Friday, May 27, 2011

Dadi, don't go to work..

Justin saw his dad changing his shirt...

JT: Dadi, are you changing shirt to go to work?
Dadi: Yes..:)
JT: No! Dadi you cannot go to work!
Dadi: *happy*
JT: walked off...
Me: hehe you think he miss you is it? look behind you.
Dadi: Ah??
JT: *hijacked dadi's iphone to play games*
Me: he doesn't want you to go to work cos he wanna play with your iphone. Not miss you la..Char dou or not? hahahha
Dadi: ....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Jayden told me last night:

"how come there's no soup. I need old cucumber soup. Egg soup is NOT nice. Mami, your cooking is not nice. Poh Poh's cooking is nice"

And I am not offended with what he said. Why ah ? Maybe no energy left. Or maybe I myself admit that my cooking is not nice. hehe or Probably I thought to myself.. "hey... if i can say that his writing is not nice.. why can't he say my cooking is not nice right?"

Fair enough.

And we went to Pasar Malam and I asked him "so jayden what do you wanna buy at the pasar malam?"

and he replied "OLD CUCUMBER! you must remember to buy old cucumber and make soup for me ah. You don't make the egg soup anymore. It's NOT nice!"

Ah well.. and so we went and he really make sure we bought the old cucumber.

No prize for guessing correctly what is for dinner tonight. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Run Away

JT found a new pack of play-doh and asked me to open it up for him. Of course I said no, cos it's kinda late and I don't wanna clean up after him. So...

JT: Mami, can you please open this for me?
Me: Nope.
JT: please?
Me: Nope. I don't want you to play this. You will make everywhere dirty.
JT: *walked over to Big C* Dadi.. can you please open this for me?
Big C: but mami say cannot play wor..
JT: Let's run away!
Big C: run where?
JT: run to there *point to master bedroom*
Big C: ah hide in the room and play ah?
JT: YES! Come let's run away!

Cheeky lil fella!

p/s: naah.. he tried so hard but his dad didn't open for him.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why You Speak Chinese?

JD: Mami, why  you like to speak to dadi in chinese wan?
Me: because we are chinese. So we talk in chinese la. Are you chinese?
JD: No. I am english. You also english.
Me: Nolah.. I am chinese. Dadi also chinese. You're also chinese you know?
JD: no... but I speak english.
Me: yeah, you speak english but you are chinese. Actually you should also speak chinese.
JD: No la. I am english. you also english but poh poh is mandarin okay?
Me: *give up*

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

JaydYn and JustinA

Last night they refused to sleep. So the crazy mum made up a story...

Me: Once upon a time, there were 2 naughty girls called Jaydyn and Justina. They love to mess the house after the mummy cleaned it up. Justina love to pour water and juice on the floor after the mummy mopped it. Jaydyn love to throw his toys everywhere. So one day, while cleaning the house the mummy DIED.

JD: * eyes went big*
JT: *come closer*

Me: So then, the daddy fast fast find a new step mother for Jaydyn and Justina. So when the daddy goes to work, the step mum will scold and scold the girls and use the cane to whack whack whack whack whack leg, whack hand, whack back...

Kids: *jayden's eye got bigger , Justin scared*

Me: whack and whack

Kids: *jayden adjust legs*

me: and whack whack and scold samo

Kids: *tearing*

Me: and then one day the new mummy got pissed with them and then she asked CHL to send the girls to the jungle.Then the daddy also listened to the new step mum and used his honda civic and asked the girls to get into the car and drove to the jungle. Once they got into the jungle, he opened the door and KICKED them out and drove off very quickly.

Kids: *blink eyes*

Me: Jaydyn said "Daddy!! don't leave us here!"

Justin: Justina leh?

Me: She cried lor. Cos she is scared ma. And also hungry.So the day became night.. and no food, cold, no house to stay. They walked around.

Kids: *tearing*

Me: And then, the end lor. They stay in the jungle by themselves.

*JD: why the daddy never go back and take Jaydyn and Justina?*

me: because the step mummy don't like them ma. Samo always mess the house. So you know what is the moral of the story?

JD: You must call 999 and call the police! *angry* And ask the daddy to go back and take Jaydyn and Justina because they want to go home and they are very hungry and sad

Me: cannot... cos if bring home edi, then tomorrow the step mum will ask the daddy to throw them away again ma. So you know what is the moral of the story?

JD: what?

Me: don't piss yr mummy by messing the house and make her die lo.

JD & JT: *looked at each other* .........

Me: okay go to bed ah. Don't make yr mummy piss off. Later she die then you know.

Kids: *go to bed*

muahahhaha sometimes i am scared of myself for being so crazy. muahahhahah