la... cakap banyak!! Left ear in right ear out lor...

  10. i think my sis would have scream if its shan leo doing all that. i salute you for being able to chill out *pat pat*

  11. LOL. I had to laugh at your story. Sorry ah but funny too.

    Actually for me, I've learned that punishing my kids by asking them to stand in the corner never works but then again, not all kids are the same. Don't worry, we are all learning :)

  12. I'm having this problem with my 2 kids especially eldest one. Tell, shout, cane also will repeat her naughtiness again.

    I found out one thing that kids also need to release stress like adults. I try to bring them out for a full day play at kiz sport or jungle gym for them to release their stress. When my eldest dd came home she can behave very well for quite some time.

    Actually kids also like us, we will pamper ourselves with spa, shopping, manicure or etc to release our stress.

    Try this out, is work on my kids but not sure yours..:) GOOD LUCK!

  13. some times can be very geram also. Maybe now he is testing how much he can get away with.

  14. oh! little boy was really tired to fell asleep like that! ^^

  15. i have naughty corner for both diff place lagi..

    personally, i find naughty corner good...nake them scare and we get to chill off a bit..otherwise, like you said, accident can happen

  16. Anonymous6:23 PM

    do you have a contact? e-mail add or no?
    (with regards to one of your posts)

  17. JD is a vy good boy coz he kuai kuai go to the corner. My boy leh... he'll cry n shout n make a lot of noise when he's sent there. Sometimes make me even more angry. sigh... Chill, mommy, u're doing great!

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  19. noone can understand how tough it is to be with your kids ALL the time, 24/7. its different when you work because you have some time away frm them. but when u're constantly with them... ohmyGOD they can test you like God's biggest test.

    the corner is definitely a better option than letting your temper take control of you and the cane. u're a good mom, sasha, and as hard as it is.. other ppl who comment negatively should be ignored!

  20. it least he is obedient and follow your instruction to stand at the corner...

  21. poor thing.. eh, he sits at the corner near the door hinges, after kena banged susah lor..
    I encounter the same thing such time, just have to chill too..

  22. no wonder u're losing weight. yes, i agree that sending to the corner is safer than angry moms with cane. i also scared that i get out of hand one day.... we need to remind ourselves to chill (although it's so tough when the kids repeatedly annoy us)...again, respect you WAHMs...dunno how u manage to work with the kids around!

  23. Anonymous5:21 AM

    with regards to your previous post on jampi siam. My friend has the same symptoms. Do you have an e-mail address that you can be reached at?
    kind regards

  24. hahah he looks so cute and kesian at the kids also have short term memory ler when it comes to disciplining them... even Ashley!