Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing Double

Was in the car last sunday and noticed something.

Both wearing Thomas hats and also holding a train each. Jayden will let Justin have any of his trains except his fav- Thomas. And Justin knows that he is not supposed to touch his kor kor's fav.

And Justin said "Kor Kor... twain.. twain.." and Jayden put his train near to Justin's and they let the train's "Talk"

And of course they acted and spoke on behalf of the trains. Justin would "Blih Bleh...Oh no..Twain stuck! Blih Bleh Blih Bleh" And Jayden would babble the entire conversation as though he is acting in the movie.

Looking at them playing together and liking the same thing is like as though I am seeing double. Things like this make me glad and happy and reminds me that I made the right choice to have a 2nd kiddo and another boy to play with Jayden. Another one? Another girl? Don't be crazy ok? :)


  1. the thomas train hat very nice .... :P where u get it from ??
    Sasha i hope my 2 boys will be a loving brothers too ... so far i dont see it .... mayb baby J is still a baby .... i wait ... i can wait and hope to see a loving siblings ... "pray hard"

    Glad both like the same toys ... can share and save mummy $$ :P

  2. Nice to see them get along so good. As for 3rd one...kekeke...sometimes even if you say "close shop" ..there might be situation that goes "oppss"...juts like my sis :p

  3. So lovely see kiddo playing with each other without fight...

  4. so nice to see the two boys look alike and play together...sharing toys together...

  5. so sweet! Two very loving brother and love the same toys too. :)

    Love the 1st picture.

  6. sweet and cute to see them both playing with their favorite twains :D

  7. so cute n sweet your two boys!Can be role model to other siblings out there!

  8. hahaha.. such a precious moment... train talk... so cute...

    It is so heart warming to see them play together.